Allah, Jihad, and “She has a Bomb in Her Coffee” Are Now Racist Remarks???

Again, we must continually point out to authorities that Muslims are NOT a race, but merely adherents of a piss-poor excuse of a religion that was started by a mass-murdering pedophile. So, to label remarks directed at a religion as being “racist” is to play into the hands of those enemies who wish to shut down any criticism of Islam and who are engaged in a stealth jihad to implement Sharia Law in America by playing the victimized race card.

So, are we bigoted for thinking that the religion of Islam is about as legitimate as a “professional” wrestling match?  Well, by today’s Libtard pro-tolerance movement standards which label even Jesus a bigot;  Sure, whatever…

But racist?  Give me break.  This is about ideologies, not nationalities.

Anti-Islamic remarks allegedly spark scuffle at Brookline High
By Neal Simpson/staff writer
Wicked Local Brookline
Posted Mar 26, 2009

Brookline — Brookline police are looking into a fight between two high school students that apparently stemmed from a series of racist remarks aimed at Muslim students.

Witnesses told police the incident occurred after a female student asked a male student for a cigarette during a free period and was turned down. Shortly afterward, according to police, the male student began to yell racist comments at the girl and her friends, who were all Muslim.

The girl told police she confronted the boy after he yelled “Allah, Allah,” “Jihad” and “Hey, she has a bomb in her coffee.” The girl claimed the boy then tried to push her and caused her to spill coffee onto both of them. She said he then grabbed her, tripped her and threw her to the ground, where he kicked her leg with his boots.

A witness, however, said the girl tried to kick the boy first, and then intentionally spilled coffee on him when he grabbed her leg to defend himself.

The male student was suspended from school after the incident, according to police. A clerk’s hearing will be held to determine whether any student should be charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

So, apparently, she had every right to kick him for being a jerk.  But, to lie about her involvment and then try to turn this into a racist incident is just Bull Spit.  Is he a jerk?  Sure, no doubt.  Is he a bigot?  Sure, whatever.  But a racist?  Nah…

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2 Comments on “Allah, Jihad, and “She has a Bomb in Her Coffee” Are Now Racist Remarks???”

  1. tgusa Says:

    There is a preferred outcome that has already been determined and put in to place. It doesn’t matter what witnesses say, what muslims say, what the facts are. It matters not what muslims do or say over and over again, all that matters is the preferred outcome. Releasing gitmo inmates in to middle America with welfare included is sop in the preferred outcome. With the dems it is always Americans (primarily blue eyed white devils) that are the problem. Are you a murderer its Americas fault. Drug dealer, rapist, wife beheader, its Americas fault. Everyone should take a huge lesson from this latest outrage, the AIG children being threatened with violence. If you don’t go along with their preferred outcome they will almost immediately target your kids. The dems have sown an evil wind and we will all reap the resulting whirlwind. It is irrefutable proof that with these people no one is safe not even toddlers. Having dems anywhere near you virtually assures you of either an early and gruesome death and or a loss of your rights. I haven’t seen scum like this since the 1940’s.

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