65-Year-Old Sacramento Coin Store Owner Shoots and Kills Robber

Of note is the fact that the coin store had previously been broken into less than a month ago.  Something tells me, once word gets out on the street, the store owner isn’t going to have any more break-ins for quite some time…

Of course, the local Libtard journalist from the Sacramento Bee sounds surprised to learn that a clear case of self-defense might not result in the arrest of the 69-year-old store owner. Just check out the apparent disappointment in the following headline:

No arrest in shooting of alleged burglar by Marconi Avenue shop owner
From Bill Lindelof – The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento County sheriff’s detectives continue to investigate the fatal shooting [Monday] morning of a man they say was breaking into a coin and jewelry.

The suspect was killed by the owner of the store on the 4900 block of Marconi Avenue. The 65-year-old owner has not been arrested, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

The district attorney will determine if any charges are filed against the owner, based on results of the sheriff’s investigation.

The shop owner was inside the store when the incident began at about 4:15 a.m.   Investigators are gathering evidence that will help determine if the shooting was justified.

[Yeah, I left that last sentence in there just to show you that the reporter has now told us three times already—if you count the headline—that the store owner might, just might face charges if this was not clearly a justifiable homicide.    Yup, it certainly sounds as if the reporter is hoping upon hope that the cops will find something, anything to lock up this maniacal 69-year-old hoodlum!  Nope, we can’t have American citizens protecting their lives and property, now can we?  (Sarcasm, of course). ]

Sheriff’s Sgt. Tim Curran said two men approached the store, which had been the target of another break-in on April 29. This time, the owner was inside and called the sheriff’s department to report two men in their mid-20s and wearing black ski masks trying to enter.

Curran said that as the owner spoke on the phone with department personnel, the person taking the call heard several gunshots.


Deputies arrived to find a body in the parking lot. Fire department emergency personnel pronounced the man dead at the scene.


Just a quick note: The other suspect is still at-large, but since his buddy is dead, I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before the law catches up with him.

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11 Comments on “65-Year-Old Sacramento Coin Store Owner Shoots and Kills Robber”

  1. Melissa in NorCal Says:

    The two men were brothers. Here’s a puff piece on the would-be-robbers.


    Their mother wants us to know that her son wasn’t a lowlife despite being on parole for robbery before and thinking of getting a worthless GED. Saddam had family who loved him too. Didn’t make him less of a criminal.

  2. irishoaks Says:

    too bad both were not shot.

  3. Demetrios Says:

    What can I say. Nice shooting pops, keep up the practise.

  4. Mark Says:

    What kind of gun did he use?
    Was it just one shot?
    Did the younger try to carry his dead brother after he collapsed?

  5. […] Blog Entries2 That's messed up! Keep your eyes out on craigslist and the flea market too. Desperate criminals need to be dealt with harshly, especially people that steal stuff like coins or other collectibles. Unfortunately for the bad guys this dealer here in Sacramento met them with deadly force. Hope you get your stuff back Matt! I'm on the bay quite a bit and I'll keep my eyes peeled, not a problem. https://doctorbulldog.wordpress.com/2…-kills-robber/ […]

  6. Bob Edwards Says:

    The guy went in to rob the store. Bill did his time in the service protecting us and is well versed in don’t shoot unless sure. Bill is a kind and giving guy. This whole thing destoyed him. He is not a racist, a hater or a bad guy by no means. Put the blame where it belongs!!

  7. Found further information on this story here:


    May 18, 2009
    Burglary suspect arrested; his brother was killed by store owner
    By Bill Lindelof and Kim Minugh

    Sacramento County sheriff’s detectives have arrested the 21-year-old brother of the man killed by a store owner during a burglary this morning, according to authorities.

    Sergio Antonio Arauza, 21, was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on one count of burglary and one count of violating probation, said sheriff’s Sgt. Tim Curran. Detectives detained him earlier today, but initially were unclear whether he was involved in the burglary of Marconi Coin and Currency store in the 4900 block of Marconi Avenue.

    Now they allege Arauza was carrying out the burglary alongside his brother, Curran said. The coroner’s office identified the dead man as 24-year-old Vincent Paul Arauza.

    The store owner has not been arrested. The district attorney will determine if any charges are filed against him, based on results of the sheriff’s investigation, Curran said.

    Curran said detectives are looking into whether the Arauza brothers were responsible for at least three other burglaries along the Folsom Boulevard corridor.

    Today’s incident began about 4:15 a.m. while the shop owner was inside his store, which had been the target of a break-in April 29, Curran said. This time, the owner called the sheriff’s department to report two men in their mid-20s, wearing black ski masks, trying to enter his store.

    Curran said that as the owner spoke on the phone, the person taking the call heard several gunshots.

    “Then the business owner said one subject was down in the parking lot,” Curran said.

    Deputies arrived to find the elder Arauza’s body in the parking lot. Fire department emergency personnel pronounced him dead at the scene.

    Other deputies in the area saw a man – later identified as Sergio Arauza – near Marconi and Eastern avenues and detained him.

    He is being held at the jail in lieu of $100,500 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday.

    Read more: http://blogs.sacbee.com/crime/archives/2009/05/burglary-suspec-1.html#ixzz1ZHV4dSJ1

    While I feel sorry for the family that lost thier sons. I applaud the store owner for removing 2 idiots from the food chain.

  8. carol hickson Says:

    I love you and I am so proud of you. you make this place a little bit safer to live in!!!

  9. Me Says:

    I lived right across the street from the incident I saw dudes dead bodie lying on the ground

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