Islam against slavery, truth yet to be delivered: Official

Child slave
Slavery comes in many flavors in islamic countries; from the obvious- humans sold into bondage to the less obvious forced marriages and children traded for repayment of debt. No matter how a slave became a slave, they are still a slave. Calling the victims “employees or wives” does not change their fate just their title and legal standing. Apologists will claim slavery is not sanctioned by the state, religion or officials. That is a common lie but several things have to be considered before you buy into it. Islam is a total life system you cannot separate the person from the ideology. In islamic countries honor is everything, they do not allow slavery because in a modern world it can never be excused or explained away. What the do allow (mostly by turning a blind eye) is employers to seize passports from workers and stop paying them, sexually abuse them, trade them or sale them. Muslim children are also treated in a similar manner. The fact that slavery exists in all islamic countries is obvious. What is less clear is if anyone in a leadership role is attempting to stop it.

The trafficking in humans is not possible across continents and borders without high-level clerics and officials helping it along. Does islam sanctions this or high level islamic officials, I do not see a difference. Taking bribes and turnning a blind eye amounts to an official sanction. Some of the highest islamic officials are into the human trafficking networks up to their eyeballs, sounds like an official sanction to me. The koran encourages slavery, the pedophile mohammed owned slaves and modern muslims use that as an excuse to continue the practice. Read on.

By Fares Al-Qahtani, 16 Sep 2009, Saudi Gazette
RIYADH – The court system in the Kingdom has failed to clearly criminalize human trafficking from an Islamic perspective in the international human rights groups, said Nasser Al-Shahrani, head of the administrative committee at the Commission for Investigation and Prosecution Sunday.
-Catch that? “According to an islamic perspective” lots of wiggle room in that line. Let me clear it up for the pedophile worshipers, slavery is wrong. Got it?

Al-Shahrani’s comment came during the activities of the second day of the third scholarly symposium on human trafficking organized by the Ministry of Justice and the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) at the university campus here.

An anti-human trafficking law has been submitted to the King for final approval, he said. The law, guided by the Islamic Shariah, comes in line with international laws combating human trafficking as to prevent it, criminalize it from an Islamic perspective, and to protect its victims.
-The “islamic perspective” again. What this means is they obey islamic law and not the infidels international law. An important distinction, declare a victim a wife and presto-no slaves. We have ran several examples of corrupt islamic leaders and clerics, I have never seen one charged, fired or even rebuked for slavery in any form. That also is “official sanction”.

As the gap between rich and poor grows wider, destitute families are increasingly selling their most valuable property: their children. Trafficked children are usually denied education, communication with their parents; and most importantly, they are denied a normal child’s life, he said.
-Notice normal muslims that are not in charge do find this practice revolting, the problem stems from those in power, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

According to media reports, in some destitute parts of Asia, a child is sold for as low as SR2,000. “Their mothers or the middlemen bring them to me,” a woman agent of human trafficking was reportedly quoted as saying. “There are always fresh ones,” she said. There seems to be no shortage of kids for sale in a continent where 790 million people earn less than $1 a day.
-Fresh ones are virgins and are more valuable.

Trigged by poverty, human trafficking is a business-driven organized crime that takes different forms including forced labor and prostitution, Shahrani said.
-Business in islamic countries is owned and operated by officials and clerics, private ownership is allowed but taxes and gifts (bribes) are required. Read more official sanction.

International organizations fighting human trafficking defined modern time slavery as people being sold or tricked by agents into servitude to do something against their will, without having a way out, or the right to object, he said.
-Sounds about right but i would also include people born into oppressive all controlling ideologies which refuse the personal choice to stop practicing or convert.

According to the UN definitions, domestic help can fall into the category of modern day slavery when domestic workers are humiliated, mistreated, deprived of privacy and days off. Modern slavery has become a booming international trade that involves at least 2.5 million people being trafficked in bondage through physical or psychological force at any one time, representing the tip of an iceberg.
-This practice does exist outside of islam. No need for apple vs oranges here, it is wrong no matter who does it or how they justify and disguise it. The islamic world accounts for the majority of slavery found in the world today, stopping the practice has to include them which will require a rewrite to the koran. Basically it will never happen. Laws will be passed and additional efforts will be made to hide it but slavery and islam are joined at the hip and that will never change.

The UN international Labor Organization calculates the minimum number of people in forced labor at 12.3 million in a market valued at $32 billion, while research by Free the Slaves, a nongovernmental organization (NGO) based in the United States, puts the number at 27 million people. – Okaz/SG
-I would go with the NGOs assessment. Now just to stop all the bull, I am against all slavery and I am not singling out islam for the crime. I am just reminding everyone they have practiced it longer than anyone else, continue to practice it and that senior officials and clerics profit from it. To claim otherwise only helps the process continues and does nothing to help the victims. This has to end.

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12 Comments on “Islam against slavery, truth yet to be delivered: Official”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    Many of muslim countries have no laws or weak laws when it comes to human trafficking I’ve already spoken about that on my blog.

    My source came from:

  2. […] rather than immediately hitting the “de-friend” button,** I chose to follow the link he shared, and read the article behind it.  Having done so, I think I can appreciate where my “friend” is coming from, […]

    • Leatheneck Says:

      I like to see moon god worshipers follow Muhammad. It reminds me of how f*****g insane the religion/political system of Islam is. Plus, I just can’t stand the bastards.


  3. Yup you got that right leatherneck.

    Im looking forward ot the day Jesus Christ returns and destroys mecca. Any quran that remains will be used burning in steam engines or heating fires.

  4. Hadeer Says:

    1st of all it looks like people are adopting the others idea no matter what the truth is if you want to know the truth about Islam you have to read and read a lot about it’s philosophy and point of view and how this religion separated in the world during a little bit of time and created one of the best civilization in the world. I am not asking to adopt my ideas or muslims ideas or any human being ideas just read and discover

  5. Hadeer Says:

    2nd Jesus Christ will never destroy Mecca or any place on earth (destroying is the western church philosophy) he will rebuilt what had been destroyed and spread peace all upon earth and creatures

  6. Hadeer Says:

    3rd pedophile is what you can see on children media of sexual hints for children and teenager not by marriage in the ancient civilization if you want to learn about this subject just read about the rates of adultery between preteens and children and what are the countries nowadays have the priority in that field and how

  7. Hadeer Says:

    4th about slavery in Islam it’s a complicated matter which you have to consider the situation and time and the people who involved in this case, you have to know that the first people who started declaring the slaves free and no slavery for the war prisoners is the same country that you always accuse by slavery it’s the Ottoman’s empire, ( you have to appreciate mending ways)

  8. Hadeer Says:

    5th Muslims nowadays are not the rightful face of Islam, if they are they would rule the world again by love and peace not by canons and war aircrafts

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  10. T J Says:

    6th There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

  11. 1 I have already read the quran, hadiths, and a lot of doctrines from moslem websites. So yeah.. I’ve done my research on that Theocracy cult.

    2 isa in islam is NOT Jesus the Christ. isa is human, Jesus is human and Divine. isa in the hadiths destroys Christianity & Judaism. Jesus the Jew will destroy ALL false religions including those formed from pagan ideas that came from mecca.

    2A mecca is nothing more than a human city. There is no need for it to exist after Jesus returns.

    3 child marriage is a cultural sin in both islam and other eastern religions. It is unnecessary and immoral & illegal in the West.

    4 Islamic slavery is a doctrine within that system and it is a historical fact. You as a moslem may not like that but its too late. All you can do now is secularize islam and force changes in the whole of islam.

    5 Your comment is not based on historical fact it is merely hearsay. moslems used war, terrorism and criminality to build their theocracy. peace in islam is to forcibly surrender all human beings to a racist, backward cult who is historically proven to be pagan and murderous.

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