Obama’s Eugenics Program Exposed

Very interesting…

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4 Comments on “Obama’s Eugenics Program Exposed”

  1. az_conservative Says:

    I said in another post a few days ago:
    “This is his way of “saving” Social Security: kill people before they reach retirement age. Then the government thieves can ramp up their raids on SS funds to buy more votes, especially from the illegals they’ll grant amnesty and give huge subsidies from the SS trough.

    … eugenics [is] a favored policy of fascist tyrants. Too bad so many seniors are too stupid to see that socialized medicine is a death sentence for them.

    It also enables Democrats to kill off political opponents (conservatives) via denial of health care. Two words: “ACORN” and “CENSUS” ”

    This just confirms my suspicions. Wouldn’t surprise me if he raises retirement age and the FICA taxes just to make sure he has plenty of $$ in the Dems new slush fund.

  2. izlams not for me Says:

    My Dad, Mom & Grandma are likely on that list…

    IF Obamas goons have thier way I’ll be planning 3 funnerals in 5 years.

    • az_conservative Says:

      My mom is too. If it makes you feel any better (I know it doesn’t–I lost my dad last year and it still hurts like hell. July 3 would have been his 62nd birthday), most doctors will end up on the barter system. The medical field will come full circle, with house calls and accepting food, fuel, ammo, etc. for payment.

      • izlams not for me Says:


        Am sorry for your loss…

        All (but one) of my beloved Grandparents have left my kith and kin from 1999 till 2003.

        Likely my Dad being sick will join them soon. Later my Mom & one day the rest of my kin will all be together in the Heavenlis.

        Meanwhile am bracing myself for the future funerals & troubles that will come when the elders in my family pass on.

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