Skirmishes between pro and anti islam protesters

Scottish Defence League
Just your average everyday clash of civilizations in an uncivilized manner.

14 Nov, 09 Guide and Gazette
Skirmishes broke out as two rival demonstrations were held in Glasgow.
Members of the Scottish Defence League (SDL), which claims to oppose Islamic militancy, held a protest in the Cambridge Street area of Glasgow.
-I see no thing wrong with holding muslim and other immigrants to one standard. Allowing immigrants to use ideology as an excuse to commit crimes is insane. The SDL is gaining in popularity because of the high crime rate. The people will do what the government will not. If the situation doesn’t change soon, violence will be the next phase.

Elsewhere in the city, more than a thousand supporters of Scotland United – a group backed by politicians, trade unionists and faith groups – held a counter-demonstration to celebrate multi-culturalism and oppose the SDL demo.
-Members of both groups should be ashamed of themselves. Peaceful protests are fine, acting like children is not. As tensions between these groups grow can burning mosques be far behind? When and where this will come to a head is anyone’s guess but doing nothing, fixes nothing, solves nothing and makes the problems worse. Like the US the Scots need real leadership and politicians with enough balls to enforce the law.

Police made five arrests, with four men arrested for alleged breach of the peace and one man for alleged racial breach of the peace. Police said around 80 people took part in the protest by the SDL – an offshoot the English Defence League. The protesters, some with their faces partly covered with scarves, sang British songs and chanted “SDL” as they held their demo.

Shouts of “scum” were hurled in the direction of the SDL by some onlookers, while the group responded by clapping and waving at those who objected to their presence. Strathclyde Police said it was a successful operation for them.

Assistant Chief Constable Fiona Taylor said: “Having two high-profile demonstrations taking place in the city at the same time was always going to be a challenge. I am pleased to say that we met that challenge and that the day passed off with only minor incidents reported.”

Saturday’s demonstrations came days after Christopher Miller, 25, was jailed for life for the racist murder of Indian naval officer Kunal Mohanty in Glasgow, and the British National Party came fourth in the Glasgow North East by-election.

Representatives from across the political spectrum, including Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie, were in attendance at the Scotland United rally. Organisers said around 3,500 people took part, though police put the figure at 1,500.

Human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar, an organiser of the Scotland United event, said it was the “biggest show of opposition anywhere in the UK”.

Ms Sturgeon, who is also a Glasgow MSP, condemned groups that perpetuate hatred and bigotry. She said: “The Scottish Government’s vision is of a Scotland that embraces diversity and fosters a sense of common purpose and goals. As the far-right Scottish Defence League hold an anti-Islamic demonstration in Glasgow, it is important for the whole nation to send a clear message condemning all forms of bigotry and discrimination.”
-If islamic groups came forward and identified the radicals in their communities and turned in the criminals, gang members and abusers it would do more for community relations than all of the counter protestors ever could. Inaction is seen as passive support and passive support is still support.

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2 Comments on “Skirmishes between pro and anti islam protesters”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    I agree that the use of violence and racism doesnt help.

    And I also agree that upholding a high standard for immigrants & muslims is the start of a better policy.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    Before I goto bed I wanted to see if the hype was true and if the SDL is a ‘racist’ group…

    According to thier facebook page…

    “Description:WE ARE NOT RASCISTS !!!!!”

    “In solidarity with the English and Welsh Defence League to oppose the threat to our country by Islamic Extremists”

    “This is a very real and happening threat to our whole country, we need to unite against the extremists. We are not racists or the B.N.P. This is a peaceful non violent group.”

    “Forget football differences this is far more important.”

    Forget football differneces? 🙂 HA Comedy gold…

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