CO2 Protestors Get a Fresh Breath of CS Gas

Just so you understand the headline, CS Gas is the common name for 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (C10H5ClN2), better known as “teargas.”

Copenhagen: clashes inside and outside climate summit
Philippe Naughton and Tom Whipple in Copenhagen

China, India and their allies in the Third World were in open revolt at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen today as police fired tear gas and made at least 200 arrests to head off a march on the conference venue by environmental activists.

[…] thousands of protesters made a concerted attempt to breach security at the Bella Centre, the sprawling conference venue in the outskirts of the city.

But they were stopped at police barricades and scuffles soon broke out as police corralled the protesters. A police spokeswoman said that at least 200 demonstrators had been arrested by noon.

A Times reporter who was trapped with a group of around 2,000 protesters in a police tactic known as “kettling” said that officers were charging demonstrators and using pepper spray to break them up. Danish police have arrested hundreds of people over the past week and have been accused of being unnecessarily heavy-handed.

Patrick Gillett, 25, from London, was arrested this morning at 10am. Speaking to The Times from the Copenhagan temporary detention centre, he said: “I was pre-emptively arrested as I cycled to the UN centre. They arrested everyone in sight. Some other people in our group were chased by police dogs and bitten. One was bitten so severly that she was taken to hospital, she was only 18.”

Mr Gillett has been in the cell since 10 am. “They won’t give us any water except half a cup from a straw through bars. In defiance some people are so angry that people are trying to break the cells so that they can’t be used. But in response the riot police have entered the cells and sprayed us with pepper spray.”

There were touches of humour. A group of about a dozen Danes wearing white ties and sipping champagne held an ironic counter-protest, calling on the police to arrest the climate activists. The called themselves Lobbyists for a Profitable Climate Solution.

Several hours into the demonstration, a group of five UK activists deployed eight inflatable mattresses to create a pontoon bridge across a canal which runs about 400m from the Bella Centre. They sat on the mattresses, throwing sausages at the police dogs on the bank opposite.

One of them said: “Obviously it’s a purely symbolic act. A piece of theatre.”


Well, that pretty much sums up the whole global warming fraud:  A piece of theater.

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