House Passes Health Care Deform Legislation

Needing 218 votes to pass, HR 3692 was just passed 220-215.


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20 Comments on “House Passes Health Care Deform Legislation”

  1. az_conservative Says:

    Time to turn all our love and attention on the Senate.

  2. Bob Says:

    If Obamanation signs this POS, it will be a good time to start a campaign of massive civil “disobedience”, ie. we refuse to cooperate with this unconstitutional, socialistic, excrescently bad piece of legislation.

    • az_conservative Says:

      State nullification may be our best hope. Individuals would be crushed by the beast, but entire states wouldn’t.

  3. AZ Nana Says:

    We might need to give our state legislature,s a lot of well meant love,attention and some ADVICE.Seems like the states should have some control over how things are done within their borders.

  4. Gramfan Says:

    Just saw this. I am so sorry about it 😦

    I have a feeling it’s just the beginning of something bad.

    So what happens next? What will the senate do or are they just a rubber stamp?

    • Since it passed by only the slimiest slimmest of margins, I think the Senate will kill it and then pass their version of the Health Care bill, sending that to Congress for a vote. Hopefully, we can delay process until after the 2010 elections, in which the Commiecrats will most certainly lose numerous seats. If we can’t delay it until then, our only hope is that a large enough chunk of Commiecrats value their congressional seats enough to take note that the 2010 Bay of Libs slaughter is looming large on the horizon; compelling them to temporarily back-peddle on their commitment to nationalize health care.


  5. yonason Says:

    What are you complaining about, don’t know know it’s “free”

  6. tgusa Says:

    We all have seen what happens when DC pols start making decisions we end up with jihadist officers in the military who were educated with millions of taxpayer dollars. It is sad to say but every single rat that we have here has abused the guvmint EOE program to wheedle their way in to positions of power, into every Aspect of our society. If they can find a way to gun down troops on base in broad daylight how hard do you think it will be to poison the unsuspecting or unconscious infidel on the operating table? It’s a relevant question because you know that Harry Nancy and Barack will do exactly the same thing in the medical field.

    They must gobble up everything we have, they must, it takes a lot of money to play both sides of the game, hiring jihadists and then having to ratchet up security to protect from those you hired. The guvmint is teetering on the edge through years of mismanagement excess and pension/salary promises that are unsustainable. DC is taking our money and purchasing the rope that our enemies will hang us with.

  7. Memaw Says:

    This made me sick..It shows how little the democrats care about “we the people”. I guess they don’t believe their seat is in jeopardy in upcoming elections…Now all we can do is contact our senators to vote no and pray the Senate will vote against it…

  8. Memaw Says:

    After watching Scrooge at the theatre this evening,(and to note, it was really good….go see it!) I must say the HOuse and the Senate needs a Ghost of the future experience about what is going to happen because of what they have done to the American people with the bills they insist upon passing….since they just don’t seem to get it!!!!

  9. Solkhar Says:

    Doc, what is your thoughts about how the Bill will fair and be dealt with in the Senate?

    • Solkhar Says:

      meaning, can you expand a bit on your comments above.

    • In the Senate, the Democrats control 60 out of 100 seats. Their margin for error is razor thin. I don’t think the Senate has enough votes to pass it, yet. That will cause the bill to “stall” while the proponents of the bill try to drum up support for a procedural vote. But, that is a long process and, even though the Democrats have inserted a “nuclear option” in the bill, it will probably take us into the 2010 elections. The Democrats’ current lock on the Senate appears to be in big trouble heading into the 2010 elections. I’m pretty sure the Democrats are going to lose a few seats in the Senate; that will be the death knell for the bill.

      So, the key to killing the bill is to stall it until after the 2010 election cycle.


  10. CavMom Says:

    Very soon we could go to bed a Capitalist Nation … and wake up a Marxist nation.

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