Students Forced to Pledge Allegiance to the Obamessiah…

All hail our dark overlord and master:


Pledge of Allegiance Becomes Pledge to Obama

By Alan Gray, NewsBlaze

A parent in the Clark County School District of Las Vegas, Henderson area reported today that his son, who is in 1st grade, came home yesterday saying that he didn’t want to go back to school anymore.

When asked why, the boy said that during the Pledge of Allegiance the teacher put up a large image of Obama next to the flag.

Thinking that the boy might be exaggerating, the man asked his son if he was sure, and suggested that by “large” he might mean an 8×10 photo of the president. The boy apparently said “No, it is a large picture of Obama and when we are done, the teacher turns off the image.”

The same thing was not done for President Bush last year.

After investigating this morning, the other parent reported that what the boy said was true.

At least three of the five classrooms have an overhead projector and as the children stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the teacher turns on the classroom overhead and a full body image of Obama, with six U.S. flags behind him, comes up about 4 feet away from the flag that hangs on the wall. The screen is apparently around five feet by six feet.

In the image, President Obama appears to be staring straight out with no facial expression, just a serious look. All of the kids in each class faced the President, instead of the flag that hangs in the corner.

Local parents are up in arms over this situation. Teachers clearly do not realize the gravity of what they are doing.

[Oh, yes they do!  It’s all about indoctrination and the Cult of Personality!  Read your history!  Hitler, Stalin, Castro…  The list goes on and on.  If you can’t handle history and prefer fiction, might I suggest reading “Animal Farm…”]

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120 Comments on “Students Forced to Pledge Allegiance to the Obamessiah…”

  1. Akira Says:


    Quick! I just spotted a bunch of libertarians meeting under the bridge over the perimeter highway. You know out by the last McDonalds. They mumbled something about establishing a libertarian colony far from this evil and corrupt world. I’m not sure where, but the last I saw, they were headed across the field there, towards that shack under the tampax billboard. If you hurry you might be able to catch up with them and live in freedom! God bless you — oops — no offense …

  2. Akira Says:

    Hey, Jimbo!

    Truer words were never spoken:

    James “Hand-Job” Hanley: “Maybe I’m not too smart”

    Yeah. “Maybe” Ha ha. Good one!

  3. Akira Says:

    Hey, Jim. Traitor.

    I love your work for the Ummah.

    James Hanley, Muslim Public Affairs Journal:

    “Here we investigate the effect on the number of international students admitted to the United States since 9/11, with an eye on two potential PROBLEMS: the possible loss of science and engineering talent for the American economy, and the DANGER of a disconnect with predominantly Muslim countries as a consequence of having fewer students from those countries studying in the United States. We believe that it is crucial for theUnited States to train large numbers of international students,…

    “one of the consequences of the war on terror: adecrease in the number of students receiving visas to study in the UnitedStates. The primary causes have been heightened security procedures atthe State Department and difficulties in integrating the Citizenship andImmigration Services into the Department of Homeland Security”

    [Damn that Homeland Security!]

    “another important question to ask about the decline instudent visas granted is whether it came primarily at the EXPENSE of students from predominantly Muslim countries”

    “official Americandiscrimination against Muslim students is not a complete explanation.What is clear, however, is that the effects of the American response to 9/11differed regionally, and that some of the greatest declines overall wereamong students from predominantly Muslim countries. But we do notknow how much of this was due to heightened security measures targetedtoward Muslim students, and how much was a consequence of Muslimstudents deciding that this country, post-9/11, was not a safe place inwhich to study”

    [Ha ha — Hilarious!]

    “there has been a SEVERE DECLINE in the numberof students from predominantly Muslim countries who receive F1 visas.”

    “POSITIVE steps are being taken to INCREASE the number of students from CRITICAL Middle Eastern countries”

    “the USCIS was struggling to integrate into its new home in the Department of Homeland Security (where an OVEREMPHASIS ON TERRORISM PREVENTION hindered the traditional tasks of its constituent agencies”

    “This is good news…that increase includes double-digit increases in the number of students applying in the lifesciences, physical sciences, and engineering. The gains include increases in the number of students from predominantly Muslim countries. Applications from the Middle East have increased by between4 percent and 7 percent per year for the last several years, 24 while SaudiArabia has developed a new scholarship program, agreed to by PresidentGeorge W. Bush and then-Crown Prince Abdullah that has nearly tripledthe number of Saudi students receiving visas to around 6,000”

    [Oh Joy!]

    “for political and diplomatic purposes, the United Statesshould also focus on INCREASING the number of students from predominantly Muslim countries”

    “The cost of American military operations in Iraqand Afghanistan dwarf the cost of doubling or tripling the number of Muslim students brought to this country. And while the cost of the war inIraq has mostly bought increased animosity to the United States,importing students and giving them a world-class education will buy friends”

    May God have mercy on your soul!

  4. Akira Says:


    Some libertartian!

    James Hanley. champion of liberty by night, grant-grubbing Muslim-ass-licking tax-whore by day:

    “I’m Going Back to Syria–Now, with Picture Included!

    “James Hanley on Jan 28th 2009

    “I’ve just found out (albeit unofficially) that I’ve received funding to go back to the Middle East. Combining a research grant from my college with an expenditures account set up as compensation for the policy briefs I write for the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding I’ll be returning to Syria and the United Arab Emirates, with a probable stop in Jordan as well”

    Well, good for you Jim. I’ve taken the liberty of writing to Bashir telling him how much you value liberty and therefore despise his tin-pot dictatorship and will be leading demonstrations against his evil rule. You’re a brave man Jim. Don’t worry, the stories about torture in Syrian jails are surely exaggerated. Oh well, only one way to find out!

    HA HA HA

    I love this one:

    “I also have trepidation because of my own experiences with the peer review process. My graduate advisor and I were denied an NSF grant where two reviewers gave glowing reviews with great detail about the brilliance of our research and one reviewer wrote one very short paragraph that said little more than, “I don’t like this kind of research.” ”

    Oh you poor little dear! You’re just tweated so so awfuwwy, isn’t you, shmookums?

    Don’t worry. Soon some doe-eyed little Jordanian boy can help relieve your pain at the terribly unfair treatment you have to put up with at the hands of fools who can’t recognize your genius!

  5. Akira Says:

    Oh James, you’re a theologian too?

    “The Vatican Gets It ALL Wrong”

    “as homosexuals are no more likely to molest children than are heterosexuals, the Church could solve its priest shortage without increasing the proportion of pedophiles if it would just turn a blind eye to gay priests.”

    Yes, they should start trawling gay pride parades looking for potential Fathers.

    You could give them a hand [so to speak…]. Try not to slip on the slop ramp…

  6. Akira Says:

    James Hanley:

    ” Tooting My Own Horn

    “James Hanley on Aug 27th 2008

    “I am a fellow of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU). It is a predominantly Muslim-based policy institute, despite which they ask me to write the occasional policy brief. My latest one is on free trade, and if anyone is interested, they can find it here.

    “Actually, I say this also to toot ISPU’s horn. They’re a great group of people, and I’m honored to be one of their token non-Muslims.

    “My next policy brief, on the presidential election, will be coming out in October.”

    Oh yeah, Jim, you go girl! What an honor! Toot their horn! Toot it! Toot it! Aw they love you!

    Yeah they’re a great group of people! Hamas. Hezbollah… wonderful people. So misunderstood!

  7. Akira Says:

    Check out this crap:

    What, no articles from Jamie?

    I guess you don’t suck up to Hamas and Iran quite enough to be their number one token! Either that or you write even worse than the jihadi scumbags they have there already.

  8. Akira Says:

    More on Jimmy:

    He praises the Alawi dictators of Syria, for “just trying to enjoy the good life, like Muhammad did”, and he’s afraid that they might lose power if Syrian becomes unfortunately democratic.

    “Libertarian”? What a joke!

    Where do idiots like this come from? Here’s a clue:

    “I owe my job as an assistant professor of political science to an Indian Muslim, who not only put in the effort to get me this job, but has mentored me since then.

    “And right now, just for the heck of it, I am studying Arabic

    “I worked alongside Muslims from Trinidad and Tobago when I lived in L.A. Last year I had the privilege of attending a meeting at the State Department with a group of Muslims. And last fall I went to a mosque to hear a Pakistani friend of mine talk about the Pew Trust’s survey of Muslim youth in America.
    And Dorris Woods has pissed me off not just because she’s stupid, but because she’s insulted a whole bunch of my friends, all of them law-obiding, hard-working, tax-payer citizens or legal residents of the United States.

    “The Siskiyous is in Northern California, keep in mind. It’s pretty up there, but there are a hell of a lot of milita types up there. Most of the people are fine, but they’ve got an unusually high percentage of fascists just waiting for their fuhrer to arrive.

    – Posted by: James Hanley

    “I mentioned this story to my Arabic prof today. … He laughed. This Arabic Muslim was less offended than I, and most of the others on this blog. Funny, he knew how to turn the other cheek, just as Jesus–whom Muslims see as a prophet–told us to do.”

    – Posted by: James Hanley | February 1, 2008 11:23 PM

    From his crappy blog, I learn that Alan Keyes is “Christo-fascist”, Muslims are sweet, gun-nuts are all Nazis, and he gets his info on Obama from the Annenberg’s

    And you wonder why university education is so crappy in the US [Hanley says it is too] with morons like this teaching [sorry, assistant teaching] —

    He can’t even get a job without support from Muslims.

    He can’t get published unless he kowtows to his Muslim masters.

    And he sashays around the Levant courtesy of your taxes and probably Saudi Petro-Dollars, sucking tyrants’ knobs and preaching “libertarianism”

  9. Akira Says:

    Wow, what a sad, sad case is James Hanley.

    No wonder he loves Syria so much (besides the gay scene he loves to blog about)!

    He’s only ever been in the US and Muslim-conquered territory.

    “Countdown to Syria

    “I leave for Syria in a week. It’s a typical American disease to be an adult who’s never traveled abroad, but I’m glad I’m finally getting the cure. … From now on when I encourage students to study abroad, I can do so with a little more integrity. And of course I’ll be able to say such pretentious things as, “When I was sipping kahua arabea in the Souk Al-Hamidieh in Damascus…”


    – Sad, sad creature…

  10. Akira,

    Nice disassembling of James! I laughed so hard while reading, I spilled my coffee!!!


  11. James Hanley Says:

    NO. The definition of a “natural born” citizen has always been a child born to two U.S. parents on U.S. soil. Do some research, idiot.

    Dr. Bulldog–the best you can do is cite a Representative from 1866? Go read my blog and see my refutation of your idiotic statement. As a matter of U.S. law, anyone born in the U.S. or born of at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen is a natural born citizen. That’s why the Supreme Court is refusing to hear these cases. Do you really think a group that is majority Republican is refusing to hear these cases because they’re part of the liberal Obama conspiracy? Yes, you are definitely in tin-foil hat territory.


    Thanks for reinforcing my impression that you’re a nasty bigot. “Oh, no! Muslims!” “Anyone who doesn’t hate all Muslims is kowtowing to his Muslim Masters!” I feel great pity for you–it must be really depressing to live a life full of such hatred and fear. It’s just unfortunate that you didn’t have enough integrity to honestly represent what I’ve written. But then honest isn’t what anyone would expect from folks like.

    But let me reassure you on one point–I didn’t use any of your tax dollars to go the Middle East. I used a combination of my own money and a research grant from my private college. And as a consequence of going to the Middle East and of being friends with Muslims, I know a lot more about them than you do.

    Here’s my closing comment, then I’ll exit this despicable blog forever and you can have the last word as you roast me. You are the real enemies of America. You don’t understand democracy, freedom, or liberty. You just hate everyone who’s different and want to preserve America for those who are just like you. Fortunately most Americans aren’t as afraid of the real world as you are.

    By the way–I’m going back to Syria and Dubai in a few months. If I can swing the extra plane ticket, I’m going to take my daughter, too.

  12. “the best you can do is cite a Representative from 1866?”

    No, I have LOTS more legalese that I can cite. I just choose to throw them out there one at a time.

    What historical precedence are YOU citing? I have read your BS on Obama’s Citizenship status HERE.

    I don’t see any historical references. Just a bunch of speculation.

    “That’s why the Supreme Court is refusing to hear these cases.”

    Gee, even Chief Justice Roberts accepted Dr. Orly’s filing… Are you saying the Chief Justice Roberts should wear a tin-foil hat?

    “As a matter of U.S. law, anyone born in the U.S. or born of at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen is a natural born citizen.”


    That is NOT “a matter of U.S. law,” idiot! If it was, there would be no ambiguities. Yes, they are U.S. citizens, but not “as a matter of law,” natural-born.

    To quote Chief Justice Waite in the Supreme Court ruling on Minor v. Happersett (1875):

    “At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their [p168] parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first.

    So, where’s your “matter of law” proof??? It’s just NOT there.

    “You don’t understand democracy, freedom, or liberty.”

    I served this country quite honorably in the military so that you could have the right to be an idiot.

    Where’s YOUR contribution to America?

    “By the way–I’m going back to Syria and Dubai in a few months. If I can swing the extra plane ticket, I’m going to take my daughter, too.”

    Bye! Be sure to bring a Bible, a cross necklace, some pork rinds, and a Penthouse. They LOVE that stuff over there.

  13. will the islamaphobe Says:

    After reading portions of James blog and noticing that he is similar to us.

    Instead of understanding islam as a system he bashes Christians, Government etc and he is being honest?

    No he is being typically liberal.

    The other thing was “And as a consequence of going to the Middle East and of being friends with Muslims, I know a lot more about them than you do.”

    Really? Then maybe you’ll love being under sharia laws which will deride your libertarian beliefs.

    And of course anyone that bothers to critisize muslims or islam yet another college educated person to defend thier odd beleifs and a system that would end liberalism and supply a permanent conseratism upon ALL inhabitants.

    Enjoy James you desirve it.

  14. Akira Says:

    James “Tot-Toot” Hanley: “If I can swing the extra plane ticket, I’m going to take my daughter, too”

    “Swing” it? Man, just tell some Saudi you have a daughter and they’ll be falling over themselves for the chance to get at her. If you tell them she’s a virgin you’ll get a huge bonus! You could get one of those lovely Muslim temp-marrriages if you don’t want her to be as big a whore as you are…

    Listen James, we’ve had our differences, but please don’t take it out on your poor little daughter. I mean, it’s bad enough she has you for a dad (no offense), but that’s God’s will (oops, sorry, no offense,I know “There is no God!” and all that. I read your blogs, I know you think she just represents the time you got some poor woman to be a cumsack, and your daughter’s only born so she can feed worms one day. I mean, of course I disagree, but you’re entitled to your opinion.)

    It’s just, you know, I worry. If you’re daughters around 6-9, well, that means she fair game for all your Muzzie friends. And fair play to you, it’s a free country, so if you want to go on playing the whore for Islam for those Wahhabi petro-dollars, go ahead, but don’t satisfy your urge to submit to the dogs of allah by handing them your poor child on a platter with an apple in your mouth. Please. James, please don’t do it.

    Jimmie: “Thanks for reinforcing my impression that you’re a nasty bigot. “Oh, no! Muslims!”

    Well, “bigotry” implies beliefs or attitudes or actions based on ignorance. Since that’s not the case, the word cannot apply. But anyway, you’re welcome. However, I’m more likely to say, “Oh great! More fucking Muslims! Dear God, deliver us from this plague. Open their hearts and let them know the God of light.”

    Re: “Anyone who doesn’t hate all Muslims is kowtowing to his Muslim Masters!”

    No, just whores like you who are paid to fellate the Koran in the schools, and are used as a prop for jihad, and couldn’t get a job otherwise.

    Re: “as a consequence of going to the Middle East and of being friends with Muslims, I know a lot more about them than you do. … You just hate everyone who’s different and want to preserve America for those who are just like you.”

    For someone so obviously challenged, you really are an ignorant prick. You assume everyone is like you and has never travelled, and has never lived anywhere except the US, and is not fluent in other languages, and is white. And doubtless you’ll just keep wallowing in your ignorance.

    God bless you.

  15. will the islamaphobe Says:

    Akira I’m saving this…

    Poor James picked on the wrong guy

  16. James Hanley Says:

    I apologize for breaking my promise not to return, but I must say that you, Akira, are a sick, perverse, bastard. I could never have imagined writing something as perverted as that. You all seem to care about Christianity here, perhaps you should try reading your copies of the New Testament once in a while. Look at the words in red–you might learn something.

    I’m not sure where you get the idea I’m an atheist, as you’ll never find anything like that on my blog. I won’t claim to be devout–because I value honesty–but I was born and raised in the Church and take my daughters to Church every Sunday. I’ve never in my life met someone who claimed to be a Christian who would say something so deeply perverted and sick to another person.

    You will not be back. I do not allow personal attacks, see ya asshole

  17. Akira Says:

    Whose perverse.

    You’re the one who defends the followers of that sick bastard Mohammad.

    You even promote that evil filth in your homeland, bringing pollution upon pollution. “We need more Muslim immigration!” And you do it for cash, cause you’re too incompetent to get a job or get published without al-dawah bucks.

    “Libertarian” phony promoter and defender of tyranny!

    You’re weird. I’m getting sick just thinking of how weird you are.

    I was just warning you not to parade your daughter around in front of people who think it’s normal to screw little girls. Keep an eye on her is all I’m saying. Next thing you know she’ll be in one of your buddies’ harems and you’ll be kept far away from her. I’m just sayin’, man! Start running if one of them says, “Oh, James, my friend, effendi, oh you’re daughter is so delightful, she remimnds me of The Pedophile Mohammad’s sweet little pearl Aisha [Piss Be Upion Them]. Oh, my brother James, I would love to do for the fruit of your meagre loins what the Mighty Man-Root of Allah did for his little Aisha.”

    You ignorant fool.

    And yes, you do say you don’t believe in God somewhere on your boring blogs, but I don’t feel like getting sunk in that muck again, and besides, you probably removed the posts where you say it, so you don’t look like the lousy hypocrite you are.

    You sicko, you say the Catholic Church needs more queer priests. Only a devient atheist would suggest something so twisted.

    Now go off and kiss that Muslim ass. You’re so good at it, it seems to come naturally to you. You can say, “I’m just doing it to put food on my table!” Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    God bless you.

  18. Akira Says:

    Oops, sorry. Didn’t mean to get personal.

    What I meant to say was that “somebody like James Hanley, but certainly not James Hanley himself — who I’m sure is a fine upstanding patriotic man of God” — would be a sick, perverse weirdo, if he wrote the kind of things that James wrote — without in any way casting any aspersions whatsoever on James Hanley, who is undoubtedly a fine father and a wonderful professor, even if he does associate with pedophile-worshippers and apparently teaches nonsense.

    I hope that clarifies matters.

  19. Ronin Says:


    I should have banned that jerk long ago. He was not here to debate just to spin his views. We are not here to allow the left a voice, he has his own blog and can lie there all he wants.

    You do need to watch personal attacks but I took into account why you responded like you did. He will learn the hard way what islam is, millions have.


  20. Akira Says:

    What bothered me most about James was this:

    “But you people are f***in’ nut jobs. Seriously loony tunes. I hope you all have enough tin foil hats to go around. And I’d be willing to wager you’re all a bunch of RACISTS, too, and that your real antipathy to Obama is that he’s black (Oh, no! THE NEGRO is defiling our nice White House!) I’m sure you’ll all deny it, and I’ll be grudgingly fair enough to admit I’ll probably never actually know. It’s just that most right-wing nutcases I’ve met are racist, and you all sound a lot like them.”

    … combined with the fact that he’s a “teacher”.

    Not the nut jobs” and “looney tunes” and so on. Who cares about that?

    But to accuse people of being racist, with absolutely no evidence of it; it makes me sick to think of someone like that taking advantage of young minds.

    It’s reasonable to assume that someone so irrational would treat his unfortunate victims/students unfairly:

    “Well I’ll deduct 5% from this one’s grade because I’m pretty sure she’s a racist. She must be, she’s from North Dakota! They probably have lynchings in the town square every Saturday night.

    “Oh and this one wears a big cross around his neck. He must be a queer-basherer. But he’s black. What should I do? Oh, he must be a Christo-fascist like that evil Alan Keyes who dared betray his race and tried to stand in the way of my beautiful demi-god Obama! Grrrr.

    “That one said she’s a member of the NRA. Bloody Nazi. I’ll be sure to fail her!

    “Oh, who’s this? Oh right, she’s the one with the tight ‘OBAMA = HOPE’ accentuating her firm young breasticles… [droool] T-shirt. I’ll have to give her my special stimulus package! Hee hee heee… Oh they’ll love that in the faculty lounge. Oh wait, better not, might be harassment…

    “Hmmm. Who’s this? Oh, poor little Syrian Ahmed. He’s probably a refugee from the Golan. ‘ll have to engage him in badinage and gay banter, and be sure to throw in some tres chic Arab bon mots. Some delightful and playfully pretentious little anecdotes about “When I was sipping kahua arabea in the Souk Al-Hamidieh in Damascus…” Oh, he’ll love that one. I’ll be sure to engage that sweet young thing about the damascan gay scene, and find out how far he’s penetrated it.

    “He’s as dumb as a post, but I’d better make sure he passes, because, as I wrote in my staggeringly perceptive policy brief for the predominantly Muslim-based Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (of which I am a fellow in good standing thanks to my slavish Mohammadanophilia), there just aren’t enough Muslims in America, because of this awful government’s silly obsession with anti-“terrorism” (I’m sure Obama will correct that!). Oh, I just love being a “token non-Muslim”, as I describe myself on my fascinating blog.”

    Then you throw in his admiration for Bashir Assad, the hereditary dictator should-be-Christian Syria, and mighty Lion of Islam — well, it’s enough to make even a normally mellow chap such as myself see red.

  21. Akira Says:

    Still trying to extract my teeth from the Ass. Prof’s leg, but here’s the great devout Christian James Hanley explaining why half the New Testament is full of evil shit:

    “Personally I still can’t grasp why the Churches ever let Paul’s letters become a part of scripture. The one guy who never met Jesus, but from the beginning is an intolerant son-of-a-bitch punishing people whose beliefs are wrong. When he has his Road to Damascus experience, does he get humble, go to the apostles and ask them what Jesus said? No, he immediately is the guy who know “The Truth” (TM) and continues bashing, although now just verbally, those who don’t, in his eyes, believe rightly. He’s the classic blowhard who doesn’t read the textbook but announces that he knows the real answers.”

    But don’t dare question the Koran or James “St Paul Is An Intolerant Son-of-a-Bitch!” Hanley will get accuse you of being “virulently anti-Muslim!”

    [Just to avoid misunderstandings, even though James believes there should be more queer Roman Catholic priests, I’m sure he’s not related to “James Hanley, the former Catholic priest at the center of New Jersey’s worst clergy sex abuse case” (google it, since I can only leave one link at a time here) It’s just a funny coincidence that there are two James Hanleys with the same opinion that the church is not queer enough.]

  22. irishoaks Says:

    Wow, I was checking back in on the pledge to Barry the baby boy and have had an ear full.
    First, Thanks Akira for your kind words. I am keeping a sharp eye on my boy’s teacher. She has blogged a few other “out there” remarks that raise a couple eye brows…on the fringe, but not over the edge.
    Also, have decided that the references to BHO as the obamassiah/savior is so offensive, that I’ve decided to keep calling him the little boy or the example of the Peter Principle or the obamallah as any Christian knows he is NO Christian.
    This Hanley ha ha is a world class weirdo. His veneer crack quickly. Sorry for his brittleness and lack of class. He sunk himself. Anything connected to the muzzies is third world, no reasonable sane person would accept. Sickos, the entire heap.

  23. Reasonable person Says:

    Unsupported rant erased, have a nice day

  24. Akira Says:


    Re: “have decided that the references to BHO as the obamassiah/savior is so offensive”

    I see your point.

    On the other hand, “Obamassiah” is to “Messiah” as “Kabbah” is to “God”.

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