Geert Wilders Goes to Court

And so, the witch hunt begins:

Filmmaker Geert Wilders faces hatred charges
January 20, 2010

(CNN) — Controversial Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders appeared in court Wednesday on charges of inciting discrimination and hatred that relate in part to his much-criticized film about Islam.

Wednesday’s session at the Court of Amsterdam was a pre-trial hearing and a full trial was due to begin later this year. A court spokesman said the hearing was expected to last one day but could stretch into Thursday.

Wilders, who heads the Dutch Party for Freedom, said he has done nothing wrong. “I will fight,” he promised in a statement Tuesday on the party’s Web site.


In addition to inciting discrimination and hatred, Wilders is also charged with offending a group of people, which relates to his comparison of Islam to Nazism.

[Islam:  The most thin-skinned “religion” in the world…]

“According to Wilders, the truth about Islam must be made known, even if it is painful and unpleasant for certain people,” his statement on his party’s site said.


If found guilty, Wilders faces up to two years in prison and a fine of up to €19,000 ($26,900) for each charge.

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7 Comments on “Geert Wilders Goes to Court”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Now I get it. For pointing out that islam incites discrimination and hatred he is being tried for inciting discrimination and hatred.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    So the Dutch are going to promote censorship against those who recognize that islam as a system is a danger to Western ways.

    ‘Solkhar’ must be thrilled…

  3. blanco Says:

    He should sue the courts for aiding and abetting these criminal thugs and murderers. I know that is ridiculas but so is this trial.

  4. Leatherneck Says:

    Put Beawolf in charge!

    Geert is my hero.

  5. irishoaks Says:

    the inmates are running that asylum

  6. tgusa Says:

    I have a question for the court. If Geert pointing out that islam incites discrimination and hatred incites discrimination and hatred what is Geert guilty of…unlawful noticing?

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