Glenn Beck Recovering from Surgery

Glenn Beck had a ruptured appendix and was operated on yesterday.  We wish him good luck and Godspeed in recovering.

For those of you Libtards who were hoping he would drop dead, sorry to disappoint you; maybe you’ll have better luck next time, when you finally force him to get socialized health care…


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One Comment on “Glenn Beck Recovering from Surgery”

  1. az_conservative Says:

    Godspeed and a quick recovery to Glenn Beck.

    As for the heathcare bill, a poster on American Thinker pointed out something no one has really talked about. He said that if it passes, it may not be repealable, but could be modified. I know most legislatures spend a lot of time modifying bills, striking this language, inserting clarifications and changes, etc. So why couldn’t a GOP Congress strike the horrid provisions and insert workable solutions? Get rid of the mandate and taxes, insert tort reform, selling insurance across state lines, etc?

    Thoughts on the viability of this idea?

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