Muslim Women’s Shelter Provides Refuge, Support

Providing shelter for battered women in most sharia-governed countries would never be tolerated. As the above picture shows abuse victims are everywhere and more shelters are needed. So far this effort in the USA is small, not sanctioned by any outside group and we have no way of knowing how many more shelters that cater to muslim women are needed. Although the article does fall into the old moral comparison trap and these women claim they just want safety from abuse and not from their cult, this is still a good beginning. Safety is important; leaving the cult can come later.

By Jamie Tarabay, 1 Dec, 09, WBUR
As families come together over the holidays, the victims of domestic abuse are often sequestered in shelters — a situation that’s especially difficult for Muslim women, because few facilities meet their cultural and religious needs.
-Muslims are only about 1.5% of the US population; building shelters only for muslim women would be a waste of resources at this point. A better idea would involve help from islamic community leaders that could provide guidance telephonically if a muslim female makes her way into any nearby shelter. It is very doubtfully anything like that would ever become available. The warped sense of muslim honor would rather give the appearance that no problem exists than make an attempt to solve it.

At one home for Muslim women in Baltimore, women from different backgrounds recently gathered in the kitchen to prepare dinner together. Oil splattered on the stove, and Asma Hanif, the woman who runs the center, joked that the night’s dinner would be the end of her.

“In Iraq they don’t have high cholesterol?” she asks a Kurdish woman standing beside her. “This is going to kill us.”

The Kurdish woman — whose name is being withheld to protect her safety — laughed. “No, no, it’s OK,” she said. Wearing makeup and fitted jeans, the woman said the center is now her home and she would “never” go back.
-Good for you, live, be free, be happy.

“Right now, I’m really happy. Really happy,” she told the group.

The woman said her marriage was so bad — the beatings from her husband were so severe — that she had no choice but to get out, even if it meant leaving her three children behind.
She left without knowing where to go. She slept in her car for a month. Eventually she bought a plane ticket and somehow, ended up at the shelter, Muslima Anisah.
-Had she pressed charges against her husband her community would have treated her as an outcast. Escaping was a wise move.

“It’s very good,” she said, referring to the shelter. “It’s helping me … because it’s food, it’s house, it’s everything.”

In this cozy kitchen, she joked with the other women about how differently meatballs are cooked around the world. Another Muslim woman, from Chad, fried potatoes as her version of meatballs cooked on the stove. It was a cheery scene that quickly unraveled. Suddenly, the Kurdish woman broke down.

Hanif adjusted her lavender headscarf and took a deep breath. She hugged the Kurdish woman and they both cried.

“It’s OK, you never have to go,” Hanif said to her. “I’m here, we’re here together. It’s OK.”

The women here said the tears flow almost every day. Hanif said she knows first hand what it’s like to be on the street after leaving a home filled with abuse.

“I’ve been where they’ve been, and I understand,” Hanif said. “One of the main things I’d like people to know, those of us who are here, we’re not bums.”

A Refuge Sensitive To Muslim Beliefs

The women are here for many reasons. It’s a sanctuary and an escape. It’s also a place where they can live and pray without having their faith questioned.

“My biggest problem was that if you send a Muslim woman to be counseled in a shelter that’s run by Christians, then what the people say is the reason why you’re being beat is because of that religion. We do not want Islam to be the focal point of domestic violence,” Hanif said.
-Well your 1400 years late for that one but why quibble?

Indeed, domestic violence knows no religion, but not all shelters are sensitive to Muslims, Hanif said.
-If real women’s liberation ever gains a foothold in the umaah islam is doomed.

“There may be situations — such as, there would be men that were there, or there wasn’t any place for them to pray, or maybe there was an issue with the food,” Hanif explained.

At Muslima Anisah, people take their shoes off at the door. There’s no pork in the kitchen. A section at the front of the house is reserved for prayers.

“This is the prayer area; we pray five times a day,” Hanif said, showing off the area.

Hanif is a nurse by trade, not a social worker. Running a battered women’s shelter wasn’t part of her plan. But over the years, she treated dozens of abused Muslim women at a health clinic.
-Hopefully other muslim women will find out about her efforts and slip her enough funds to continue her work.

One memory stayed with her: a woman who came in with a broken jaw.

“One of the Muslim women, her jaw was wired, and I remember her saying that now she could lose some weight because she had to suck her food through a straw,” Hanif recalled. “We didn’t inquire about it. We laughed with her. I remember we didn’t do anything about it.”
-She had reason to fear; so far the west’s ignorance of islamic culture has failed to save victims of abuse. If she lived in Ohio a judge might have returned her to her owner-er husband.

But not long after that, she decided to intervene.

‘Society Doesn’t Want Them’

Now, it has been 12 years since Hanif set up this home in a residential neighborhood in Baltimore. She lives there even though she has three grown children.

Hanif is African-American, but most of the women she takes care of are immigrants.

“They have nowhere to go. Society doesn’t want them. Their family doesn’t want them, and the man who beat them doesn’t want them,” Hanif said.

Hanif said American women can turn to their community for help; they know the legal system better, and they know their rights. Most of the immigrants, including the Kurdish woman, speak little English and have even fewer resources.

The Kurdish woman pointed to pictures of her children taped to the wall beside her bed. “Two sons, one daughter,” she said.

She said she phones her children all the time, and she vows she will see them again. But after eight months at the shelter, she is adamant that she won’t go back to her husband — the man her parents told her to marry when she was 15 years old.
-Cue the muslim apologist with the claim all of this is cultural and not islamic. That lie fails miserably when you point out that the pedophile mohammeds child bride er victim was six.

Helping the women and hearing their terrible stories has taken a toll on Hanif.

“I hear their voices in my head, crying. It wears on my soul. I used to be a happy-go-lucky person, but now I carry a lot of sorrow,” she said.

Hanif said she’s not trained to operate a shelter, but she does it anyway. She does it for all the women she’s been able to help — and those she couldn’t.
-The loudest voices against abuse in muslim families are not muslims. Hanif saw an opportunity to help and she did, I wish her much success and sincerely hope others join her cause.

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17 Comments on “Muslim Women’s Shelter Provides Refuge, Support”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    In the past there have been few resources for the muslima.

    The only way things will change is that the abused muslima take care of thier sisters.

  2. tgusa Says:

    My only remark on this is the people involved at these shelters better understand what they are dealing with. Good Samaritans may and probably will get killed eventually. When we are dealing with this muslim problem I always tell everyone I know to keep it on the down low. We cannot give any details as to what we are doing. That is why I have so much trouble with the moles from these muslim orgs attaching themselves to DC orgs like the FBI. They are there to find out who might be cooperating in their community, they are spies and they will attach themselves to shelters and such too.

    The people who can do us the most help are ones who get no attention. Those who have turned away from islam. Of course they don’t want attention for the reason I listed above.

    I do believe good old Christian charity will be the end of them in America as people see that the response to charity and good are murder and mayhem.

  3. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    If an infidel had tugged her veil-thing, CAIR would scream about “hate crime” and the FBI would be hot on the trail. Merely being pulped by a “husband” – no “hate”, no “crime”, just another day in allah’s earthly paradise … move on, but don’t be “islamophobic”, or the UN will come for you.

  4. Annmarie Says:

    Poor, poor, woman, nobody needs, these problems.. I am getting more and more fed up with those damn Muslim men.. Also why doen’t society wake-up and smell the coffee, see the truth.. When you talk about Muslim’s their religion etc, people think you are been nasty, and rude..

  5. Brittney Ellis Says:

    Im glad you ppl have a place to put them….it’s sad to see them all beated up for something they wore or did they need to be more places like this…..

  6. ابوزيد Says:

    حرام الله يستر عليكي اختي الغاليه لا اله الا الله وا الله اكبر على كل ضالم

  7. islams not for me Says:

    The above comment translates to:

    “Haraam God Lester Aliki sister dear no God but God, a God each dalm”

    Hmmm allah haraam?

    Well they are finally getting it! allah isnt a god but a satanic spirit

  8. islams not for me Says:

    My shada…

    الله ليس يا إلهي. ولم يكن محمد نبي. والله شيتان أكبر

  9. afsana kussor Says:

    i have got arranged mariage, i do not love him i bulit up the courage to tell my family, well they didnt want to know.They beat me up and said that i have to stay with him. im so depressed and need some one to help me get away. i feel as though my life is over. its good to know that there are people are out there who could help.

  10. islams not for me Says:

    afsana is yet another example of how the cultural part of the islamic system is abused and mistreated by the misogynist muzlim men.

    Its high time for them to force thier muzlim abusers to accept new laws to protect the muslima and thier kids!

  11. jumana Says:

    this is actions of men not islam ! plz lets not mix things up

    • The Qur’an says words to the effect that Muhammad is the perfect, shining example for all Muslims to follow.

      Muhammad hit Aisha. (Muslim Book 004, Number 2127)

      Furthermore, Muhammad gives the green light to wife-beaters. (Abu-Dawud Book 11, Number 2141 and 2142)

      I don’t think anyone is mixing things up but those who fatuously attempt to follow and emulate a wife-beating prophet.


  12. physical and sexual abuse can happen to ANYONE jumana.

    And yet under islams ‘laws’ a muslima is ‘protected’ by her husband as long as she does what he wants in the bedroom and in life.

    Even moslems recognize that thier culture has many flaws and that muslimas are being abused in the name of muhammad and allah.

    Time to get out of islam jumana before it kills you.

  13. tgusa Says:

    This is a blog post hi-lighting the plight of muslimas in islamic societies jumana, lets not mix things up.

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