Yet ANOTHER Investigative Video of ACORN Targets New York Office!

Oh, this is a big one for the Big Apple and ACORN nuts will roll.  I believe this is what you would call a “hat trick.”

On a side note:  If you go to ACORN’s website, you will notice that ACORN has removed its office location maps in all cities!!!  Obviously, they are running scared and trying to hide their office locations from any potential investigative journalists!  LOL!!!

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3 Comments on “Yet ANOTHER Investigative Video of ACORN Targets New York Office!”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Do you think we can ever return to prosperity with these blood sucking turds around? I don’t.

    Pray that these people are rounded up before it is a young girl that you know who becomes their next victim. Send them back to the third world. That is where they belong. They dont deserve to live among the civilized.

  2. az_conservative Says:

    A leopard cannot change its spots. Obama is going to have to throw ACORN under the bus soon. Of course, they’ll still get their taxpayer money, even if it’s through back channels.

  3. teach5 Says:

    I’d comment here, but I have to go bury a tin in my backyard, hiding from the neighbors, of course. ‘Wish I’d thought of this ingenious, 21st Century idea earlier. Stoopid me-I’ve been using safe-deposit boxes, banks, and a safe! DUH!

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