Israel Seizes Weapons Shipment From Iran to Hezbollah…With Love

Over 3,000 rockets of various types, some grenades, some ammo, etc., etc.   Of course, Obama and the Lame Stream Media are oddly silent…

H/T – Teach5

CLICK HERE for more info from Power Line Blog

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4 Comments on “Israel Seizes Weapons Shipment From Iran to Hezbollah…With Love”

  1. az_conservative Says:

    But, but, but the Iranians aren’t state sponsors of terror! How DARE those evil joows try to make people believe the Iranians would EVER export arms to terrorists or in any way support violence! They’re just pursuing nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, too.


    • Solkhar Says:

      LOL, as long as Iran has the combination of the National Revolutionary Guard and a hard-line puppet for an Ayatollah this will continue. In fact if it continues in this fashion there is a real chance for disaster. The leadership of the NRG may consider before the next election to use demonstrations and some trumped-up charge of outside interference (Britain, US and France) to make a national state of emergency and cut democracy altogether. In that case the country will become like Burma were the leadership will remain permanently because any capitulation will mean the death penalty for them – aka the generals in Burma have nothing to lose now.

      Thoug Iran is a ultra-conservative nation, it does still have a form a democracy in place that is supprisingly power-sharing when looked at. The Guardian Council which choses the Grand Ayatollah must approve laws passed by parliament, there are more moderates whom dispise the President and his puppet – the Grand Ayatollah and communications and the flow of media is quite good. Education levels and political activism was encouraged by the NRG in the early 80’s (I bet they regret that now) and so if there was none of this bullying by the NRG – the country could easily vote in moderates, the educated, pro-western detente and force the Concil to change its leadership at the top as well.

      Because, in the end, under whatever banner – God, Nationalism, Patriotism, Communist Ideals or anything else – it comes down to politics mixed with radical thuggery.

      Oh, the NRG are into terrorism and they are the state-sponsor – no sarc needed!

      • az_conservative Says:

        Naw, say it ain’t so! Islam is the Religion of Peace, didn’t you know? That’s what Dear Leader says, and he would never lie to us, would he? Oh, wait…maybe it’s another one of those “cultural” things.

  2. yonason Says:

    I say we give all those weapons back, and I’ll bet those of you who know me can guess how I would do it.

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