Burger King Shootout Leaves Robber Dead and Good Samaritan Wounded

Glad to hear the good Samaritan got the better end of the deal:

UPDATE 30 March 09:  Good Samaritan doing well.  Still recovering from gunshot wounds.  CLICK HERE

Breaking News:  1 dead, one injured in Miami Burger King shooting
Miami Herald

One man was killed and another seriously wounded in a shootout inside a Miami Burger King on Tuesday, officials said.

Police said a man wearing a ski mask walked into the store at Biscayne Boulevard and 54th Street and demanded money from a clerk.

A customer, who has a concealed weapons permit, pulled a gun, said Officer Jeff Giordano, a Miami police spokesman.

The customer and robber exchanged fire.

The robber was shot dead at the scene.

The customer, who had several gunshot wounds, was taken to Ryder Trauma Center in serious but stable condition, said Lt. Ignatius Carroll, a Miami Fire Rescue spokesman.

At about 4 p.m., officials got several 911 calls reporting people shot inside the Burger King.

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8 Comments on “Burger King Shootout Leaves Robber Dead and Good Samaritan Wounded”

  1. Alright! I’m glad there is one less freak going to burger king for a shoot out. Now if we could convince those educators to get armed up that would be great!

  2. Leatherneck Says:

    Miami. Isn’t there a lot of MS-13 illegal aliens there that do the crime Americans will not do?

    Yea. I think so. A third world city.

  3. teach5 Says:

    Another victory for concealed carry! Another citizen being responsible saves the day for the rest of us. I wish him a speedy recovery. Burger King mgmt is forever in his debt. BTW-what are MS-13’s?


    One less predator to steal from others support his drug habit and i hope the surviving robber gets 50 years in prison without any parole and no plea bargining

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