Biblical prophecy or International Scam?

National ID Card
Biblical prophecy tells of a mark of the beast. An identification method that everyone must have to conduct business. Some people are speaking out about a new international effort to record everyone’s identity. Although this article is about the UK plan for a “national ID card” this goes much deeper. India, Germany, Mexico and many other nations are also planning National ID cards with some form of biometric information stored on them.

This is more about control than safety; governments want to know who you are and have the ability to track you 24/7. It is laughable for anyone to claim this is about national security when none of the countries signing up has a proven record of even attempting to control their borders. Once authorities discover the chip inside the card is only valid when the original owner carries it a few new ideals will surface like embedding the chips.

I do not know if this is prophecy coming true or if prophecy gave them the idea but something is up. Replace the “UK” with the name of your nation and read carefully.

30 July 2009, BBC
The government is revealing the design of a national identity card for the UK, which it says it is pressing ahead with despite significant opposition and questions over its usefulness and costs. The card will hold a limited amount of information but will be backed up by further information held in databases. The Identity Cards Act 2006 includes a list of up to 49 items of information that could be recorded.
-So far the UK alone has spent millions developing this plan. When you consider their economy it is clear that despite the costs and delays this is a higher priority than a balanced budget.


Name, date of birth and gender
Place of birth and nationality
Facial image and signature
Date the card was issued and when it will expire
-So far no red flags, they just want to know that you are really you.


Name, date of birth and gender
Place of birth and nationality
Facial image
Two fingerprints
Date the card was issued and when it will expire


Personal information

Full name
Other names by which person is or has been known
Date of birth
Place of birth
Address of principal place of residence in the United Kingdom
The address of every other place in the United Kingdom or elsewhere where person has a place of residence.

Identifying information

A photograph of head and shoulders
Other biometric information
Residential status

Entitlement to remain in the United Kingdom where that entitlement derives from a grant of leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom, the terms and conditions of that leave

Personal reference numbers

National Identity Registration Number
The number of any ID card issued
Allocated national insurance number
The number of any relevant immigration document
The number of their United Kingdom passport
The number of any passport issued to the individual by or on behalf of the authorities of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom or by or on behalf of an international organisation
The number of any document that can be used by them (in some or all circumstances) instead of a passport
The number of any identity card issued to him/her by the authorities of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom
Any reference number allocated to him/her by the secretary of state in connection with an application made by him for permission to enter or to remain in the United Kingdom
The number of any work permit relating to him/her
Any driver number given to him/her by a driving licence
The number of any designated document which is held by him/her and is a document the number of which does not fall within any of the preceding sub-paragraphs
The date of expiry or period of validity of a document the number of which is recorded by virtue of this paragraph

Record history

Information falling within the preceding paragraphs that has previously been recorded about him/her in the Register
Particulars of changes affecting that information and of changes made to his/her entry in the Register
Date of death

Registration and ID card history

The date of every application for registration made by him/her
The date of every application by him/her for a modification of the contents of his entry
The date of every application by him/her confirming the contents of his entry (with or without changes)
The reason for any omission from the information recorded in his/her entry
Particulars (in addition to its number) of every ID card issued to him/her
Whether each such card is in force and, if not, why not
Particulars of every person who has countersigned an application by him/her for an ID card or a designated document, so far as those particulars were included on the application
Particulars of every notification given about lost, stolen and damaged ID cards
Particulars of every requirement by the secretary of state for the individual to surrender an ID card issued to him.
-Starting to get a little personal now. Wait until you have to use the card to access services like the net for example. No more anonymous bloggers, private donations or secret support to a political opponent

Validation information

The information provided in connection with every application to be entered in the Register, for a modification of the contents of his entry or for the issue of an ID card
The information provided in connection with every application confirming entry in the Register (with or without changes)
Particulars of the steps taken, in connection with an application mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b) or otherwise, for identifying the applicant or for verifying the information provided in connection with the application
Particulars of any other steps taken or information obtained for ensuring that there is a complete, up-to-date and accurate entry about that individual in the Register
Particulars of every notification given by that individual for changing details in the register
-Welcome big brother, all hail the leader.

Security information

A personal identification number to be used for facilitating the making of applications for information recorded in his/her entry, and for facilitating the provision of the information
A password or other code to be used for that purpose or particulars of a method of generating such a password or code
Questions and answers to be used for identifying a person seeking to make such an application or to apply for or to make a modification of that entry

Records of provision of information

Particulars of every occasion on which information contained in the individual’s entry has been provided to a person
Particulars of every person to whom such information has been provided on such an occasion
Other particulars, in relation to each such occasion, of the provision of the information
-Just think of all the fun our political masters will enjoy. They can identify supporters and groom them, identify the more violent members of a society and round them up or hire them to oppress others. Now even without prophecy I can easily think of why I want to know more about myself than my government knows about me. We cannot even get our leadership to release birth certificates, school or tax records. The important point to all this is your days of enjoying private lives will soon end and that will mean anywhere on the planet. ID cards will lead to more permanent methods of birth to death scrutiny. National ID Cards, biometric chips, permanent implants – the goal is more important than method.

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12 Comments on “Biblical prophecy or International Scam?”

  1. Leatherneck Says:

    Although I share your concern, one must swear an oath to an individual whose number is 666. It is a human number three times, and it will be the leader of the world who controls buying, and selling.

    The above ID card subject brings us a step closer to what the Bible states will happen in the end times.

    I enjoyed your read.

    • Ronin Says:

      Thanks brother,

      I know the current plan does not meet all the prophecy but I think they are using it to spread fear and build power.


  2. oaks777 Says:

    The attempted innocuous pandemic, but fizzled out Mexican Swine flu and lack of panic that was so passionately tried to stir by the WHO and our dear leader and Homeland Security has taken a new twist. Now Obamunism is calling on the military to assist Homeland Security IN CASE there is a health crisis and a NEED for vaccinations from this flu. Well these vaccinations are now suspicious and may well contain minimicrochips. But it may come down to MANDANTORY SHOTS OR ELSE…. and I think, or else what? Are those soldiers going to arrest me for not taking that shot? Or like in the Bible, am I going to be beheaded for standing up against this despot?

  3. ciccio Says:

    You mention that Germany is “considering” a national I.D.
    The national I.D. has been in force in Germany for over 100 years. By a curious coincidence, Bismark, who introduced unemployment insurance and old age pensions introduced it at the same time. National health plan anyone?

  4. teach5 Says:

    For the ‘other names by which the person has been known’ part, will O’bummer have to fill out Barry Soeto?

  5. Robert Hoge Says:

    New, better ID cards are a natural development in a society that has discovered how much profit there is in scaring people into believing that no one can be trusted, but that somehow, through a wishful leap of faith, the government can. Some of us will fret at how much the system will know about us, forgetting that it already does, it just wants all that knowledge instantly accessible.

    The Mark of the Beast is something different, and it isn’t here yet. But check out my free e-book Walkabout: The History of a Brief Century for one way it could come about when it comes!

  6. islams not for me Says:

    Just a few years ago I heard of the US MIL using similar data to store members info.

    See here:

    This is just another step to Revelation 13:1-18…

  7. saurabh Says:

    Our worst fears have come true. This year the Indian government has launched marking all Indians. Every Indian is required to give his/her 10 fingers and retina prints plus all the personal details. This exercise is supposed to take us to the golden age where there will be no terrorist attacks, leakage in poor’s food quota will be plugged, corruption in government departments will be gone and wonder of wonders we will not be required to carry any other ID card. We hope it takes care of thousands of beggars on the streets, millions of poor who have a home made of a plastic sheet, millions more poor, nomadic, migratory people who live in the nook and cranny of this vast country where at many places no government servant has ever visited.
    In the meantime we can not open a bank account because we do not live within one square kilometre of that bank. Only have Voter ID Card, PAN Card (Income Tax), Driving License Card etc which according to the banks does not qualify us as Indians. We also need to have Landline Phone (which has been consigned to the history dustbin), Electricity Bill in the applicant’s name, Ration Card, Passport … without all these the bank refuses to open our bank account.
    Just wish the Indian government dumping millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money in the name of this Super ID Card somehow works.
    Patna, Bihar, India.

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