Athens 2nd Day of Clashes between muslims and Police.

evil book
UPDATE: Thanks to tnr we now have a picture of the evil book that started the whole mess.

I am often told that I should stop bringing attention to the ‘bad muslims” and allow the more tolerant variety a voice to show islams “positive” side. I will get right on that just as soon as muslims stop embarrassing themselves and their backward ass seventh century cult.

(ANSAmed) – ATHENS, MAY 22 – Today in Athens for the second consecutive day a few hundred Muslim immigrants were involved in clashes with the police, one of whom was accused of stealing a copy of the Koran and beating a Muslim.
-The beating was the real catalyst; muslims could careless why he was beaten. This is just an attempt to intimidate police into allowing muslims to do whatever they want, without police interference. If the want to do as they please, commit crimes at will and never be questioned they should move to the UK.

Over 1,000 people were involved in protests after spontaneous demonstrations yesterday, during which violence took place with bottles and rocks being thrown, causing the police to intervene with tear-gas.
-These riots are never spontaneous; they are carefully crafted and spurred on by imams and professional muslim antagonists. There are not enough muslims in the USA to feel safe enough to take on the police. This is all a scam- If I were to call mohammeds mother a whore there would be no riots, no protests or even a letter of complaint. The minions are predictable. When they feel they have enough numbers to force their will they are a brave lot but stand up to them and they piss themselves with fear.
Numerous people were taken into custody. The protest, which was announced yesterday, began this afternoon in the centrally-located Omonia Square, with people chanting ‘Allah is Great’ and ‘Stop racism’, while holding copies of the Koran, despite the fact that authorities said yesterday that they would investigate into the accusations against the police officer.
-The should throw the book at everyone arrested, intimidation works both ways. Muslims have to learn to be adults and stop acting like spoiled babies.

During a march towards Parliament, protected by large numbers of police, the protestors damaged automobiles and set garbage bins ablaze while police responded with tear-gas. Forced to pull back, the protestors dispersed and other clashes took place in various parts of the city. Dozens were taken into custody according to the press.
-Next time use deadly force, that really routs them.

Some were bruised or slightly wounded. Yesterday a few hundred Muslims, mainly Pakistani and Afghan citizens, had already protested similarly against the police, resulting in one officer to be slightly injured and several reported bruises.

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6 Comments on “Athens 2nd Day of Clashes between muslims and Police.”

  1. Greece was under the yoke of Islam until the late 19th century. My how the infidels forget. Of course you have the leftists allied with their future masters. Oh but they’ll tame that beast after it has trampled the naive.

  2. tnr Says:

    Good evening Doc,

    This is the copy of the Koran that was desecrated :

    Then have a look at the pics of the riots on this page:

    • Ronin Says:

      Great pictures thanks. I am sure the police have seen these pictures and more. The should use them to identify all participants and each should be arrested and charged for damages to property, overtime pay for the police. After every nickel is collected they can them check their immigration status, deport some, dna sample all of them and close any mosque the rest belong to. Any imams found to have participated should lose their license and have their mosque seized and the property sold to pay back the city. The final act should be the major tearing up a koran in front of the closed mosque while he explains the concept of free speech and obeying the law. Peaceful protests are one thing acting like animals is another. Everyone involved in the riots was just a common criminal and should be treated as such.

    • Hey, tnr! Haven’t seen you around since sometime in January. Where ya’ been, buddy? We missed ya’!


  3. Chris Says:

    What makes God’s word sacred is not the Arabic script, or the gold embossed bindings, or the fact the Muslims insist on placing their sacred text high on bookshelves, or the violent protests that break out if that text is some how defamed. What makes God’s word sacred is the enduring truth of his pronouncements which resonate in the hearts of both the followers and the potential followers. If reason and compassion do not flow from God’s word, then it will not deserve or receive respect except from those who see no merit in those concepts.

  4. tgusa Says:

    The dirty little secret is that in order for these migrant jihadists to co-exist with us in the western world our respective countries must eventually be turned in to one giant green zone.

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