Florida Churches Scammed by muslims about Islam

If your church is approached and asked to allow islam a captive audience by all means allow it. With one condition, the purpose of this islamic BS campaign is to play the old moral comparison game. First, play Fitna to the congregation and then give the muslim BS artist the same amount of time to counter the video. Afterall the people deserve to hear both sides and decide for themselves what to believe. If the minions will not agree to these terms, let them spin their BS at another church.

Brian Hughes, 13 Jan 10, Florida Freedom Newspapers
An upcoming series of religious studies might raise a few eyebrows, but ultimately, its instructor hopes, will help locals better understand a religion often associated with extremism and terrorism, and realize that it shares many common tenets with Christianity.
-There are no common tenets, Christians see Jesus as God in the flesh, muslims do not. Allowing a muslim to spin the old moral equivalency argument in any church is blasphemy.

The Rev. Mark Broadhead, pastor of the Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church and the First Presbyterian Church of Crestview, will offer a study of the book “Christianity and Islam: So Much In Common, So Far Apart,” written by Ronn Kerr, beginning this morning and continuing most Wednesdays over the next several months.
-Someone should remind the good reverend that if he would not have allowed the scientologists to share his pulpit he should not allow muslims to do so.

“I know there is a lot of confusion, misunderstanding and concern about continuing conflict between Christians and Muslims and I wanted to help inform people so we at least have an understanding of each other,” Broadhead said. “People tend to fear what they don’t understand. This is just a way of helping people understand so there is less fear.”
-If Broadhead understands as little about Christianity as he does about islam his membership needs to find a new place to worship.

“This study has been designed to look at both the ways in which Christianity and Islam are similar and the ways in which they are different,” described Kerr of his study. “We have much in common, more in fact than any two of the world’s major religions. Yet, there are distinct differences which need to be understood but which do not have to keep us or our governments in conflict.”
-Differences huh, ok, here are a few: muslims dress children as suicide bombers and march them down the street, Christians do not. Muslims allow marriages to children as young as nine, Christians do not. Christians see Jesus as the living God, muslims do not. Christianity has a golden rule, islam does not. I could do this all day but in reality actions speak louder than words, judge both ideologies on the actions of professed believers.

Broadhead realizes some people in our region have family members, relatives or friends serving in the military in the Middle East who may come into conflict with Islamic radicals. He hopes the study will help both members of the military and their friends and family realize that most of the Muslims our service personnel encounter are not radicals.

“Every tradition has its radicals that will use their religion and faith to support any misguided notion they want to have supported,” Broadhead said. “Christianity has had its radicals, Islam has its radicals. A better understanding will help us realize that when people go outside the intended bounds of their faith, it gives everyone in that faith a bad name.”
-Radical muslims do not go outside of their intended bounds. They actually follow the pedophile mohammeds advice to the letter. To date not a single worshiper of Christ has ever blown himself up after following the tenants of Christianity to the letter.

The study begins this morning at 10 a.m. at the Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church. The same class will be repeated at 6 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church of Crestview. The studies will continue most Wednesdays over the next several months. For more information, call 682-2835.

“Yes, we and Muslims have different beliefs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t respect one another,” Rev. Broadhead said.
-He should have said that Christians can respect muslims but not one of the islamic countries respects Christians as equals. The Reverend is very ignorant about islam.

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18 Comments on “Florida Churches Scammed by muslims about Islam”

  1. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    (paraphrasing) Come out of her my people, that you not be partakers in her sins and receive of her plagues

  2. islams not for me Says:

    Obviously the ‘Rev’ Broadhead is more of a bonehead.

    His congregations should look at Christians have researched about islam.

    Some websites from a Christian perspective:




  3. Our religious leaders are just as clueless about Islam as our politicians. I thought religious leaders are supposed to understand evil and be knowledgeable. Who has this guy been reading, Karen Armstrong and John Esposito?

  4. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    Muslims ramp up their defence of their false prophet, with legal consequences for those defaming the fake who denies the sonship & deity of Jesus Christ, along with His crucifixion …


    In defense of Last Prophet
    Badea Abu Al-Naja | Arab News

    MAKKAH: A number of Islamic organizations took part in a forum organized by the Muslim World League (MWL) recently to coordinate efforts in support of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon) against smear campaigns.

    The forum called for the establishment of media centers in Western countries to monitor smear campaigns against the Prophet and properly answer them. The forum also called for surveys on public opinion about the Prophet.

    He also called for the setting up of legal offices to take action against those who attack the Prophet. “These offices can also mobilize support to counter moves to spread hatred against Islam and Muslims with the support of friendly countries, making use of good economic and political relations with those countries,” Al-Batahi said.

    The false prophet of islam has deceived 1.x billion muslims recently, along with those already dead. Enough is enough of islam trafficking in human souls.

  5. ChrisLA Says:

    The book by Ronn Kerr appears to be a self-published “spiral bound” document and it is available for $5 on Amazon. There are numerous publications used to inform Christians about Islam. Some are good, and some are filled with lies. All Christians should get themselves informed about Islam, and they should also read the Quran. It won’t take long for Christians, familiar with the Gospels and the writings of Paul, to see the depravity of the Islamic sacred text.

    • John Dunlap Says:

      In writing the book “Kingdom of the Cults” Walter Martin said that if Christians knew the Bible the wouldn’t have to study other ‘religions’ . Pray to God that Christians will educate themselves.

      • Big Frank Says:


      • siberiansurfer/aka/tgusa Says:

        If muslims knew the Bible we might not have as big a problem as we do now after 1400 years of islam. That is the main reason the Bible is banned in Islamic countries. The leading Islamic scholars will tell you the Bible is banned for this reason or that but those of us who know islam we know that the only reason the Bible would be there in the first place is that alla willed it.

        Used to be we could sit on a sunny hilltop and read the Bible. We could read all the way through Revelation and then bring your hand to your forehead and scan the horizon and think to yourself, whos out there to do that? Naw, couldn’t happen here, not right now. Those were the innocent years before the modern enlightenment.

        Matthew 4:8
        8 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

        Most of Islamic behavior we see today has been warned about in the distant past. Booty for bowing, so it shall be written so it shall be done.

        • John Dunlap Says:

          …& yet thousands of Muslims are learning the truth about Jesus daily and are coming into the church . . .Jesus said,”if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me” This has nothing to do with the will of allah, the moon god

          • siberiansurfer/aka/tgusa Says:

            “This has nothing to do with the will of allah, the moon god.”

            I know that but try to tell them that.
            I was being highly sarcastic.

          • John Dunlap Says:

            Highly sarcastic…..nice…. I admit to having to re-read that…sorry I missed that first time…have you ever read “http://slechurch.org/wp-content/uploads/C&IStudentBook8.5×11.pdf”. Free ebook….let me know what you think…just go to last chapter, very short

          • siberiansurfer/aka/tgusa Says:

            No I haven’t, I would like to but I’m having trouble getting a link to the pdf.

          • John Dunlap Says:

            I got it on my iPad pretty easy.

          • siberiansurfer/aka/tgusa Says:

            Strange. Its giving me a 404 error on both firefox25 and ie10.

          • John Dunlap Says:

            Do you use Chrome ?

          • siberiansurfer/aka/tgusa Says:

            No, I try to steer clear of google.

  6. irishoaks Says:

    The folks with the US Treasury spend their time studying the real bills. Then when a counterfeit comes along, it is easy to recognize.
    Same with the Holy Bible. If we spend our time studying the Word, it will take no problem or time to recognize any false saying.

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