Muslims Riot, Kenyan Police Shoot them

Both Kenyan law enforcement and their military are well represented by muslims. They understand the damage that a single loud-mouthed radical islamic cleric can cause. They also understand that the liberal application of force can beat them back into their little doghouses. You do not pet a rabid dog you shoot it.

By Otto Bakano, 15 Jan, 10, (AFP)
NAIROBI – At least five people were killed Friday when Kenyan police fired live rounds and teargas to suppress a protest by Muslims demanding the release of a radical Jamaican cleric, police said.
-The riots had already caused extensive damage and the minions were armed.

“Five people have died, some of them have been shot and there are those with other injuries but we cannot really tell who shot them because some of the protesters were armed and were shooting at our officers,” said a senior police officer who asked not to be named.

“Four of our police officers have been wounded and admitted to hospital,” he added.

Anti-riot police battled scores of stone-throwing protesters, shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) and waving banners that read “Release Al Faisal, he is innocent.”
-Yeah, right and mohammed was not a pedophile.

Abdullah al-Faisal, who is on a global terror watchlist and served four years in a British jail for inciting racial hatred, has been in Kenyan custody since last week after the authorities tried and failed to deport him.
-A smarter move would have been to fly him out over the ocean and release him. If allah wanted him to live, a boat would eventually pick him up. Deporting him does not lessen his power over his minions.

Police charged at the rioters, surrounded the Jamiah mosque in central Nairobi and used water cannon to repel them as an ambulance picked up injured people, including some reporters.

An AFP photographer saw one demonstrator firing back at police from inside the mosque compound in battles that began after Friday prayers and lasted several hours.
-Muslims routinely use mosques as firing positions; that is quite common. What is uncommon, even unheard of, is a pissed off Christian doing it. In all the years I have blogged I could not find a single instance of a professed Christian shooter firing from a Church. All attempts at moral equivalency stop when you compare the actions of muslims and Christians and not words. Muslims are disgustingly similar no matter where the cult is found or what race of muslims commit the act.

“War against Muslims is intolerable,” read one placard, while a protester waved a black flag with an Arabic inscription and another brandished Osama bin Laden’s portrait.

Crowds of by-standers also joined the chaos, throwing rocks and calling the Muslims, many of them of Somali descent, foreigners and chanting “Kenya yetu,” Swahili for “Kenya is ours,” or “Ua,” Swahili for “kill” as the police charged.
-Kenya, like every country that attempts to help muslims by offering them a hand, has seen that same hand bitten. Ethnic Somalis own much of Kenya and have changed it from a modern state to a filth invested hell hole.

The riot highlighted longstanding grievances by Kenya’s minority Muslims of being unfairly targeted by security forces and perceived neglect by previous regimes in appointment to government posts.

Since the setting up of the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit in 2003, Muslim rights groups have complained of repeated police harassment, arbitrary arrests and rendition of Muslims suspected of terrorism.
-The old victim card.  Reality is, the muslim communities do not turn in radicals, nor the recruiters, or other minions working to supply the world with a fresh batch of brainwashed kids headed off to join any jihad they can get a ticket too. The support structure for terror is as big a part of islamic communities as are the roads and sidewalks. Muslims that do nothing are giving passive support to terrorists and passive support is still support.

Faisal’s lawyers and rights groups have complained that the cleric is being held without charge.

The December 31 arrest of Faisal, who police and immigration officials said violated immigration regulations by preaching, heralded the latest in a string of protests by the Muslims.

Faisal, 45, was arrested in Britain in 2003 after spending years urging his audiences to kill Jews, Hindus and Westerners.

Kenya’s attempts to deport the cleric, first to Tanzania and then to Gambia have failed due to the refusal by authorities and airlines to grant him entry.

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3 Comments on “Muslims Riot, Kenyan Police Shoot them”

  1. ChrisLA Says:

    How can it be that this Muslim cleric is “innocent,” when no civilized country wants him and no airline wants to provide him transportation? Muslims should pay heed to an inscription found on a marker inside their holy Ka’ba: “He that soweth good shall reap joy; he that soweth evil shall reap sorrow; can you do evil and be rewarded with good? Nay, as grapes cannot be gathered from thorns.” (Source: Ibn Ishaq’s “The Life of Muhammad,” page 86)

  2. blanco Says:

    Oh gee, 5 muslim rioters shot and killed? Ummm, all I can think to say is this: 5 down, 50 billion to go.

  3. senor doeboy Says:

    Since this Mosque is the center of trouble it should be torn down and any protestors to this action should be impaled on its old location.

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