U.S. Government Taking Control of YOUR Computer and All Files on it!

If there’s any doubt that our government is out of control and we are now living in a Orwellian society brought about by all the freakin’ commies in our government, this is sure to erase those doubts!

H/T – Gramfan

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16 Comments on “U.S. Government Taking Control of YOUR Computer and All Files on it!”

  1. Gramfan Says:

    Un-freaking- believable!

    We both almost fell out of our chairs when we replayed this.

    If Beck has a heart attack on camera one day I will not be one bit surprised!

  2. islams not for me Says:

    Welcome to the END TIMES KIDS and BIG BROTHER….

  3. infidelmonster Says:

    You ain’t seen nothin yet.
    The bastids just took control of our food!
    I can see it now, Guns for Food Program

  4. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    No mark = no food = death.

  5. Gramfan Says:

    Just noticed LGF is damning Beck for this.
    What a surprise!

    The main point made is that this site affects dealers only. That is true.
    So does it mean these car dealers have no right to privacy?
    Sounds like it to me.

    • Yeah, Charles (at LGF) has jumped the shark.

      He banned me a couple of months ago and, despite my emails, has never told me why. I know it was NOTHING I said on his website because I gave up posting any comments many months ago when I realized that Charles was systematically banning those of us who had alternative viewpoints to his own… So, I just kept my mouth shut and began only posting links to my website that were Self-Defense related.

      And, he STILL banned me! For what? Obviously, it was something on MY website that set him off, and NOTHING that I said or did on HIS website. How much of a fascist little punk do you have to be to start banning people based on what they say or do on their own website?

      His downward spiral into insanity has been horrible to watch—he sees Nazis and “white supremacists” everywhere, now… Just ask Robert over at JihadWatch! In fact, it was shortly after I posted an article about the BNP winning big in the European Union elections that I noticed that Charles had banned me. I can only guess that he thinks that I, who am part black, am a white supremacist.

      He is so blind that he doesn’t realize that he is being used by the Libtards and Lefturds to advance their agendas. It is the Liberal Media in Europe which casts ALL RIGHT WING organizations as WHITE SUPREMACIST in an effort to discredit them and discourage membership in ALL Right Wing organizations. The absurdity of it all is that there exists a minuscule smattering of white supremacists in almost every political party in the world, yet it is only those parties which are to the Right that the Lame Stream Media (LSM) chooses to concentrate on and therefore paint an entire right-wing political party as a bunch of racists. We see that here in the U.S. where the LSM tries to paint the Republicans as racist white supremacists and, yet, gives the ex-slaver Democrats a free pass.

      His vitriol against the “nirthers” is just sad, really, and completely misses the main point: There exists a MAJOR flaw in our election process in which there is no recourse for We the People to insure a candidate was properly vetted! In fact, even the vetting process is extremely flawed and MUST BE CHANGED!!! This is the main point of the whole argument, yet Charles is so blinded by the BS coming out from the Obamamachine and so bogged down in thinking that this is all about racist Obamahaters (a lie perpetuated by the Lefturds and the Lame Stream Media) that he cannot see the forest for the trees and has become a lost sheep! Remember, when you actually start listening to and believing the lies of the Left, you are well on your way to your own slaughter…

      This whole thing about the Cash for Clunkers website only affecting dealers is just not true! ANYONE CAN visit that page. It matters not where it is located or which segment of the U.S. population it may have originally been intended for. It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!

      So, as you so sarcastically said about Charles’ attack on Glenn Beck:

      What a surprise!

      • Gramfan Says:

        Join the club, Doc.
        I didn’t know you were banned but all the “good guys” have been so be proud of it.

        I think I figured out why I was banned. I once put up a link about global warming.It was written by Christopher Booker (?) about rising sea levels, but it referenced an academic that CJ thought was below par.

        As for the birth controversy – all that has to be done is BHO needs to come out with it and settle it once and for all.

        Tundra Tabloids has a good photo-shop re all the people CJ has thrown under the bus. A friend of mine offered to photo shop me into it,lol!

        But then I really am ‘small fry’ compared to the others in the picture.

      • Leatherneck Says:

        For some reason, I get banned quite a lot. Mostly, when I post about moon god worshipers.

        Strange that. I’m starting to develop a complex.

        • LOL!

          Well, around here, we love ya’ and would never ban you. That is, of course, unless you started spouting out a bunch of moon god worshiping Muzzie-troll BS . But, I don’t foresee that EVER happening!

          BZO or die, my friend!

  6. Leatherneck Says:

    No mark=deer/fish,turkey/grapes,etc…

    Death before Dishonor!

  7. islams not for me Says:

    I am fortunate not to have been banned here.

    However some of my comments have been deleted and rightly so.

    • I didn’t delete them. Maybe Ronin, but not I. Also, our SPAM filter sometimes automatically deletes comments containing multiple links. If you post a comment and don’t see it, or a message appears saying that it is awaiting moderation, email us and we will pull it out of the SPAM queue for you.


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