Saudi Arabia: 12-Yr-Old Bride Mysteriously Drops Petition for Divorce to 80-Something Pedophile Cousin

Under threat of violence, perhaps?

12-year-old bride drops petition for divorce
Walaa Hawari | Arab News

RIYADH: A 12-year-old girl who was married off to an 80-year-old man in Buraidah has dropped her request for a divorce just one day before a court hearing to annul the marriage.

[BTW – If I recall correctly, she was married to her 80-year old cousin when she was only 10.  Obviously, the Arab News doesn’t want to reveal that little tid-bit.]

A source at the Human Rights Commission (HRC) said the girl, her mother and legal representative came to court and withdrew the request.

The girl failed to appear in court on Monday when the hearing was originally supposed to be heard. Her legal representative did not provide a valid reason for her absence.

The HRC, which had formed a committee to investigate the marriage, was stunned that the girl had dropped her request. “No one really knows the real reason behind the change of heart,” said the source, adding that although the HRC cannot interfere in people’s personal lives, it would continue lobbying for a minimum marriage age.

The case has attracted a lot of interest. The girl’s father married her off to his 80-year-old cousin in exchange of SR85,000 in dowry money. However, the girl’s mother, who is separated from her father, accused the man of raping her daughter.

The girl had also told a local journalist over the phone that she “doesn’t want him, save me.” When the mother’s lawyer failed to get the marriage annulled, she brought the case to the attention of the Kingdom’s media.

Saudi Arabia has signed and ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which defines a child as any person under the age of 18. Article 16.2 of The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which Saudi Arabia is a signatory of, states that “the marriage of a child shall have no legal effect, and all necessary action, including legislation, shall be taken to specify a minimum age for marriage and to make the registration of marriages in an official registry compulsory.”

The Kingdom, which ratified the convention in September 2000, did so with the stated reservation that “in case of contradiction between any term of the Convention and the norms of Islamic law, the Kingdom is not under obligation to observe the contradictory terms of the Convention.”

[Therein lies the lie;   Obviously,  because Muhammad married 7-year-old Aisha and consummated the marriage when she was just 9-years-old and, because the Qur’an allows for marriage to children, the Saudi government knew full well that by putting an Islamic “get out of jail free” clause in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, they were signing a worthless document.]

The girl’s father and the registrar who conducted the marriage said they went ahead with the marriage, as there is no law prohibiting it. The father also claimed he based his judgment on the child’s physical development and not her age.

[Which means she finally had her first period…]

On his part, the groom said he had not done anything wrong and that “the contract is valid and meets all marriage conditions.”

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8 Comments on “Saudi Arabia: 12-Yr-Old Bride Mysteriously Drops Petition for Divorce to 80-Something Pedophile Cousin”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    Yeeeessshhhhh inbred and undea… ER wait thier not dead…

    But seriously….

    How can they claim that that its not pedophilia when muslim culture and its system promote this type of perversion…?

    It seems to me that islam is messed up and will never be fixed.

  2. Leatherneck Says:

    Lucifer loves Islam.

    • PB-in-AL Says:

      Lucifer is allah, best as I can tell.

      • Leatherneck Says:

        Yes, in a way you are correct. Any false god that leads mankind away from G-d the Father’s love called Jesus Christ is of Lucifer.

        To be more correct, in the pagan world, Allah is the son of the Sun god. Nimrod is the example of the Sun god on earth, his Mother was his wife as the earth goddess, or Qween of Heaven, and Nimrod’s son, or Nimrod reborn is Tamuez the moon god. This the false Trinity after the flood of Noah.

        It will be again soon.

        • Shahrose Khan Says:

          Not saying that what saudis are doing is right, but just that it has nothing to do with true Islam even if they claim it does. Was Hitler a true christian? :s

          to shut you islam-haters up…

          A noted British author has observed: “No great religious leader has been so maligned as Prophet Mohammed. Attacked in the past as a heretic, an impostor, or a sensualist, it is still possible to find him referred to as “the false prophet.” A modern German writer accuses Prophet Mohammed of sensuality, surrounding himself with young women. This man was not married until he was twenty-five years of age, then he and his wife lived in happiness and fidelity for twenty-four years, until her death when he was fourty-nine. Only between the age of fifty and his death at sixty-two did Prophet Mohammed take other wives, only one of whom was a virgin, and most of them were taken for dynastic and political reasons. Certainly the Prophet’s record was better than the head of the Church of England, Henry VIII.” Geoffrey Parrinder, Mysticism in the World’s Religions (New York: Oxford University Press, 1976, pg. 121)


  3. ciccio Says:

    Of course the kid dropped the proceedings. Firstly even if she were not pregnant she is spoiled goods if divorced. If she is pregnant (most likely) under sharia law she is not entitled to custody or alimony. Under that same sharia law the husband can get a refund for returned goods from the father which makes her very unwelcome in her fathers home. She cannot go to her mother either because until she is married again the father retains absolute custody, whether she likes it or not. Until she remarries, which she can only do to a man her father picks for her, he has absolute custody until he dies no matter how old the girl is. When the father dies custody goes to the oldest brother. Welcome to Saudi Arabia!

    • My guess is that she figures the old buzzard will kick off in a couple of years and then she will be set free—-Well, “free” is such a relative term…As free as one could expect from a society of male-chauvinist pigs.


  4. islams not for me Says:


    Perhaps you didn’t know that hitler was an atheist who railed agianst his Catholic faith.

    Of course like muhammad he was an anti semite.

    muhammad was married multiple times and of course had concubines of whom he took after many raids on carravans.

    As for the underage marriage problems not only in saudi but other muslim countries they are simply following muhammads example.

    Of course those of us with modern education can see that marrying a 9-10 year old child is perverted and stupid.

    Too bad muslims cant see that child marriage is really child rape.

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