Google Hides Climategate!

Go ahead.  Go to and slowly type in the word “Climategate.”  If you have your auto-suggest turned on, you’ll notice that Google NEVER automatically gives you a suggested hint for Climategate—despite having over 16 million results come up!  Here’s a screen grab to show you what I mean:

Yup, Google is run by a bunch of tree-humpers.

UPDATE:  Just on the off chance that Google was using metrics to decide what to put up as a suggestion, I went to their metrics tool at

Since Google suggests “climate guatemala,” I typed that suggestion into their metrics and this is the result:

Hmmm…  Not enough search volume to show a graph, but evidently enough to display as an alternate suggestion for Climategate…

How does the word “Climategate” stack up in the metrics?  Well, here it is:

Obviously, Climategate has enough people searching for it that it merits its own graph.  But, try to tell that to the tree-humpers at Google who want to “suggest” you are looking for something that doesn’t even rate a graph on their metrics …  In other words;  Unlike Google, no one really cares about the climate in Guatemala—they care about Climategate .

UPDATE 3: Just on the off-chance that Google hasn’t updated its suggestion database, I decided to type in a search term for a more recent news item:  “Tiger Woods”  Here is what Google suggested:

Notice that Google thinks it is so important for me to know about Tiger Woods’ affairs that they list it as the number one suggestion when typing in just his name…  So, since Google suggested it, I went over to their trends page and plugged their suggestion into the metrics search.  Here is what I got:

Hmmm…  Again, Google “suggests” something that doesn’t even rate a graph on their metrics.  But, the key point here is that Google HAS updated their suggestion database since Climategate began.  However, the evidence is mounting that they purposely chose to remove Climategate as a suggestion…

Need I remind Google of their own slogan?  “Don’t Be Evil.”

UPDATE 4:  Watts Up With That has just picked up on this.  CLICK HERE to read his post.

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4 Comments on “Google Hides Climategate!”

  1. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    Interesting – using the .au version, it also didn’t autocomplete:

    Results 1 – 10 of about 18,500,000 for climategate

    Results 1 – 10 of about 1,550,000 for climategate google

    They would know they’ve been tumbled.

  2. tgusa Says:

    Google is on board with internet censorship too. Except when it comes to them of course. Google is another California company run by foreigners who really shouldn’t be here anyway they don’t understand America and they probably made a mistake coming here anyway. They asked to go to North Korea and someone thought they said North America.

    I have noticed a pattern over the years and my question is how many illegals have these guys hired as their gardeners maids and cooks? Cause they fit the profile, of the illegal alien employers. And you all thought Americans were hiring these people. Not hardly. Used to be people like they have at Google were not found here, used to be. Used to be a leader in personal freedom, used to be. Used to be we had Hughes Aircraft and Mc Donnell Douglas now we have Googles. I banned Google from my search list long ago, I only wish I could personally run them out of the country.

  3. tgusa Says:

    So how many Boosh rants come up when you type in climategate? That’s the main reason I stopped searching with them I don’t have time for infantile games. Personally I prefer climateburg or berg. Watergate was nothing compared to this.

    Back in the day if we were to submit a report that we researched on google we would have recieved a big fat F.

  4. jmb Says:

    is Al Gore on the board of Google?

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