African refugee program ‘a failure’

Even with plenty of space, Australia has started to learn that dumping alien cultures on others without a plan will eventually backfire. Immigrant supporters often paint them all as victims and constantly complain the receiving country doesn’t do enough for them. Reality is they could choose to remain at home or to return. The government’s job is to protect and to serve legal citizens. Immigration is not a right and uncontrolled or poorly thought out immigration polices provides positive proof that politicians are failures.

Some reports claim that one in 50 will find themselves a refugee, rarely is the cause a natural event. Poor leadership and poor policies are allowing a human wave to transfer their failures and problems from place to place; common sense doesn’t apply to politics. Real leaders fix problems; bad ones make excuses and problems worse.

Look at our own congress, they can vote hundreds of billions of dollars to their friends but still cannot build a fence or secure our borders.

Oh yeah, congress YOU SUCK! (Sorry, I had to vent)

Sean Parnell, 2 February 2009, the Australian
A MOVE to settle African refugees in the Victorian city of Ballarat was poorly thought out and should serve as a wake-up call for immigration officials, according to an independent report commissioned by the commonwealth.

In the most damning assessment to date of the Howard government’s humanitarian settlement pilot program, consultants highlighted how no one had any experience with the 12 families from the small west African nation of Togo, who faced a shortage of interpreters in Australia.

The refugees had complex family structures, had experienced high levels of torture and trauma, and in 2007 found themselves being moved to a city with high unemployment, a lack of government services and bitterly cold winters.

“This is something about which many of the locals complain and to which the Togolese have not adapted,” the report states.

“It is clearly not an ideal destination for people accustomed to a tropical climate.”
-Ok, so what is the solution? Move them all to the tropics, give them all plenty of money and pay for translators to follow them around, problem solved.

Furthermore, there was significant turnover in the government staff meant to assist them and the refugees became increasingly frustrated that they were unable to reorder their lives as quickly as they had hoped.
-There it is, the real challenge “significant turnover in the government staff”, when employees pick unemployment over a job – it shows a massive failure at the highest levels of leadership. The staff voted with their feet.

The pilot program also involved refugees being settled in Shepparton in Victoria in 2005-06 and in Mount Gambier in South Australia in 2007, although reports on those experiences were more positive.

“While there have been some positive outcomes, the Ballarat project was affected by a range of external and internal factors, causing some complications for the planning committee and the settlement of the Togolese,” the report states.

The consultants found Ballarat still had potential as a future site for humanitarian settlement — and was supported by dedicated professionals and a welcoming community — but “a period of consolidation will be required prior to making a final decision to continue the program”.

While the Togolese told the consultants they were grateful for the chance to settle in Australia, none knew they would be going to Ballarat, and they were anxious to reconnect with family members meant to be given visas.

“Their anxiety was heightened when the then immigration minister, Kevin Andrews, made negative comments about the settlement capacity of African refugees,” the report states.

“This was interpreted by some to mean that no more visas would be issued.

“This distressed the Togolese greatly and further undermined their willingness to trust people, because, after all, they had been told that at least 10 families would come but then ‘The man in charge said that no more Africans would come’.”

Mr Andrews said in October 2007, a month before the last federal election, that Africans, particularly the Sudanese, had experienced serious problems settling in Australia.

He alleged that African refugees were forming violent race-based gangs.
-Not true, they are forming religious based gangs; race has nothing to do with it.

The minister’s comments came in the wake of the fatal bashing of Liep Gony, a 19-year-old Sudanese refugee, at Noble Park railway station in Melbourne. The attack prompted the Howard government to reduce the immigrant intake from Africa.

The report was obtained by The Australian under freedom of information laws and will be released today.
The Government will consider the report and two others when determining future policies for directing humanitarian refugees away from capital cities, where they have tended to cluster in the past.
-Typical political solution; move them as far away as possible and hopefully any negative news can be maintained. Why solve a problem when you can just push it further away?

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3 Comments on “African refugee program ‘a failure’”

  1. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    The usual response here is to (a) deny there is a problem and (b) demand more funding
    and resources to fix the problem they deny exists.

  2. Appalled By The World Says:

    “It is clearly not an ideal destination for people accustomed to a tropical climate.”

    The same can be said about the Somali in Minnesota, yet here they are. When politicians put their minds to it they can make the most ridiculous things happen.

    Funny thing though-these same politicians make sure exotic flora and fauna don’t end up where they don’t belong yet it’s quite OK by them to stick alien people in places they normally wouldn’t be found. Go figure.

  3. tgusa Says:

    This is classic leftism that we are seeing all over the west. Africa, a continent with vast resources and plenty of land yet the people cannot find a way to get by there. So the answer is to bring them to Australia, what, a change of scenery is going to turn it around, I don’t think so. It’s a world turned upside down by feel good leftists. Take a look at our president as he lectures the entire world, well except Africa of course. He sat in an Africa first church for 20 years, Africans are fleeing to Australia and he doesn’t even notice how clownish this all looks. Facts are, really a nuisance, don’t you think?

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