White House Visitor List Now Available

Surprise, surprise! Ayers and Michael Moore are on the list!

White House Visitor Records Requests

White House Visitor Records Requests

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17 Comments on “White House Visitor List Now Available”

  1. az_conservative Says:

    The Podesta clan appear to be regular visitors, and Mr. Soros has been there several times. 2/25/09. 3/24/09, 3/25/09 and no date listed for the 4th visit. No surprise there. Porkulus was signed on Feb 17th, George visits Feb 25. How much did he make off Porkulus?

    After Porkulus, they started on the Omnibus bill that contains a ton of pork, then the Omnibus Public Land Mgmt Act, which included a bunch of National Heritage Areas and added 2 million acres to protected wilderness lands. This bill had something to do with the irrigation issues in CA, I think. Didn’t it place the delta smelt on the endangered list?

    Wonder if ol’ Georgie had any say in those projects?

    • az_conservative Says:

      Also, according to Hot Air, the William Ayers wasn’t THAT Bill Ayers. But the most frequent visitor to the WH was (and no Doubt, still is)SEIU chief Andy Stern.

      • I’m not buying it! The White House is the source of that information:

        The White House warned prominently of false hits among the names. Names like Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayres are on the list, but are not the same people who caused problems for Obama in the campaign. The “John Edwards” listed in the records is not the same as the disgraced former Democratic presidential candidate, a White House spokesman said.

        Do you really think we can trust them on this?

        How many Jeremiah Wright’s do you know?


        • az_conservative Says:

          More importantly, how many Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers do the Obamas know, that would be invited to visit the WH?

          I don’t believe it either but the sycophant media will cover for them. Some people will buy it.

          • jmb Says:

            i believe the middle initial didn’t match THE william ayers…see article at AmericanThinker.com today.

            Doesn’t France have a warrant out for Soros as a felon convicted of insider trading? How come we don’t extradite him?

          • az_conservative Says:

            These are Chicago thugs; I’m sure they can change an initial, or hide the visit outright.

  2. ciccio Says:

    Again, not in context. The first (there is likely to be another) list of bank failure for the week has been announced by the FDIC. Lat week the total failures were 106 for the year,not at all comparing well with the 47 in all of the 8 years of Bush’s presidency. This week only another 9 banks went bust, the total for the year is now 115. It is indeed a good month for Obambi when only 20 banks go bust. Not to worry though. The FDIC can call on the treasure for another half trillion dollars to help them bail out bust banks. We all know the economy is improving rapidly. Bank failures happen, 115 for the year mean an average of 11 a month.
    So do tell me this, you miserable little F****** C***,
    why is October twice the monthly average.

    • az_conservative Says:

      The FDIC is FLAT BROKE! Negative balance of the Deposit Insurance Fund as of Sept 30. They have asked member banks to pre-pay their 2010-2012 payments now.

      You want to be really ticked? Remember how the gov put SS funds in the general fund so they could spend it? The SS fund is composed of IOUs, basically? They’ve done the same thing with FDIC deposit insurance funds. They were not in a segregated account and they are gone. The FDIC insurance fund is stocked with IOUs courtesy of Congress spending the money on pet projects.

      There is some 4 trillion in deposits to insure and nothing to insure them with (except printing trillions of new dollars and sparking hyperinflation at some point). Kind of explains why the banks got bailed out and are kept on life support–if they crashed, millions of people would lose every dime and not get it back. Imagine the chaos if that happened…

      This is a sobering read on our fiscal trajectory as a nation. http://www.sprott.com/Docs/MarketsataGlance/MAAG_10_2009.pdf

  3. tgusa Says:

    A recent survey ahs determined that 100% of those Americans questioned expect Obama to show us the documents, ie birth certificate, school and travel records. 70% of those asked suspected foul play. Perception is reality and it doesn’t hurt when reality is the perception as we have here. The America that was in my heart is no more and I must accept that. The US guvmint has seceded from the constitutional compact but what we hear are discussions of what the states can constitutionally do regarding secession. The states did not leave the union the union has left them. Yes there are two Americas and that is just fine with me as I don’t want any part of theirs. Not in my name leftists.

    The election of Obama is the culmination of a massive fraud perpetrated on the American people and as we have come to expect they try to pass the blame on to someone else. Good and decent Americans have been set up. A national rape has been occurring all of it sanctioned by the @#$% sex caucus, you know, dc politicians, the media, hollywood, etc.

  4. Weaver Says:

    Lists are good. We should all have lists. Some lists give us all the information we need, someday. Ah well, I have a list of my own AZ left me for today, better get to it I guess.


  5. ciccio Says:

    Sorry to rain on your parade jmb, but if those FDIC statistics represented a true balance sheet, if would include income from those $52 billion of assets.Those $52 billion are just like the SSF assets, nothing but I.O.U.’s from the government. If any pension fund or insurance company ever came up with those sort of figure, they would be hauled before a judge for fraud.
    In comparison, Madoff was a rank amateur.

    • jmb Says:

      I’m a little confused since I think you and I are in wild agreement that the FDIC is not what it claims. The article is pretty damning of FDIC and gave me some generic info that I didn’t know. Including that it’s not really well funded and that there is no date when they would have to pay out claims. So I guess “the twelfth of never” would be a perfectly acceptable payment date. I had always believed that FDIC meant my deposits were insured. Truely, they are not. Also, the article is dated April 08.

  6. ciccio Says:

    You are wrong in saying the FDIC is not well funded. It is not funded at all, it has spent all its funds and rather that trying to cash in its useless I.O.U.’s it is now asking the people it insures i.e. the banks to pay their premiums upfront for the next two years so that they meet existing claims.

  7. AZ Nana Says:

    Time to bury the coffee can in the back yard!!!

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