Netanyahu Warns that Islamists Will Destroy the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Yeah…  Evidently, Muzzies think Christians place a lot of importance on “Holy Sites” and other worldly things  – that’s more of a Catholic thingy.  Besides, Jesus only slept there for a few days, anyway.


Al-Qaeda would blow up ‘Christ’s burial site’ says Israeli election favourite Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu, the favourite to win next month’s Israeli general election, yesterday predicted al-Qaeda would blow up the purported burial place of Jesus Christ, if the country relinquished control of Jerusalem.

By Damien McElroy in Jerusalem
29 Jan 2009

Mr Netanyahu, who claimed to have forecast the destruction of the Twin Towers by Islamic extremists in 1995, said terrorists would target the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – Christianity’s holiest site.

“Radical Islam is willing and will want to attack the symbolic heart of the Christian religion,” he said. “This will incur a chain reaction we can’t even envision. We will witness an escalation of religious conflict above and beyond the regional conflict we have now.”

The leader of the Right-wing Likud opposition recalled that he had warned Islamic terrorists would detonate a nuclear device in the Manhattan World Trade Centre complex in a 1995 book, six years before the September 11 attacks.

He claimed that the destruction of the Holy Sepulchre would trigger a clash between religions, much greater than the “regional conflict” that currently wracks the Holy Land.

Israel annexed Jerusalem after the 1967 war and has overseen a massive expansion of the city’s Jewish population.

The church on the Hill of Calvary is the site of the death and resurrection of Jesus and the Holy Sepulchre, according to the New Testament. It attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims each year and is a spiritual focal point for all the Roman and Eastern rite churches in the city.


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5 Comments on “Netanyahu Warns that Islamists Will Destroy the Church of the Holy Sepulchre”

  1. will the islamaphobe Says:

    Wait… Isn’t detroying the Church ANY Church would be contrary to thier propaganda and fatwas from islamonline…

    Also destroying Jesus birth place would pretty much destroy thier concept of Isa too…

    Stupid jihadists!

  2. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    The destruction of the al Aqsa mosque & other islamic stuff on the Temple
    Mount, followed by letting of tenders for the construction of the Temple will
    cause a certain amount of islamic seething & threats of dire consequences.

  3. Leatherneck Says:

    The only “Radical Islam” is the mooselimbs who live in peace with their neighbors. It is border line Apostate for mooselimbs to not wage war, or support war against Jews, and Christians.


  4. Appalled By The World Says:

    I doubt that with the world in the shape it now is the destruction of these Christian holy sites would cause more than temporary rage before the post-9/11 amnesia kicks in again. Look what happened then-less than 7 years after Koranists committed a massive atrocity a possible Koranist was elected president. Nothing short of the death of millions will finally bring about a clash of civilizations-and even then the appeasers will try to delay what must be done.

  5. Romanós Says:

    Hey Will (the islamophobe), the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is NOT the birthplace of Jesus. It cover’s the burial place of His body.

    The kouvouklion (the tomb of Jesus) is enshrined within the structure. Only the Catholics and Protestants call the church, “Holy Sepulchre.” The building itself, though Catholics and others use it, is actually the Greek Orthodox Church of the Resurrection (its real name). Every year, on Orthodox Pascha (the day commemorating the resurrection of Christ from the dead), the “holy fire” miraculously manifests and lights the lamps and candles in the church with hundreds in attendance. What I wonder is, where will the “holy fire” come down, if the building itself is blown up? And if the church is blown up, what if the kouvouklion survives? Because that is where the “holy fire” appears every year. Check out this link:

    Hey Appalled By The World, (I am too), I think I disagree that the destruction of Christian “holy sites” will be quickly forgotten. Personally, even as a Greek Orthodox Christian myself, I value the ancient churches in the Middle East and the history they enshrine and keep alive, but nothing, no piece of real estate, not even the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem, can stand in the way of God’s unfolding plan. It may be that the church will be blown up. But that will no doubt precipitate the destruction of the Muslim mosques on the Temple Mount by vengeful “Christians,” and leave wide open some very choice plots of land on which to rebuild the Third and Final Temple on Mount Moriah. This is something that must take place to finish off the prophecies of the end of the Age. When Jesus returns, there has to be a temple in Jerusalem. So if the church and the mosques must go, so be it.

    I just stumbled upon your blog, looking up a reference on the news clip about the church being a possible terrorist target. I’ll be back to give it a second look, and see where you are coming from. You wrote, “that’s more of a Catholic thinggy,” but as you can see, it is an Orthodox “thinggy,” the church, that is. As for shriny attitudes, yeah, I’m afraid the Catholic effeminacy has also affected some Orthodox, but I’m not one of them. Most of us Orthodox don’t have a prissy, pious sentimentality for “holy” real estate: Generally we see them as fortresses, both spiritual and earthly, from which we sally forth on raids against surrounding barbarians, especially the “Hagarenes” (an old name for “Muslim,” since they claim descent from Ishmael son of Hagar).

    Don’t forget, the first of the Crusaders, and possibly the only real one, was the Orthodox emperor Heraklios (Heraclius in the West), who pursued the pagan Persians all the way into their land to retrieve the True Cross, a relic that they had plundered on one of their raids of Orthodox Jerusalem. This was before the Muslims even existed.

    I guess I’ve splashed you all with dissertation, so, my apologies. But, live and learn. For additional doses of anti-islamic diatribe, visit my blog, here’s some examples:

    Is that enough?

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