Taliban Using Heroin as Chemical-Jihad Weapon Against the West

A chemical-jihad, eh?  Where are all the whiny Muzzies to “help explain” to us that a jihad is merely an “inner-spiritual struggle” and not a holy war.  Oh, wait…  Now I get it; the heroin is injected internally…

Taliban targets UK with heroin, calls it chemical-jihad
February 23rd, 2009 – 3:51 pm ICT by ANI – via Thaindian News

London, Feb. 23 (ANI): In a bid to wage a chemical jihad on Britain, the Taliban has planned to flood the UK streets with heroin. And to carry their terrifying mission forward, they are using hate-filled Muslim gangs as heroin dealers.

Pakistan and Afghanistan based Al-Qaida and Taliban warlords have directed their dealers a task to sell a six billion pounds of heroin to non-Muslims. The Talibans two-faced chemical attack is not only aimed at killing many with heroin, but also to collect massive sums to sponsor future terror attacks.

The Daily Star quoted a senior security source, as saying, the Afghan poppy fields are probably the biggest financial contributor to al-Qaida and the Taliban. The UKs heroin trade is increasing at an alarming rate and most of the cash helps arm terrorists with bombs and guns.

Already, the US has been targeted by the Taliban in a similar evil scheme, which mirrors a terror plot in the new James Bond novel Devil May Care.

Taliban linked drug peddler Haji Baz Mohammed generated 17 billion pounds by pouring heroin into North America between 1990 and 2005. He told a US court, Selling heroin was a jihad because they were taking Americans money and the heroin was killing them.

With a whopping thirty tonnes of heroin smuggled into Britain every year, the UK undoubtedly is the top target of the fanatics.

Heroin is grown in the Afghan badlands and bought for 1,500 pounds per kilo in Pakistan. Its finally sold on Britains streets between 30 to 50 pounds per gram.

Often, the Asian gangs operating in South London, Luton, Preston, Manchester, Leeds, Oldham, Birmingham and Bradford sell heroin in the backs of cabs or over kebab shop counters. One such cabdriver revealed a lot about the spreading heroin attack in the UK. […]

The big bosses have Taliban and al-Qaida connections and were often told only to deal it to non-Muslims.

They call it chemical jihad and hope to ruin lives while getting massive payouts at the same time.  The drug gangs have already spread misery in thousands of lives.

Greg Yates is one of 280,000 addicts in the UK.

Huddled up and shaking on a bridge near Luton rail station, the 42-year-old former mechanic told us his 80 pounds-a-day habit had destroyed his life. I cant function without the hits. Ive lost my job, my home and my family.   Heroin has killed me, he sobbed.

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7 Comments on “Taliban Using Heroin as Chemical-Jihad Weapon Against the West”

  1. irishoaks Says:

    I wonder this has not been done sooner. Enslave the Great Satan. Start with the kids. Dope them up. They ought to start with free-bies to really get them hooked, the set the hook, but good. This nation is already primed with dope heads. Even the elite think cocaine is the drug of choice, I hear. Why not go with heroin?

  2. Appalled By The World Says:

    Spray those poppy fields. The deadlier the chemical, the better.

  3. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    Solution: ban Geert Wilders, forbid Christmas
    decorations, reward terrorists with payouts and council
    houses, and stack the House of Lords with muslims.

  4. will the islamaphobe Says:

    Here is why I laugh at islamic propaganda…

    They make all sorts of claims of being a ‘brother’ religion to Christians, Jews & try to give us lip service…

    But in reality…

    It’s all a big load of flaming bulls***…

    Gee moslems I thought you weren’t supposed to ACT as we horrible ‘shatanic’ non muslims…

    I guess we all know WHO is really serving satan now dont we…

  5. Akira Says:

    Good thing they didn’t target crack users, or the president might never have come to power!

  6. Gramfan Says:

    If anyone has the time or the inclination there was a very good doco on down here a few nights ago:

    I think all of it is watchable online.
    Very interesting seeing the terrain and the conditions there.
    The Taliban are intending to take over Pakistan and at the rate they are going, and all that $$$ they are making from opium they could well do it 😦

    It’s appalling that these barbarians are holding the world to ransom.

  7. rach 09 Says:

    Been struggling wi heroin addiction for years and only just starting to overcome it now. Makes not a lot of difference what is done to tackle the opium trade in Afghanistan ect as long as there’s a demand on the streets of Britain from non-Muslims and Muslims there will continue to be a supply of heroin coming into this country,the army can spray as many fields as they like more will just appear while the demands still there in UK & elsewhere. That’s what needs to be dealt with.

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