Australians Increasingly Want to Bring Back Death Penalty

I, for one, would like to welcome our Aussie friends back to reality!  You little rippers!  Who knew?

Death penalty should return, say readers

From: Herald Sun
October 01, 2009

HERALD Sun readers have overwhelmingly called for the death penalty after this week’s conviction of double murderer Leigh Robinson.

In a poll almost 78 per cent of almost 3000 respondents voted for capital punishment. The other 22 per cent opposed it.

Others believed Robinson should never have been released from prison.

Leigh Robinson’s stepson, Daniel, joined the call by declaring Robinson should hang. “He’s done it before and he’ll do it again. There is no delicate way of saying this,” Daniel said.

“This man must hang. He must not ever be given the chance of getting out into society again, simply because he will kill if he is ever granted his freedom.”

A Supreme Court jury on Tuesday convicted Robinson of murdering Frankston mother Tracey Greenbury on April 28 last year.

The jury had not been told Robinson, 61, had viciously murdered his former girlfriend, Valerie Dunn, 40 years earlier and had been sentenced to death.

The penalty was later commuted to 30 years jail, of which he served just 15.

Many people argued that if Robinson had been hanged Tracey Greenbury would still be alive.

Kate Lauretta, Valerie Dunn’s niece, asked how many more people would have to die before the law was changed to protect people and families.

“It is often said that with rehabilitation and counselling we are able to turn cold-blooded killers into normal human beings.

“This week’s verdict has proved us wrong,” she told the Herald Sun.

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13 Comments on “Australians Increasingly Want to Bring Back Death Penalty”

  1. Solkhar Says:

    The death penalty for henious crimes, unrepentant murder is for my part logical. But it also goes further. The death penalty should also exist for those sentanced to “life without parole or chance of release” and when all forms of appeal have been extinguished. Life in prison means that the person has relinquished their right to participate in society and thus should be “removed” permanently.

    To not do so results in an injustice to society to hold somebody without freedom and without the chance of freedom – that being an injustice to the victims, the society and to be frank – a human rights abuse to the prisoner.

    Add to that the financial burden that “lifers” make on society, the costs are often greater than that of the up-keep of a normal law abiding citizen.

    But care must be give, the legal system needs to be sure, strong-willed and of course just. Rediculous appeal systems that last for decades is in fact the most inhumane of all – to sentance a person to death and then to tell him over and over again – you are going to die but then whispering – but you never know….

    All that is needed now is to get rid of the flawed jury system that exists in places like the US, Australia and Britain to something a bit more professional and unbaised.

    • Solkhar,

      “To not do so results in an injustice to society to hold somebody without freedom and without the chance of freedom – that being an injustice to the victims, the society and to be frank – a human rights abuse to the prisoner.”

      Excellent point! Extremely cogent and well thought out.

      “All that is needed now is to get rid of the flawed jury system that exists in places like the US, Australia and Britain to something a bit more professional and unbiased.”

      I agree with you that the jury systems are flawed and biased. However, all current justice systems (that I am aware of) ultimately rely on human decision making in reaching a verdict. Humans are notoriously flawed. Until such time as an omniscient being, such as God, sits on the bench of justice and renders out verdicts, no judicial system will be without its flaws.

      Again, you make excellent points worthy of rumination.


      • Solkhar Says:

        In the end it is humans that make the decision but I would rather put my fate in the hands of a tribunal of very well trained experts (judges) than in 12 average citizens whom are not trained, have no reason to not be baised (as apposed to judges whom try to judge based on laws/evidence etc) and are likely to fall for the oratory and emotional performances from clever lawyers.

        I am Dutch, we have tribunals here. The judges on tribunals tell lawyers with theatrics to shut-up thus the hiring of an intelligent lawyer means someone who understands the law perfectly. Certainly judges are human as well, have their bais and the emotives but in such a tribunal system, those judges with such obvious leanings are quickly condemned and that is also why there is three on a tribunal, not just one.

        The concept of being judged by one’s peers comes from another period of time, that is no longer valuable when the invention of the highly-paid lawyer and the outspoken free media was invented.

        Interesting subject.

  2. Gramfan Says:

    I can tell you right now that the death penalty will never be re-introduced. The courts are filled with left-leaning judges and lawyers, not to mention the chardonnay/latte-sipping elite here who are lauded above anyone else by the media.

    Not going to happen no matter what.

    • Yeah, I know. Just thought I’d have some fun. 🙂


      • Gramfan Says:


        Right now if anyone deserved to get the death penalty it would have to be that idiot who was in charge of handling the bush fires.

        I can’t remember his name but after 173 people lost their lives,(and many homes also, he had the “chutzpah” to say he “did his best”!

        He said this during a Royal Commission which recently concluded it’s interim report.

        He’ll get away with it: no accountability, no responsibility.

        I wouldn’t mind if they put a few Greenies on the gallows with him: they also played a role in this.

        • CFA chief officer Russell Rees?

          Does the state of Victoria allow for abortions?

          If so, maybe you could petition to have the state laws amended to include adults along with the abortion laws. After all, if they are willing to kill the innocent, what’s the problem with killing the guilty?

          And, you can always use Russell Rees as a poster child for the campaign…



          • Gramfan Says:

            Yep, that’s him. I thought it was Rees or Lees,lol!

            Got muddled up cos the NSW premier (Gov in US-speak) is also a “Rees”.

            Abortion is allowed here.

            The Labor party (Liberal in US-speak) have links to Emily’s List.

            In his case it should have been retrospective.

            Totally incompetent.

    • PB-in-AL Says:

      Hey, now Gramfan, you’re impugning all us non-elite latte-sippers. 😉

      • Gramfan Says:

        Sorry, PB 😦

        I’ll have to be more careful and put another proviso on my labels.

        It’s hard for us machiato- merlot drinkers to get things right sometimes!

  3. Linda Says:

    More and more crimes are being committed and of more vulga nature. The death penalty would reduce some of them if people had to be accountable for their actions. Obviously we do not want innocent people sentenced for the wrongdoing of others.

    Paying for criminals to be in prison is insulting. Jail provides meals, healthcare and a roof. A breeding ground to enhance more wrong behaviour and criminal activity. Of course it would be tantalising for desparate people to take the chance they do.

    C’mon WAKE UP! Harsher penalties are required for the crimes people do. Murder, rape, crimes towards children. It is horrifying we have become desensitized to the insane crimes that happen daily.These people have lost respect for society when they act in these ways. Why must we pay for them to be rehabilitaed to try and conform to a standard. Most reoffend and maybe if they could be facing the death penalty for their actions, they may not have committed the crime in the first place. You have heard it before prevention is better than cure.

  4. angry man Says:

    Hang the piece of shit!!! Hang him via short drop method; let him suffer as his victims did.

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