University Police Find Fliers Didn’t Break the Law, But Report it to the FBI as a “Hate Incident” Anyway!!!

The group behind all of this whining at the University of Maryland is the Muslim Students’ Association.  If you are unfamiliar with the MSA’s  Stealth Jihad agenda at universities all across the U.S., and their ties with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, then you REALLY need to read Robert Spencer’s new book, “Stealth Jihad.”

This updates our previous coverage HERE.

University Police find hateful fliers didn’t break the law
Adele Hampton – Diamondback Online

University Police have stopped their investigation of what students called offensive, anti-Palestinian fliers that were posted near McKeldin Library last Tuesday after determining no crime had been committed, officials said.

The fliers will be reported as a hate incident to the FBI in end-of-the-year crime statistics because they were offensive to a specific cultural or religious group, said University Police spokesman Paul Dillon. But because they did not incite violence or pose a threat, they could not be considered a crime, he added.

[Oh, so protected Free Speech is now labeled as “hate” if you don’t agree with it.  Hmmmm…  That means the ACLU, CAIR and all those other groups which constantly say offensive things about Christianity are guilty of “hate,” and, as such, can be reported to the FBI…  Yeah, right.  Like that’ll happen…]

Police launched an investigation after being contacted by university President Dan Mote last week, Dillon said. He said police interviewed students, read complaint e-mails and reviewed surveillance video, but determined posting the fliers did not break the law.

“Basically, these fliers were free speech,” Dillon said. “Plain and simple.”

The fliers were hung in response to last week’s Palestinian Solidarity Week, a series of events meant to present the Palestinian side of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Organizers said they met opposition for their cause even before the week began when posters advertising the events were torn down.

Students involved with Palestinian Solidarity Week said they were taken aback by the amount of hate the fliers emitted, even if they weren’t against the law.

“There is a difference between free speech and hate speech,” said government and politics and Spanish language and literature major Sana Javed, who helped to organize Palestinian Solidarity Week. “They were an irrelevant commentary on Islam, but we were talking about politics.”

In the fliers’ aftermath, university officials want to create a campus-wide dialogue about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, said Gretchen Metzelaars, director of the Stamp Student Union. The week after spring break, student leaders will meet to plan a summit, which is tentatively scheduled for April. Students will be invited to the summit to speak freely about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Metzelaars said.

Organizers of Palestinian Solidarity Week said they were disappointed with the conclusion of the police investigation but plan to work closely with the university to ensure the summit is productive.

“That’d be good so everyone is on the same page,” Javed said. “We’re definitely going to follow up with the university officials to make sure it’s not put on the back burner … because this is a big deal. We want a campus of tolerance.”

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3 Comments on “University Police Find Fliers Didn’t Break the Law, But Report it to the FBI as a “Hate Incident” Anyway!!!”

  1. tgusa Says:

    I’m getting really sick of this. The hate that they display toward anyone they label as hateful is the real threat. Who in law enforcement is the official hate crime determiner? Who died and made them the judge of citizen’s thoughts? In my opinion hate crime charges should be filed against the hate crime accusers and lackeys. Better yet for, civil rights violations. I watch as every law in the country is broken and these agencies tip toe around it. But dare to exercise your rights and you are pursued like a criminal it really is Orwell’s 1984. Of course I don’t agree with the mind police hate crime mantra I have always believed that an actual crime was committed for someone to be investigated.

  2. PB-in-AL Says:

    “…Students involved with Palestinian Solidarity Week said they were taken aback by the amount of hate the fliers emitted.”

    So these posters had some sort of alien technology that beamed hate at selective people that the piece of paper knew would take offense?! You gotta’ be kidding me.

    Referring to the original post here at Dr.B & R, ““[The posters] made a number of our students feel very uncomfortable,” Clement said.”

    Oh please. I remember the early Gay/Lesbian group posters at the Univ of AL made me rather uncomfortable. Hell, the Cialis and Viagra commercials on TV make me uncomfortable, particularly when my 11y.o. daughter is in the room. But so what!

    I disagreed with the Gay/Lesb. group in college, but I didn’t go running to the VP of student affairs. Of course, I would have been told that I was intolerant. Isn’t that what these folks are being? OMG! The worst crime in modern society: intolerance. Of course that only applies to non-Christian, non-white, non-male peoples; the CWM crowd you can be all kinds of intolerant and downright rude to.

  3. Appalled By The World Says:

    Anything that slams the palestinians is a hate crime. Anything that slams Israel is free speech. This is the new reality, dismal as it is.

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