Researchers say children of illegal immigrants a big expense in education, healthcare

All of the pro democrat – I am entitled crowd will soon find out the hard way that billions in debt will require the government to ration services. Once “entitlements” are rationed, all the uneducated masses will find out that they are way behind the wealthy campaign supporters on the list.

By Bill O’Neal, 29 June, 2009
The White House is certainly making its case when it comes to immigration freeform. We’ve heard talk of tougher enforcement along the border and in the heartland, but when it comes to those who have been living in the United States illegally, researchers will tell you the cost can be quite staggering.
-A year ago when the economy was still relatively strong a study showed that each illegal cost the state of Florida $37 per hour. More than most legal residents made. The cost will only go up.

“There are over three million children of illegal immigrants in America’s schools, and that likely costs taxpayers at least $30 billion a year to educate those children,” said Steven Camarota, with the Center for Immigration Studies. Then you add in the costs of healthcare for billions more.
-The pro illegal crowd refuses to discuss long lines in hospital emergency rooms or the thousands of hospitals that have closed them. The next liberal that whines to me about horrible service and long lines at a hospital will be pissed off when I laugh in his/her face.

Camarota said it isn’t because the parents of these children are not working. “It’s because we think a majority don’t even have a high school education. So regardless of legal status, those kinds of people are going to be a very large drain,” Camarota said.
-Gee and I thought that working parents would pay taxes and everyone wins. If they are not working or paying taxes it must be because of the lack of education (liberal logic)

Some experts believe part of the fix centers around worker status verification, and some states have already taken that step on their own. Jack Martin with the Foundation for American Immigration Reform said the Feds need to take the lead with such a program, but he has his doubts we’ll see it with the Obama Administration.
-Gee ya think?

“They’ve been playing games with that refusing to adopt it as a system for all employers until they get the amnesty that they want as part of the legislation,” Martin said.
-Any Hispanic that thinks the democrats have their best interest at heart is an idiot. They consider them pawns and expendable.

As to what an amnesty might mean, the experts said the costs would likely climb. “Converting those people in to legal status would give them greater opportunities for welfare benefits, and assistance such as assisted housing,” Martin said.
-It also forces them to be slaves. When income is dependant on the state it is very hard to rise yourself up. They will be forever trapped in poverty. Hard work and dedication used to be the road to success now we are supposed to believe it is surrender and a generous government.

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One Comment on “Researchers say children of illegal immigrants a big expense in education, healthcare”

  1. irishoaks Says:

    Any and all in the current welfare system and in the last 40 years in the welfare system are and have been slaves–worse than pre-bellum state. The blacks have been once again pushed aside by the Cubans since the 60’s, and the Mexicans. The initial Cubans that came right after the Castro revolution are mostly hard core conservatives, because they know what freedom means…the hard way. But the trash that came afterwards, the mental patients and prisoners that Fidel didn’t want dragging down his failed economy have dragged Florida down. Then came the mexicans and “anchor babies”.

    Get them all out of here. Get them off the medical expenses of America–NOW.

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