British murder shows press double standard

The first step to solving any problem is to identify the problem. For years, gang violence in the UK has grown. Uncontrolled immigration has only made the problem worse. Stupidity on the part of the British press adds another level to this story. We see stories about “youths, Asians, immigrants, thugs etc” conducting all sorts of violent acts but never “muslims”, this story has a twist. The victim in this case was muslim. The victims religion and for that matter the aggressors almost never makes the news in the UK, exceptions are limited to muslim victims. It seems the press in the UK is afraid to mention islam when a muslim commit a crime as they are afraid members of the islamic community will riot. Listing a muslim as a victim of a criminal act apparently doesn’t concern the press. That disgusting and unprofessional double standard only encourages criminal acts by not forcing the islamic community leadership to address the problem.

9 September, 2009, the International News
LONDON: A devout Muslim pensioner attacked by a race-hate gang of schoolboys, died late on Monday.
-I have never seen anything close to a devout (insert non muslim religion of choice) pensioner attacked in a UK press report before.

Ekram Haque, 67, lost his fight for life a week after he was battered to the ground in front of his three-year-old granddaughter, Marian.
-I sincerely hope those responsible are captured and punished. No one deserves to go out in such a manner.

According to the Daily Mail, he suffered horrific head injuries in the assault outside a mosque in Tooting, South-West London, where he had offered his prayers a few moments before the attack.
-Violent crimes are increasingly common in the area, this may have been a revenge attack or random.

As he and Marian waited for a lift, the gang ran up behind him and clubbed him around the head. Two other worshippers chased the thugs away but Haque – described by friends as a ‘gentle giant’ – had suffered horrific head injuries.

His granddaughter has been left ‘very shaken and disturbed’, said her father, Haque’s son Irfan. Graphic images of the attack were caught on CCTV.

Scotland Yard formally launched a murder inquiry after Haque passed away at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, where he had been on a life-support machine since the attack.

Police are linking the assault on the retired care worker to a series of other attacks on elderly Asian people near the mosque.

Three of the earlier victims were also pensioners. As local community tensions grew, police stepped up patrols near the ‘Idara E Jaaferiya Mosque,’ where Ekram Haque was attacked last Monday. Police say they are treating the attack on Haque as racially motivated.
-We know the islam is not a race even if the British police do not. Was this attack anti immigration, anti islamic motivated? Maybe but not race.

Iirfan, 35, a consumer law adviser, described the incident as ‘mindless violence’ but urged people in the Muslim community to remain calm.
-Good advice but improbable. More likely, than not gangs of “Asians, youths or immigrants” are already looking or a chance to avenge this attack.

He said: ‘I would urge people in our community to remember that Islam is a peaceful religion and does not condone revenge attacks. If you want to do anything, just pray.
-Because I do believe this was an unprovoked attack I will skip commenting on that particular myth.

‘I have been very impressed how the police have dealt with the attack, and have full confidence in what they are doing. ‘Obviously I am concerned for my daughter, who has given a very vivid account of what happened.’
-The child will likely never truly recover from what she has witnessed.

Ekram Haque was born in Calcutta and moved to Belfast in search of work in 1972. He met his wife there and they moved to London in the early 1980s.

Haque originally worked in textiles but later became a warden in a home for the disabled. He retired last year and was looking after Marian on weekdays.

At the time of the attack, he was making final preparations to visit Pakistan to meet his three sisters and to Melbourne, Australia where his younger brother lives.

His son said: ‘My father loved living in Britain. He considered himself a Londoner. He was enjoying his retirement and seeing a lot of his granddaughter.

‘He was a kind, loving person, who always went out of his way to support anyone who needed support. I just want justice.’
-That could be a loaded statement, we have no way to judge if he is calling for legal justice or a revenge style attack.

Detective Chief Inspector John McFarlane, from Scotland Yard’s homicide and serious crime command, said: ‘We urge people who may have been attacked, or who may know who these youths are, to come forward.’

Two youths aged 14 and 15 have appeared before Wimbledon Youth Court accused of committing grievous bodily harm with intent on Mr Haque.

They and another boy, aged 12, are also accused of two counts of assault on victims in their 40s and 70s. Another 14-year-old has been charged over the attacks, but has yet to appear in court.
-We will never know what would have happened if the UK had identified the role uncontrolled immigration played in the crime rate and identified which groups and communities were responsible and acted on the information. By holding community leadership to task it might have never gotten this far. In many areas of the US, elected officials are making the same mistake. Silence and inaction are not only criminally stupid they are a facilitating factor. Inaction is compliance; remember that the next time you vote. Unless you are happy with the inaction, negligence and corruption, vote against the incumbents.

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5 Comments on “British murder shows press double standard”

  1. NOBAMA_TEEN Says:

    **this is republican_teen btw changed to a more fitting name haha**

    and i agree on this. The British government needs to lay down the law on ALL offenders and criminals, no matter what religion or race or whatever. what people need to understand is that RACISM ONLY EXISTS BECAUSE IT IS EXPLOITED AND USED AS A TOOL (i.e. benefits because your a minority, being called racist over stupid stuff like opposing obama, AIMS testing requiring your race cuz of the consensus etc)

    IF we stopped making someone’s race such a big deal, racism would go away. this is no exception. crime is crime no matter who did it

  2. Bob Says:

    ‘I would urge people in our community to remember that Islam is a peaceful religion and does not condone revenge attacks. If you want to do anything, just pray.’
    Under the circumstances, I’d say this is one of the most asinine statements I’ve read coming from the press.

  3. ryan Says:

    As a gay man, I fear for myself and my boyfriends, muslims hate us and wish us harm. I don’t understand, mohammed was gay je loved little boys. Muslims should embrace us.

  4. Ronin Says:

    Ryan that makes mohammed a pedophile not gay. Oh, BTW next time you decide to write something stupid you should read our rules first.

    Have a nice day girlyman.

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