ACORN Founder Wanted Terrorist Attack on Republican Convention to Succeed

FBI informant and former Left-Wing radical Brandon Darby has had first hand experience with ACORN’s thuggish activities on several occasions.  While helping the community of New Orleans rebuild in the aftermath of Katrina, Darby was at the center of a political attack against him and his organization, Common Ground Relief, just because they had not sought the permission of ACORN in their endeavor to rebuild the community.

After that incident, Darby helped the FBI foil a plot to fire bomb the RNC Convention in Minnesota:

While working undercover with the FBI at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota, I helped to uncover a bomb plot. Two men had made firebombs with a homemade napalm mixture of gasoline and oil. Their initial targets were Republican delegates. These bomb-makers (domestic terrorists) later decided to attack a staging area for the Secret Service and other law-enforcement agencies. Fortunately, they were stopped and arrested.

I was asked, and agreed, to testify against them. As was expected, the more radical elements of the media began to attack both me as an individual and the FBI as a whole. One of the men accused plead guilty; the other hired an expensive defense attorney and concocted a story about the FBI building these bombs to “set up left-wing activists” and stop dissent. But once the facts became clear, the defense changed their story and instead tried to blame the FBI for ”influencing” the terrorists. Thankfully, after one hung jury and many months of intense media attacks against me, the other bomb-maker (domestic terrorist) decided to come clean and admitted to the judge that he had invented the whole story.

Now, the interesting thing is that ACORN’s Lisa Fithian worked with the bomb plotters’ defense team, and led the media attack against the FBI and Darby. In fact, Ms. Fithian—obviously, the little darling of the Lame Stream Media—has been quoted as saying, “Nonviolence is a strategy. Civil disobedience is a tactic,” and “Direct action is a strategy. Throwing rocks is a tactic.”  She is also quoted as stating that “When people ask me, ‘What do you do?’ I say, ‘I create crisis’, because crisis is that edge where change is possible.”

Gee, where have we heard those sentiments elucidated before?  Oh, now I remember:  “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.”  — Rahm Emanuel

Furthermore, the founder of ACORN, Wade Rathke, devoted an entire page on his blog to slamming Darby’s work with the FBI:

How did he describe the FBI’s effort and success in preventing innocent Americans, local police and federal agents from being burned, maimed and/or possibly killed by firebombs? He wrote that it’s “one thing to disagree, but it’s a whole different thing to rat on folks.”  That is what ACORN’s founder had to say about my role in stopping a bomb plot.

In other words, the founder of ACORN is saying that Darby should have shut his mouth and let the bombers kill innocent Americans…

Which begs the question:  What is ACORN’s real connection with the bomb plotters?  Obviously, there is more here than meets the eye.

Read the story in full by CLICKING HERE

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3 Comments on “ACORN Founder Wanted Terrorist Attack on Republican Convention to Succeed”

  1. tgusa Says:

    She likes that sort of stuff huh? Sounds like Lisa is begging for some crisis in her life as well. Hey, if you go around advocating the planting and detonation of fire bombs in order to blow up Americans with whom you disagree I suppose you deserve everything you get.

    I wonder how she will feel when she is wifey # 5?

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