115 Teenagers Pregnant at High School in Chicago

If you want to see what your Libtarded-Commie Kids are going to be doing with their lives, look no further than Obama’s stomping grounds of Chicago:

Why Did 1 Of 8 Girls Get Pregnant At Robeson High?
Officials Say A Mix Of Factors Are To Blame, As They Try To Help The Young Women

CHICAGO (CBS) ― It is a Chicago public school full of energy and spirit. It has about 800 girls, and 115 of them have something in common – something you might find disturbing.

CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports.

All those young ladies are moms or moms-to-be at Paul Robeson High School. It’s not a school for young mothers, it’s a neighborhood school. And all of the pregnancies have happened, despite prevention talk.

[Uhm, you guys all do know that Paul Robeson was a Commie and friend of Frank Marshall Davis who was Obama’s Father figure in Hawaii, don’t you?  Isn’t it interesting how one doesn’t even need to play out the full 6 degrees of separation (with Kevin Bacon) to link Obama with major Communist figures…  The alarm bells should be going off right about now.]

If you want to know why, the people closest to the situation say there’s no simple explanation.

Chicago Public Schools says it does not track the overall number of teen moms in the district. But Robeson Principal Gerald Morrow knows the count at his school in Englewood: 115 young ladies who are either expecting or already have had children.

To put it in perspective, their school pictures would fill roughly six pages of their high school year book.

Why is it happening at Robeson?

“It can be a lot of things that are happening in the home or not happening in the home, if you will,” Morrow said. Absentee fathers are another factor, he said.

[Morrow thinking to himself:  Must not blame the children…. Must…not…mention…the Libtarded Sex Ed class at school….Must….blame….fathers….]

LaDonna Denson and two other Robeson students say parents not talking to teens and, in some cases, the pursuit of public assistance also factor into the pregnancies. None of them thought they’d be moms at such a young age.

[LaDonna Denson thinking to herself: Must…not…take responsibility for myself…  Must…not…mention…the Libtarded Sex Ed class at school….Must….blame….my parents….and, OMG!  I better think of something else!  Well, Sharika says she got pregnant by a guy who works at the Welfare office while pursuing public assistance… Uhm, OMG!  I can’t say that!  I better blame it on greed for free money from Obama…  OMG!  I can’t believe I chipped a nail…  Squirrel! ].

They said they have support at home. But not all girls do, they said. In fact, some girls get thrown out of the home.

Not on Morrow’s turf. “We’re not looking at them like ‘Ooh you made a mistake,'” he said. “We’re looking at how we can get them to the next phase, how can we still get them thinking about graduation?”

[Libtarded  teenage virgin thinking to herself:  Gee, my parents tell me that they’ll throw me out of the house if I have sex and get pregnant, but if it’s not a mistake, what’s so wrong about it?  Well, at least I know I can always count on my best-est buddy and personal confidant, Principal Morrow, to support me if I “choose” to get pregnant.  My parent’s are MEAN.  They suck!  I love Principal Morrow, he’s soooo coool!  He, like, really gets me, man…  I wonder what he’s doing tomorrow night…]

So there’s help in a teen parent program. And coming soon, right across from Robeson, developers are turning a one-time crack house into a day care for student use. “We have to provide some type of environment for them and some form of support for them,” Van Vincent, CEO of VLV Development, said.

[Libtarded teenager thinking to herself:  Yippeee!!!   Free day care for my crack baby!!!  This is cool!  Maybe I’ll have another!]

It’s all made an impression.

“Just cause you have a baby, that doesn’t mean your life is over,” one student said.

One thing they might not know about their principal: His mom had him when she was 15. That’s why accepting the problem — and working through it — is so important to him.

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16 Comments on “115 Teenagers Pregnant at High School in Chicago”

  1. Bob Says:

    “Why Did 1 Of 8 Girls Get Pregnant At Robeson High?”

    Because 1 out of 8 parents or guardians were negligent in teaching them the positive aspects of keeping one’s knees together.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    Why did 115 teen girls get pregnant?

    Because 115 teen boys talked them into unprotected sex…

    Because 115 families didnt get thier sons and daughters to do something more important like careers, college, planning thier future…

    Because 115 families in a community made the mistake of allowing MTV to train up thier kids when they shoulda gotten into Church or Synagogue…

    Its a pity we Americans cant get career schooling together for our kids and future kids so they can do sometihng better with thier lives than watching tv…

    • Wrong question. The question should be:

      Why are 115 teens at Robeson High School pregnant?

      That is 144 teen births (they aren’t counting the number of girls who had abortions, here) per 1000 teens.

      That is more than double the rate of teen births in Mississippi, the highest ranked state: 68 births for every 1,000 women ages 15-19.

      And, that is over 3 times the national average of 41.9 births per 1,000.

      Even if you factor in the average birth rates for black teens (64.6 per 1000) Robeson High School is still well over twice the average.

      Also, Illinois has a teen birth rate of 39.5 per 1000. Again, Robeson High School is over three times the State average!

      Has anyone investigated their Sexual Education curriculum? I suspect they are the model for the government’s new sex ed program:



  3. Leatherneck Says:

    This is another example of taking morality out of the school system. It will get worse.

  4. ciccio Says:

    Serious mistake in this report. They ARE NOT young ladies. And what a stupid question, why are they giving birth. A simple answer : food stamps, section 8, medicare, welfare.

  5. islams not for me Says:

    My questions arent stupid…

    The parents of all those girls should have been more proactive in keeping thier daughters outta trouble.

    • Your questions are ALL valid.

      But, I think many are looking outside the school for the answers, when they should also be looking at the school itself.

      Case in point: Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol.

      Despite the obvious parental guidance with an “abstinence only” doctrine, and despite parental involvement in planning with Bristol on her future and career, Bristol still had sex and got pregnant.

      Where did Sarah Palin and her husband go wrong? Well, I think someone better start looking at the Sex Ed classes as taught in Alaskan schools:

      Current data, from the CDC, shows Alaskan teen birth rates rose by 19% from the previous study—leading the pack of 26 other states with increased birth rates for teens.

      Bristol obviously didn’t learn from her parents that it was her “choice” to have a baby and that it didn’t matter what her parents’ views were—her parents are very much anti-abortion, NOT “pro-CHOICE.” Rebelling against your parents with a talking point like that comes from indoctrination in institutes of lower learning.


  6. pedro Says:

    What does any of this have to do with Obama or liberalism? You are a lunatic.

  7. Carol Stamos Says:

    Just once I think they should show how teenage moms can also be successful.

    Diane Garnick is one of the most successful women on wall street and she had her daughter when she was only 15.

    Can’t they focus on the positive ways teen moms can turn their lives around?

    She never says it was easy… but always points out success is possible.


    • PB-in-AL Says:

      @Carol – sure there are successful happy people who had children or were born out of wedlock, that’s the nature of the USA, you can succeed regardless of your origins. That doesn’t, however, take either the educational system, the parents, or the students, themselves, off the hook.

      I know a number of people who got pregnant in high school and have brought up the children in loving, supportive homes. That is not the issue.

      • tgusa Says:

        Maybe it is time to give dad a try at it. In the interest of experimentation of course. Then after another three decades we can see who is best qualified. The trouble is for decades men have been screwed by the courts, their rights ignored while women were given the kids out of favor not ability, every time. Guys like me are tired of unequal rights especially when the policies that rob them of their rights are failures. If you want to keep your job you had better do your job and in my opinion a majority of single mothers have failed in their number one job.

        A few exceptions to a rule is not enough.
        Healthy children for the most part need mom and dad for different things. Something single mothers seem to not understand.

        • tgusa Says:

          One nice thing about decades of discrimination in all areas is guys like me have NO GUILT and NO RESPONSIBILITY for what has taken place in our society. We built it up and you then banished us from it. You all own that America. Americans can consider themselves lucky that we are stiil joining the military after all that we have gone through otherwise you all would be in double deep @#$%. And that sez it all regarding our character. We brought you to the dance and you Tigered, Shount a done that.

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