Breaking: Sarah Palin Stepping Down as Governor

She says that she will be resigning later this month.  Such a move is sure to fuel speculation that she is going to run for President in 2012:

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8 Comments on “Breaking: Sarah Palin Stepping Down as Governor”

  1. az_conservative Says:

    If she does plan to run in 2012, she needs to start fundraising and campaigning now, so this is a good move. Plus, she has enough integrity to realize that full-time campaigning while holding a gubernatorial seat is not fair to her state; it needs a FT Governor. This frees her up to hit the trail hard with no other obligations. It also gives her freedom to really oppose Obama’s policies.

    Or, the pressure and BS directed at her family may be too much. They are going after her kids, still. WHo knows. I’m sure she’ll tell us when she’s ready.

  2. memaw Says:

    This is sad to me. The media is responsible for this as far as I am concerned. She has got to be tired of fighting against the media, and the “charges” against her and her family that she has had to fight against. Hopefully she is not ending her political career but that God is leading her in a different way in politics.

    • Weaver Says:

      I wouldn’t be sad.Sara was not forced out, she is taking the fight up a few notches.

      Weaver, still pissed but there is hope.

    • az_conservative Says:

      Sarah never struck me as the type to run from a fight. I think she’s taking the fight to them. Go get ’em, Sarah!

  3. teach5 Says:

    I’m wondering if a senate seat is due to open up-i.e. someone is ill, and she’s slated to fill it???? Sounds like she’s part of a bigger plan here.

    • Weaver Says:

      One lone sentator can’t do much to get things fixed and she knows it, she is setting her sights on something much bigger.


  4. Gramfan Says:

    I saw her speech. I thought she was a class act, a star.
    I was moved by her honesty and her power to deliver words from the heart – no teleprompter!

    I know the left will shread her to pieces for this, but I recently saw a quote that said,”If the left didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards” or words to that effect.

    She represents all of America’s best qualities,IMHO, while the current resident in the WH is the opposite.

    I think she could be very powerful outside of Alaska and I think that is her plan.

    And Happy 4th of July to all of you 🙂

    (OT, Doc,,found this cool site. I think you’ll like it: )

  5. oaks777 Says:

    Gramfan, went to worldometers. neat. thanks.
    As to Sarah. She is a protectionist. She is giving up what is near and dear as to not cost her state any more money for the frivilous attacks against her from the left. Ahh. But there is a smart mind…she is not retreating, she IS simply attacking in another direction!!!!

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