Green Tea Party in Iran

This is just a heads-up for everyone.  I am getting numerous “tweets” from our Iranian friends on Twitter.  It seems that they are gearing up for massive protests today (which will be sometime around midnight and later, our time).  They will be wearing green to identify themselves.

Protesters have already hacked the official news agency of Iran,  The English version is still up ( ).

Also, a prison in which political prisoners are incarcerated appears to have been taken over by the prisoners.

All this before the crack of dawn…

The military is gearing up to confront them.

Obama just imposed more sanctions on Iran today.

Iran has blocked email services like gmail.

It has all the makings of a blood-bath…

Please, pray for the people of Iran.


Dr. Bulldog

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One Comment on “Green Tea Party in Iran”

  1. Ronin Says:

    History has shown the people will eventually do what the governments will not. The way things are headed politically/ideological inspired violence in the streets is also America’s fate.

    This is an opportunity for other muslims suffering under oppressive regimes to also stand up. Islam does not breed leaders so I doubt that it will happen but the opportunity will never be better.

    Power to the People

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