Marvel Comics Turns Tea Party Patriots into Racist Villains

Un-freakin’-believable!  Hey, you can’t make this stuff up!

Since Captain America is most noted for his fight against Nazism, I do believe that Marvel Comics is calling us Tea Party folks, “Nazis.”

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Marvel Comics: Captain America Says Tea Parties Are Dangerous and Racist
Warner Todd Huston – Right Wing News

Marvel Comic’s Captain America is the mightiest soldier with the super powerful secret soldier formula that makes him a super man. Sadly, this muscle bound hero that took on the whole Nazi army during WWII seems to be afraid of those American people who’ve joined the Tea Party movement. Not only is Cappy quaking in his little red booties, but he’s sure that the Tea Party folks are dangerous racists, too.

Isn’t it wonderful that a decades old American comic book hero is now being used to turn readers against our very political system, being used to slander folks that are standing up for real American principles in real life — and one called “Captain America” at that?

In issue number 602 of Captain America, a new story line has begun called “Two Americas.” In it the current Captain (there have been a few of them, apparently) is on the trail of a faux Captain America that is mentally deranged and getting chummy with some white supremacist, anti-government, survivalists types going by the name of “the Watchdogs.” While investigating this subversive group, Captain America and his partner The Falcon — a black super hero — have decided to try and infiltrate the secretive organization.

In preparation for the infiltration, Marvel Comics depicts the two super heroes out of costume and observing from a rooftop a street filled with what can only be described as a Tea Party protest. The scene shows crowds of people in city streets carrying signs that say, “stop the socialists,” “tea bag libs before they tea bag you,” and “no to new taxes.” Naturally, the people in these crowds are depicted as being filled with nothing but white folks.

The black character asks the out of costume Captain, “What the hell is this?” And follows that with, “looks like some kind of anti-tax protest.” The Falcon character then snidely tells his partner the Captain, “So I guess this whole ‘hate the government’ vibe around here isn’t limited to the Watchdogs.”

The two then discuss their plan to infiltrate the subversive group that Marvel comics seems to be linking to the Tea Party movement. This discussion culminates in The Falcon wondering how a black man would do such a thing. “I don’t exactly see a black man from Harlem fitting in with a bunch of angry white folks,” he tells the incognito Captain America.

The Captain tells him, “no it’s perfect… this all fits right into my plan.” After this we find that the Captain’s plan is to send the black man into a redneck bar to pretend to be a black man working for the IRS and to get everyone all mad… because… well, you know that every white person is a racist that hates black civil servants, right?

So, there you have it, America. Tea Party protesters just “hate the government,” they are racists, they are all white folks, they are angry, and they associate with secretive white supremacist groups that want to over throw the U.S. government.

Bet you didn’t know that when you were indulging your right as a citizen to protest your government that you were a dangerous white supremacist that wants to destroy the country, did you? Bet you didn’t realize that your reverence for the U.S. Constitution was a subversive thing to do, did you? And I’ll also bet that you never imagined that you’d scare the little blue panties off of Captain America!

Nice going Marvel Comics. Thanks for making patriotic Americans into your newest super villains.

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27 Comments on “Marvel Comics Turns Tea Party Patriots into Racist Villains”

  1. PB-in-AL Says:

    I especially like the projection with respect to the “teabag libs…” sign. Note that they all look miserable and angry too. Seems to me that they marvel guys didn’t actually look at any pictures of the Tea Party gatherings. Most folks looked quite happy to be there and rather amicable, well till the SEIU purple shirts showed up.

  2. tgusa Says:

    Its good when your enemy exposes themselves for the trash that they are. Marvel comics, race baiting smear merchants who would rather see your daughter as a prostitute than a patriot. It would seve them right for their kids to end up in an Acorn whorehouse.
    Lucky for these losers Marvel was not always this way otherwise we would not be talking about it today. The lefts motto should be crap on the ones who brung ya. Really there is no lower type of person. Marvel comics, too crappy to wipe your arse with.

  3. tgusa Says:

    “The Captain tells him, “no it’s perfect… this all fits right into my plan.” After this we find that the Captain’s plan is to send the black man into a redneck bar to pretend to be a black man working for the IRS and to get everyone all mad… because… well, you know that every white person is a racist that hates black civil servants, right?”

    My plan is to send a white vet dressed in a military uniform into leftard areas to collect for the USO. It’s a suicde mission, I know, volunteers only.

    Leftists haven’t a clue as to who or what we are and so they use what they would do as a guide to what we would do. This is the way that they would react so of course we would react this way too. We would be inclined to debate and argue with them whereas they would be incilned to sneak up behind us and bash us on the head. Heck, everyone knows this, how old are the editors of Marvel, 8 or 10?

    • tgusa Says:

      We can see the same thing in the movies when they try to play a conservative. It never comes off right, it is never close to authentic. Why, because good acting requires you to get into the mindset of the part that you are playing and they just can’t do it. Thats why so many so-called serious movies appear to be fantasies, they are. Movies are fake but this is just to fake for most people to take seriously.

  4. islams not for me Says:

    We could also do the bait tactic as well because so-called ‘Capt Americant’ says that the black guy in the comic isnt part of his ‘plan’ whatever that is.

    Wouldnt that make Capt also a racist because his black co-hort isnt part of his team?

    Its a sad pity that Marvel took Captian America and turned him into mertosexual Capt Americant…

    • Yeah. Of course, they had to kill off the original Captain America (Steve Rogers) and replace him with James “Bucky” Barnes so that they (the current crop of writers at Marvel) can easily wash the blood off their hands if they get a bunch of Comic book fans upset with them…

      • tgusa Says:

        Rogers was killed off and replaced by captain anti america. There is nothing original about the left. They have no heros so they have to take other peoples heros and morph them into their image. the Falcon is not original either.

        The Marvel Falcon should really be named, The Pawn.

        • islams not for me Says:

          Ah… along the same lines as the Shadow serial and of course my favorite Charlie Chan…

          • tgusa Says:

            Charlie Chan has always been one of my favorites but they are all pretty good. Proving it doesn’t have to be in color or have cgi nor a million dollar budget to be a good movie.

          • Ah, yes, my number one son. Sulu think Charlie Chan racist.

            I think Sulu is stereotypical Asian character.

            Of course, George Takei is Liberal homosexual Trekkie. I am Conservative heterosexual Trekkie. Yet, I not one going around banning movies…


            “The [Charlie Chan] films are now off the air, at least for the time being. In addition, as a sop to the protestors, each showing this summer was bookended by a taped discussion segment, hosted by former Star Trek actor George Takei, in which “a group of prominent Asian-Americans,” as the host described them, explained just what it is that makes these seemingly innocuous films so dangerous.”

            Mind like parachute – only function when open. George mind no function…

            (My apologies to Charlie Chan (At the Circus (1936)))

          • tgusa Says:

            George Sulu is nothing more than Charlie Chans number one sons number two.

          • tgusa Says:

            Make George Sulu cry. Buy
            Charlie Chan Volume 3 DVD set. 36 smackers, on sale now. Chan was a private dick, I’m surprized George Sulu doesn’t like him.

          • tgusa Says:

            Off their air but not off the air. George Sulu, his own private Hollywood production code…in retrospect. Yes, Judge George Sulu, Hollywoods (not-so-private) dick.

          • “Chan was a private dick, I’m surprized George Sulu doesn’t like him.”

            ROFLMAO!!! Too funny!


          • tgusa Says:

            From your link Doc, In the hope that this action will evoke discussion about the progress made in our modern, multicultural society, we invite you to please click CONTACT US to send us your thoughts on the matter.

            George Sulu, on acting; An actor should never pretend to be something that he is not!

            George Sulu, on Tora Tora Tora; I think we should ban it. Those guys in the color part of the movie were not authentic WWII Japanese Naval Pilots!

            George Sulu on censorship; Censorship is necessary for progress! Burn the heretic Chan at the stake!

  5. tgusa Says:

    Ironically, patriots predate the IRS by about a hundred years. Another irony is originally the IRS mission was to pay for Union war debt but was abolished a decade later and then renacted in the early 20th century. I smell progressives at work. And one more irony is the IRS has used much of the money to fund foreign adventures (wars) something the left is completly against. They are against the original reason for taxation but for the continuation of that taxation. These people are kind of creepy with their govermania and stick it to the American taxpayers attitude. The same people who send us off on these adventures are kind enough to tax our parents and children for our efforts. Irony.

  6. teach5 Says:

    This signals the end for Cappy. Don’t forget, these people are only slightly over 26% of the voters. We DO surround them, and we will see their decline, just as Newseek declined 42% in its subscriptions this past year. Liberalism doesn’t sell–not radio advertising, magazines, or comic books. Their deranged idea of reality is intolerable-comic or otherwise.

  7. Leatherneck Says:

    Why stop there? Marvel should go ahead and show the superheros bowing down to the Avatar who gives them their Marxists powers.

  8. islams not for me Says:

    For Christmas a couple of years ago I grabbed up 2 dvd sets of old Charlie Chan movies…

    They included my favorites…

    castle in the desert
    Charlie Chan in rio
    Charlie Chans secret

    and many more… Check around your local Costco warehouses to see if they come back for Christmas 2010

  9. tgusa Says:

    Marvel sez they are editing out tea bagger in their recent propaganda. The question I have is, what is worse, an authentic racist or someone who accuses people fed up with paying high taxes of being racists? I’m leaning toward the racist. At least I know who they are and then who they don’t like. You can always depend on a racist to hate the same group. You can’t say that about the smear merchants.

    • tgusa Says:

      Leaning toward the racists…as a lesser threat. But now I am getting confused cause it is pretty clear that they are racist yet they are also pointing the finger. The thief yelling thief. The firebug who hangs around afterward to watch his dirty work.

      • PB-in-AL Says:

        Careful…too much trying to figure out insanity can make your head explode. They’re all hypocritical nuts. Though your analogy of thieves and firebugs, seems pretty close to the mark to me.

  10. Bob Says:

    I long for the good old days when entertainment was just that, and not some thinly-veiled, politically motivated agenda.
    F*** Marvel, and while I’m at it, F*** that whining liberal stan lee as well.

  11. islams not for me Says:

    Looks like Marvel are chicken s****:

    “Marvel Comics depiction of anti tax protesters inspires anger apology
    2 hrs 44 mins ago

    “Since 1941, Captain America has been one of the most popular comic book characters around. The fictional super-patriot fought Nazis during World War II, took on those who burned the American flag during the Vietnam era, and raked in hundreds of millions of dollars for Marvel Comics along the way. Now, the appearance that he is taking on the Tea Party Movement in a storyline about investigating white supremacists has forced Marvel to apologize for the comic hero.”

    “Issue 602 of the comic features Captain America investigating a right-wing anti-government militia group called “the Watchdogs”. Hoping to infiltrate the group, Captain America and his African-American sidekick The Falcon observe an anti-tax protest from a rooftop. The protestors depicted are all white and carry signs adorned with slogans almost identical to those seen today in Tea Party rallies like “tea bag libs before they tea bag you” and “stop the socialists.”

    “The Falcon mentions that the gathering appears to be “some kind of anti-tax protest” and notes that “this whole ‘hate the government’ vibe isn’t limited to the Watchdogs.” He then tells Captain America that he doesn’t think their plan will work because “I don’t exactly see a black man from Harlem fitting in with a bunch of angry white folks.” Captain America then explains that his plan entails sending The Falcon in among the group posing as an IRS agent under the thinking that a black government official will most certainly spark their anger.”

    “The clear implicit attack on the Tea Party Movement was first noticed by Publius’ Forum’s Warner Todd Huston. When a minor uproar ensued, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada spoke to Comic Book Resources and defended the issue while apologizing for the panel that seemed to tie real-life Tea Party protesters to the fictional group depicted in the book.”

    “Saying that he could “absolutely see how some people are upset about this,” Quesada said that there was “zero discussion to include a group that looked like a Tea Party demonstration,” adding, “There was no thought that it represented a particular group.”

    ‘Quesada then went on to say that Marvel would “apologize for and own up to” a series of “stupid mistakes” that led to them “accidentally identifying” one of the members of the protest group “as being a part of the Tea Party instead of a generic protest group.” He explained that they were on deadline to get the issue to the printer for publication, and in the course of sending it off it was noticed that the signs in the scene contained no words or phrases. He said the editor then asked the letterer to “fudge in some quick signs” and that in the “rush to get the book out of the door,” the letterer “looked on the net and started pulling slogans” from signs captured in photographs at Tea Party protests in order to make them appear “believable.”

    “In response to Marvel’s explanation and apology, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips told Yahoo! News that it “sounds less like a genuine ‘we’re sorry’ than it does a ‘we’re sorry we got caught’ statement.”

    “When I was a child in the ’60s Captain America was my favorite superhero,” he said. “It’s really sad to see what has traditionally been a pro-America figure being used to advance a political agenda.”

    “Ed Brubaker, the writer of the controversial Captain America story, told Fox News that any and all references to “tea bag” will be removed from all future editions of Marvel Comics.”

    — Brett Michael Dykes is a contributor to the Yahoo! News blog

    Awwwww poor Marvel… They suddenly realize we FORMER comic fans had power after all.

  12. Skott Says:

    My suggestion to you people would be to actually read the book. Warner Todd Huston has no idea what he’s babbling about, he’s nothing more than a blow hard and an embarrassment to conservatives like me. Captain America was NOT hunting for Tea Party people he was NOT saying they were anything.
    Cap and Falcon are searching for a terrorist group called the Watchdogs who are in a rural state. This protest was the largest group of people and they drew attention. This has nothing to do with claiming Tea Party supporters are haters, racists or Nazis. But it does who how people are to willing to get riled up based solely on the words of an ignorant buffoon like Warner Todd Huston.
    I for one have MANY Marvel Trades on the same book shelf as Rush Limbaugh’s books and Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny.

    It’s hard to imagine the people actually take Warner Todd Huston’s words as fact when he has no idea what he’s talking about. I’ve been collecting comics for 20 years, I know what’s going on. Huston is way off here and HE should apologize to Marvel and the fans for this attack. Marvel had NOTHING to apologize for.

    • Leatherneck Says:

      Islams not for me had a good point for point statement. Perhaps, reading it would help you understand. It is right above your post.

    • tgusa Says:

      You are right, not only do we not want an apology marvel still insists on apologizing. They can take their apology and shove it. My guess is that marvel comics will begin to lose their value (if they ever had any beyond 8th grade) quickly. Most of us boys put down the comics as we started to discover girls were much more interesting. Its hard to imagime that some boys would still stick to reading comics. Of course this probablly explains why most movies today are animated cartoons aimed at supposed adult boys.

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