Blacks still drawn to Islam despite FBI raids

The ideology of islam is extremely racist but its defenders and recruiters are masterful liars. Islam is sold to blacks as their “original faith.” It is seen by some muslim converts as anti white and payback for Christian oppression. History does not support any of this. Africans were sold by other blacks long before a Whiteman ever stepped in Africa. Arabs came next and continue too enslave others today, if anything the period of “white/Christian oppression was mercifully brief. Slavery remains a global problem and unlike the earlier days when people were forced into it against their will, some blacks are now selling themselves into bondage and calling their new master “allah”.

By now, Sekou Jackson is used to the questions: Why does he need to leave a work meeting to pray? Don’t black Muslims convert to Islam in jail? Why would you even want to be Muslim?
-A good question, if blacks looked at what mohammed had to say about their race the most would avoid islam. I blame the non muslims as much as anyone. Until the other religions speak out and show examples, they share the responsibility for each convert. Passive support is still support.

“It’s kind of a double whammy to be African-American and Muslim,” said Jackson, who studies the Navy at the National Academy of Science in Washington. “You’re going to be judged.”

Jackson’s struggle may have gotten harder when the FBI on Wednesday raided a Detroit-area warehouse used by a Muslim group. The FBI said the group’s leader preached hate against the government, trafficked in stolen goods and belonged to a radical group that wants to establish a Muslim state in America. The imam of the group’s mosque, a black American named Luqman Ameen Abdullah, was killed in a shootout with agents.
-And yet the press decided to run an article praising islam as damage control. Islam has killed, enslaved and oppressed more blacks than every other ideology combined. Islams attack on North Africa continues to make news today and all we hear from the black community in the US is crickets. They are too busy blaming whites for past abuses to defend their race today. Look backwards or too the future; your choice but do not bitch of you do not like the way the future turns out.

Although the FBI was careful to say those arrested in Detroit were not mainstream Muslims, it has accused other black Muslims of similar crimes, most recently in May, when four men were charged with plotting to blow up New York synagogues and shoot down a military plane.

Yet the Muslim faith continues to convert many average African-Americans, who say they are attracted by Islam’s emphasis on equality, discipline and family.
-It is about power, islam is seen as a blackman’s savior, he gets his way, every time and anything goes. Just like joining a gang; a sense of power and automatic respect are major draws for people too weak and lacking the moral courage to make their way in the world legitimately.

“The unique history African-Americans have faced, we’re primed for accepting Islam,” said Jackson, 31, who grew up in a secular home and converted to Islam when he was about 18.

“When someone comes to you with a message that everyone is equal, that the only difference is the deeds that they do, of course people who have been oppressed will embrace that message,” Jackson said. “It’s a message of fairness.”
-It is a lie. Islam oppresses, not saves. A simple look at islamic states, communities and enclaves all over the globe shows the truth. Many muslims are not able to admit it but the proof of islams failures are plentiful, success stories, now they are rare.

It was a message of black pride in the face of dehumanizing prejudice that launched Islam in America in the 1930s.
-If past history really was a contributing factor then why stop at 1930? Why not go back to the start of islam and see how old mohammed treated blacks and how his example was used to murder hundreds of millions of blacks as North Africa was beaten into submission. The same black leaders that blame whites and Christians for slavery forgive the Arab slave masters for their role.

Created by a mysterious man named Wallace Fard, the “Lost-Found Nation of Islam” strayed far from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, but its mixture of self-reliance, black supremacy and white demonization resonated with many blacks. Some 30 years later, Malcolm X began the African-American movement toward traditional Islam when he left the Nation of Islam, went on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia and proclaimed that all whites were not evil.
-Meaning the white democrats that hate their race are ok with them.

In 1975, the Nation split into two factions: a larger group that embraced orthodox Sunni practices, and another, led by Louis Farrakhan, that maintained the Nation’s separatist ideology.

Today, it is difficult to determine the number of Muslims in America. A 2007 Pew survey estimated 2.35 million, of whom 35 percent were African-American. Lawrence Mamiya, a Vassar College professor of religion and Africana studies and an expert on American Islam, said Muslim organizations count about 6 million members, a third of them black.

Most African-American Muslims are orthodox Sunnis who worship in about 300 mosques across the country, Mamiya said. The second-largest group follows Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, which has about 100 mosques in America, abroad and U.S. prisons, Mamiya said.
-The numbers could to be as low as 1.5 million. The numbers do not matter as much as the reality that islam has freed no one. Islam benefits only the senior leadership and grows fastest in prisons where it is an easy way to get allies and protection. Many American converts, revert back when personal safety in no longer an issue.

He said the third-largest group is the Ummah, founded by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, the black activist formerly known as H. Rap Brown. The group has about 40 or 50 mosques. The organization targeted in the raid near Detroit was part of the Ummah, the FBI said.

“The vast majority of African-American Muslims are using the religion to strengthen their spirituality,” said Mamiya, who has interviewed many black Muslim leaders and congregants. He said the number of black Muslims is growing, but not as fast as before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Few white Americans convert to Islam “because the tendency is to view Islam as foreign,” he said. “For African-Americans, it’s part of their African heritage. There’s a long tradition (in Africa). … It moves them away from the Christianity they saw as a slave religion, as the religion that legitimized their slavery.”
-This is a great place to point out that the vast majority of aid and charity in Africa comes from Christians. They do not look so bad to me.

Margari Hill was a California teenager seeking an antidote for nihilism and widespread disrespect of black women when she found Islam in 1993. A few years ago she began covering her hair with a hijab, or head scarf.

“I wanted to be thinking about humility and modesty,” said Hill, a 34-year-old teacher in Philadelphia. “I decided it would help me be a better Muslim and a better person.”
-She could be a great person but that doesn’t erase all the abuse, child molestation and crimes against children that ruin rampant in the American muslim community. Being a good muslims does not erase responsibility for not speaking out against the crimes of those exploiting your community, especially if you see them as fellow believers.

She also is attracted to Islam’s family values and the egalitarian message embodied by the prophet Muhammad’s “last sermon,” which according to Muslim scriptures says that no Arab, white or black person is superior or inferior to members of another race.

Hill’s husband, Marc Manley, said that many blacks who have struggled with crime, drugs or alcohol are drawn to Islam’s regimented lifestyle, which includes prayers five times a day.
-That is as laughable as the woman’s statement that mohammed was pro equality. Islam in parts of America is a criminal enterprise. It spares no one, muslim or non muslim. Anyone that thinks a Black muslim teenager is less likely to turn to drugs, or alcohol than a non muslim teen because they say prayers is an idiot.

“Especially in the urban context, it provides a vehicle for African-Americans to deal with those ills,” he said. “It provides a buffer or a barrier.”

At the Quba Institute in Philadelphia, a black Sunni mosque, the worshippers are a mix of blue-collar workers, young college graduates, professors, law enforcement officers, and “regular people who are just trying to worship God and live a decent life,” said the imam, Anwar Muhaimin.
-True regular people do want those things; muslims OTOH want to spread islam.

Muhaimin was born into a Muslim family after his parents embraced Islam in the 1950s. He grew up in Saudi Arabia, “but was very clear from a young age that I was and am an American citizen.”
-Legally correct but islam doesn’t recognize “citizenship” muslims are all part of the ummah and not limited to a geographic area.

“America is my country, I love the United States,” he said. “I don’t agree with everything our politicians do in our name, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a citizen of this country.”
-Cleaver comment but not good enough. Loving America does not limit the ability to attempt to radically change it or work against its core values.

I pains me that so many Americans feel the need to attempt to build bridges with the muslim community when no examples can be found of success stories. Why are authorities always hunting down and arresting muslims terror suspects and criminals? Where are the mythical moderate muslims and why are they not doing their part?

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18 Comments on “Blacks still drawn to Islam despite FBI raids”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    Its too bad that educated blacks dont report islams own racist & slavery hatred against those poor souls from Africa.

    Perhaps it would wake up the African American community to action.

    • Solkhar Says:

      Mind you the black Americans are a produce of White European slavery. Do we call it Christian? I don’t. Just like the Arab slavery of the east coast of Africa was just that – Arab-cultural.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    Why is it always cultural…

    Slavery was used by many peoples to do one thing fill a void for workers.

  3. tgusa Says:

    After Africans themselves the Spanish are responsible for the international trade in slavery. Whites in comparison were the little brother in the global slave trade. The two big brothers have been fairly successful in passing the blame on to Whites. A sign of the times.

    Neither Africa nor Spain did much to end the slave trade, or fascism or communism or anything else for that matter. I chalk it up to envy and the jealousy that follows.

    • Solkhar Says:

      Certainly history has shown that cultures and communities have taken “the losers” of conflicts or the “weaker peoples” into slavery.

      Most of the horrible story of slavery has been well documented. For example Arabs have until only very recently continued the process have been effective middle-men. They have also done so for a lengthy period. In a shorter-time and for a set-period, the factory-machine like processing of European slavers outstripped all others in numbers over that period. That is simple historical fact.

      Additionally, it is often forgetten that one group of Africans would capture and sell slaves from other groups and acted as middle-men themselves. That practice continues to this day in various forms including forced child-soldiers, indentured workers and so on.

      What is clear is that all groups have at some time been involved, the full-picture needs to made and the bigotry and agendas need to be taken out of the picture when stupid remarks are made off-the-cough.

      • tgusa Says:

        Dutch, you really have no room to talk your ancestors didn’t have a problem making a buck off of slavery. It isn’t an overstatement saying that the Netherlands was the king of the white slavers. Don’t attack us just because your sore about your own dirty history.

        • Solkhar Says:

          Not sure I understand you there andmy criticism was not marked against your own comment.

          As for my ancestors, they sure did make a huge profit and there are elements of the nederlander past that is truelly horrible. I remember as a child an uncle who married a lady from the Dutch Reformed Church – the same ones who centuries before moved to what is now South Africa with a reformed bible that basically said that Africans were the descendants of Cain and were made black as punishment. The Congo later on was controlled by Flemish followers with the same belief and the brutality of that place when it was the “Belgium Congo” still has not been fully exposed.

          No I always repeat, when history is exposed, all history must then be put on the table. No arguments from here.

          • tgusa Says:

            My sincere apologies then, the world was a different place back then it is impossible to go back a judge them by today’s standards as we see all the time these days. Our law states a jury of your peers for a reason. Even the Dutch were small potatoes in the international slave trade and I will bet that if it had only been whites we wouldn’t even be talking about international slavery. There just aren’t enough whites that would go traipsing off into the jungle in search of slaves, gold maybe, but not slaves.

            It is time for the world to know the truth and that truth is whites were the little brother in the slave trade. However, whites as they grew up didn’t follow big brother. The major contribution toward international slavery that whites were responsible for was ending it.

            Roots: The Big Lie. any westerner under 40 has had a lifetime of this. The big lie, a criminal undertaking designed to pass the blame onto whites.

          • Solkhar Says:

            I keep on getting back to the point, when history is told then all the cards need to be put on the table to ensure the right persective.

            What we do know is rather simple. Slavery has been there since the dawn of man. That some cultures have been at it for as long as that culture has been there, that one community was willing to enslave the one next door – to avoid being slaves.

            There are two realities though that cannot be ignored. Though the Europeans/Americans stopped the slave trade, they did so at the end of being the most business-like and mechanical at it and during their period the most per-capita slaves were rounded up then any other in history. But as you pointed out, perhaps that appex also singled out how barbaric and unacceptable it was. I see it as rather like how in the end Rome was sacked by a slave-army.

            The other point is, of course, that it still goes on but in different ways, such as child-soldiers and the worst of sweat-shops.

            Interesting topic here.

  4. […] are now selling themselves into bondage and calling their new master “allah”.  More here: Blacks still drawn to Islam despite FBI raids Share and Enjoy:google_ad_client = "pub-3877091396723485"; /* 468×60, created 6/30/09 */ […]

  5. Mab Says:

    Dr. Bulldog — you can probably imagine where this active recruitment of disenfranchised blacks into Islam is going…

    Black Muslims will have two cards they can play when they feel they have been unfairly criminally “profiled.” Barack Obama has been building up this protective force field around African Americans since Gates-gate (Beer-gate). He has stirred racial and religious unrest in this country from the moment he weaseled his way into the Oval Office!

  6. Ronin Says:

    Black italics, sigh, that sounds racist. I use italics of color.


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