Putin Rewards Obama’s Kumbaya Maneuvers with a Defiant “Nyet”

Can’t say I didn’t warn Mr. Hopey-Changey.

Now that you have fatuously pissed off our allies by taking away the long-range missile shield from the Poles and Czechs in an obvious attempt to entice the Russians into joining the U.S. in sanctions against Iran, and now that you have been given the Russian finger in return,  I have just one question:   How does it feel to be played like a fool, Obama?

Get used to it.

Russia’s Putin warns against intimidating Iran
Wed Oct 14, 2009
By Darya Korsunskaya

BEIJING (Reuters) – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warned major powers on Wednesday against intimidating Iran and said talk of sanctions against the Islamic Republic over its nuclear programme was “premature”.

Putin, who many diplomats, analysts, and Russian citizens believe is still Russia’s paramount leader despite stepping down as president last year, was speaking after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Moscow for two days of talks.

“There is no need to frighten the Iranians,” Putin told reporters in Beijing after a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

“We need to look for a compromise. If a compromise is not found, and the discussions end in a fiasco, then we will see.”

“And if now, before making any steps (towards holding talks) we start announcing some sanctions, then we won’t be creating favourable conditions for them (talks) to end positively. This is why it is premature to talk about this now.”

Clinton failed to secure any specific assurances from Russia on Iran during her visit, leaving her open to criticism at home that she had not received anything from Moscow after earlier U.S. concessions on missile defence.


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12 Comments on “Putin Rewards Obama’s Kumbaya Maneuvers with a Defiant “Nyet””

  1. Weaver Says:

    someone like obummer will only see himself the way his obots do, as the ruler of the world. The rest of us who can think for ourselves see him as a total fool who is laughed at by the rest of the world. To me this seems like it puts us in a dangerous position, non of the commie countries have any fear of obummer and even less fear or respect for hilarity. Especially after she didn’t have enough respect for herself to leave the scum bag husband of hers who didn’t have enough common sense to pay for the cleaning bill of his mistress. But, that’s just my opinion.


  2. Solkhar Says:

    Out of 22 years of professional experience, the Russians were never going to go into the direct “condemn Iran” tactic, that is not their style and diplomats would never have expected that (John Bolton would have demanded it but that is him).

    It is the subtle changes that is important when gauging Moscow and that has changed. Basically the Russians will always look at things from their own political/economic/military sphere and each one of those must be worked out, they also do not like closing doors on any potential client, such as Iran. Thus they have made the comment “we have our own demands and Iran must comply” means that they have also come down to a limit and it tells people like Clinton that “we must first try and keep our interests and relations but we will also make OUR demands now on the table and if they do not comply we condemn as well”. That is significant because they will now threaten and push Iran and the price that the world must pay for Iran complying is saying that Iran will be a Russian client for the forceable future. IE the Moscow card-play has won.

  3. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    Since Iran has observer status within the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, and is a potential member,
    it would be unlikely for Russia to intimidate Iran,
    especially given the role that both are likely to
    play as allies in the battle against Israel described by God through the prophet Ezekiel.

    (e.g. inthedays.com/category/ezekiel-38-39 )

  4. az_conservative Says:

    Now Russians will be allowed to inspect all our nuclear sites.


    Well, isn’t that special?

  5. Solkhar Says:

    Not that atlasshrugs has any value, my own view is that if any country or organisation thinks that it has the right to inspect any nuclear site then all should be inspected.

    living next to and watching the real Atlas

    • Leatherneck Says:


      Pajamas Media has listed a topic on individuals like you. It is labled Muslim Mafia. It is a great read.

      You can view my post there shortly.

      • Solkhar Says:

        So we can assume from your comment that you support the US inspecting anyone’s nuclear plants but they cannot do so in return, not should the Russians and that has something to do with Islam…….. yeah sure, that sounds logical……../sarc definitely on.

  6. Leatherneck Says:

    We can assume the Muslim Mafia has been exposed for the world to see. This is only going to enlighten more people to the agenda you follow.

    BTW, Atlasshrugs has more value than your garbage.

  7. Solkhar Says:

    LMAO! Using phrases and titles and not justifying them is already sign enough on conspiracy-theory and your own agenda.

    So what is a Muslim Mafia and why am I a part of it? Do explain leatherneck. This thread is about Russians and the subject of nuclear inspection, if you think anyone is making statements of garbage, I suggest you try and fit logic into your own comments above. You have not put a correllation with the thread and this “Muslim Mafia”, so what is it?

    The fact is there is not and this is all just a bit of bad gas that smells of bigot, rather like your moon-god crap and is rather pathetic and for my part is insulting to the good standards that this blog has.

    It is sad that some people do not like others to have opinions that are not theirs and they are personally attacked for it.

    I certainly have an agenda, to express my own personal opinion based on the experiences that I have lived . If any of those experiences have been reflected in my comments more than others – it is 22 years of work for the Ministrie van Buitenlandse Zaken (Dutch foreign ministry). Somehow a fictional “Muslim Mafia” has not taken over there, I can think of 14 Muslims in it and I was the more senior by far.

    Since your reference was from Pamella Gellar’s attlasshrugs, her belief that all Muslims are somehow conspiring to take over the world simply is a farce. If there is any criticism against Muslims that is worth condemning, it is in fact that the Muslim peoples and the Muslim nations are the most uninfied grouping on this planet at all. Not only do they suffer tribalism or nationalism but also sectarianism and loyalties to individual clerics – let alone language, political and social differences. The magic of Islam being a unifying faith that has no boundaries is also, when not respected, the greatest danger. Thus, the BS that Gellar pushes about all Muslims seeking Shari’a and a Caliphate is when mentioned here in the actual Muslim World – laughable. Only the most radical and extremists even mention and then they get into arguments about in what format it should be. Gellar, like Spencer, Fitzgerald or there minions like Werner Reimann (sheikyami) avoid letting it slip that Shari’a does not exist in the majority of Muslim countries and of those that do, the majority have only Shari’a family courts and secular supreme and appeal courts.

    The last rediculous comment is your accussation of a link to a “mafia” which means “extortion”. I find that not only rediculous but personally a joke. Since my retirement and move here to Morocco, I have started with others a company that helps the data and evidence search for identifying the sources of funding for terrorism and have in the last twelve months helped customs and police here sieze over 4.5 million euros worth of counterfeit products in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia that was destined for Hezbollah. Yes, and I am a member of a mafia?

    Your allowed your bigoted views leatherneck, but when you start attacking others based on it, it crosses the line.

    Doc Bulldog, this is the third post that leatherneck has turned the item into a religous one that had nothing to do with the thread, the second direted towards me. It has not been my intention and I do not like to have to spend my responses replying/defending something that is not the topic. I kindly ask that you remind the guy to not go off-topic unless he can justify the link to Russian-US-Nuclear inspections.

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