Muzzies Freaking Out Over Yet Another Cartoon in Oslo

Sheesh!  Not again!

Hey, Muzzies!  If you want to freak out over something and kill someone, why don’t you concentrate on killing the terrorists in your midst?

Protest against Mohammad caricature in Oslo

OSLO (Reuters) – Around 2,000 people protested in Oslo on Friday over the printing of a caricature of the Prophet Mohammad as a pig by a Norwegian newspaper.

Tabloid Dagbladet printed a photo of the cartoon on February 3 to illustrate a frontpage story describing how the Facebook page of the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) linked to pages featuring caricatures of the Prophet. The links were posted by participants to the Facebook group and removed by PST.

Holding placards with slogans such as “Show respect to all religions” and “Stop insults against Muslims,” demonstrators passed peacefully through central Oslo.

“I am here because what Dagbladet has done is very offensive to us,” said Kashif Aurangzev, a 34-year-old taxi driver.

“This is a big attack on Muslims, it goes against our religion,” said Kamran Naveeb, a 25-year-old student.

Police said around 2,000 people attended the heavily guarded demonstration, which was boycotted by Norway’s main Muslim organization for fears it could turn violent.

Dagbladet printed a picture of one of the cartoons, representing the Prophet as a pig writing the Koran, drawn by an Israeli West Bank settler in the 1990s.

“It was an illustration to our news story,” said Lars Helle, Dagbladet’s acting editor-in-chief. “Our critics can of course criticize us for publishing the cartoon. It’s their right according to free speech.

“They have the right to protest, but it was not a provocation, it was not meant as a provocation, it was meant as an illustration to a news story,” he told Reuters.


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135 Comments on “Muzzies Freaking Out Over Yet Another Cartoon in Oslo”

  1. ihame Says:

    we love our prophet mohamed and the god allah.

    • bob Says:

      f*** you, f*** your prophet, and f*** your god, you stupid ignorant piece of sh*t, how ’bout that?

      • alae Says:

        you should first know what is islam before talk about it
        have you ever read koran have ever read some quotes from hadith (wish is speash of profet ) sure not .
        please read about any thing befor making jujment not only islam

  2. Your welcome to ‘love’ your prophet and your strange god.

    muhammad is niether a prophet and allah is not God to me.

  3. urooj Says:

    how dare someone do the name of our prophet on a ###

  4. How dare they name a pig after ***-***-**

  5. Big Frank Says:

    It does not take much to get their underwear in a knot. Anything that the ‘unclean’ and ‘unholy’ Infidel does is 100% wrong. They play this stupid game of hate and rejecting all things non Muslim changing the rules at their whim. If nothing happens for a while they will drag out an old perceived hurt, wrong, or incident and whip up the ‘faithful’ into a riotous frenzy, carrying the usual posters or banners ,portraying their ‘victimhood’, getting plenty of coverage from their lackeys and sycophants in the MSM.

  6. I LUV ISLAM! Says:

    do ANY of u know how much pain muhammad saw went through! U cry babies would go 2 ur mommies if u had 2 go through what he did. His whole family died, his tribe hated and hurt him, all his children died exept 4 the girls. And guess this when his son died hIs uncle abu jahl the great enemy of islam and his wife CELBRATED! Do ANY OF U KNOW HOW MUCH THAT HURTS! of course u dont cause u morons r 2 dumb 2 see anything truthful. U all might not be scared of us but we dont care. We as muslims only fear one god , ALLAH ! u guys might say oh he is a invisible god why should we be afraid of him. cause one day on the day of judgement u all will be judged 4 ur actions. and guess what? if any of u die non muslims ull all ROT in HELL! dont believe me, but the day the sun dies ull all be crying and weeping but it will be to late. You will cross a bridge that is thinner than hair and sharper than a sword. The non muslims will fall 2 hell the muslims who love islam and muhammed saw will go 2 paradise. I conclude by asking a question. were IN UR SICK MINDS DID IT SAY THAT MUHAMMAD SAW WAS A MURDERE AND RAPIST! WHERE!!!! U ALL R PISSING ME OFF! BUT IF THE PROPHET WAS STILL ALIVE HE WOULD NICELY AND KINDLY EXPLAIN 2 U FOOLS AGAIN AND AGAIN ! But NONE OF U DESERVE ANYTHING GOOD! CURSE U ALL!

    • I LUV ISLAM! Says:

      watch this and maybe u freaks will understand!

      • Ronin Says:

        Sorry pedophile worshiper, we have better things to do with our time. One of them includes exposing the pedophile you worship. Old mohameed was a rapist, a sexual freak, gay, a murder, an adulterer and much, much more. Don’t worry your twisted and demented mind about what we believe take a real close look at yourself. Leave your blood cult while you can.

  7. For starters ‘i luv islam’ how much of islam do you actually know?

    Find a copy of the hadiths and read them. Note all the wars & ‘actions’ muhammad and his followers did to each other and Christians, Jews.

    Next take the time to read up on history how islam was so grand to non muslims with their insane theocracy and how moslems treated non muslims.

    It might change your perspective…

  8. tgusa Says:

    Matthew 4: 8-10
    8 Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;

    9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

    10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

  9. karim khaldoun Says:

    Why you are all against islam? islam is not ben laden all muslums are against what ben laden did and it was not islam and he’s reprenting him self and not islam, guys, islam is a peace a reel peace, i could trait and answer you as you did by insulting all muslums but, the islam doesnt let me to do it,
    i want just to say before juging anyone just read what islam said from a real book which koran and not take it from any bad man.

  10. karim

    islam was never about peace but theocracy. You moslems know this. But you claim peace while your brothers or sisters in the mujahedeen actually do what muhammad asked for… criminality.

  11. Mountasser AZOUGGAR Says:

    You will go to hell

  12. possibly… But since I researched what allah is… You might want to change sides before your last breath… Otherwise your gonna be cooking for eternity and I don’t mean in a kitchen…

  13. This act of printing cartoons is very bad and sad incident, which shows the filthy mind set of cartoonist. This must be stopped immediately as, it will enrage all Muslims across the globe. We, Muslim love our prophet more than our any thing, property or relation. Remove this picture immediately!
    Let me ask one question from you, why a Muslim cannot dare to draw any prophet cartoon?
    The answer is, our religion provides us the lesson to respect all religions and its followers and preachers.
    These pig eaters are only doing these bad acts.
    We strongly condemn this act and protest to stop this activity.

    • tgusa Says:

      Sticks and stones can break our bones but cartoons, oh man!

      Strangely, you treat your profit as if he were a God himself. Blasphemy!

  14. Your actually 2 years too late hafeez…

    And by the way sharia law, jihad and so forth offend me.

  15. alae Says:

    mohamed( صلعم
    is a humbel man choose to live with poors even if he had the possibility to be the wieltyest men in the world. and he turne an cociaty from weakness into power and openess . but unfotunatly we didn’t keep wath he suggest us to do . that why you dear to insulte him and us .

    • tgusa Says:

      It sounds as if you are ashamed of yourself and what you have become and with good reason, you should be. I call that progress. You guys hate the same people the German Nazis did, pay attention to detail and get real dang it. Do you know why those guys have the reputation that they have today? Because they were supposed to have been a relatively civilized western people and country. Are you able to think for yourself because my guess is that the answer to that is still a resounding no. We don’t need to insult you, you are already doing a fine job of discrediting yourselves.

  16. Laiba Tahir Says:

    Firstly try to respect all d religions…in fact u r not capable of praising ISLAM..DONT TALK SHIT about any religion if uh don’t know… This provess DAT u r a F*** IDIOT

  17. People deserve ‘respect’ if they treat you right.

    islam is a theocratic system that has been murdering people for 1400 years. Such a system doesn’t deserve respect or praise.

    And your grammar is horrible you silly wanker…

    • Yinsh Says:

      People with less education do absolutly misunderstand the connection between the people known as terorrist and the proper muslims i have studied different cultures and there was i point when i did call muslims terrorist but after that i knew i was wrong to judje and thats how people should be to learn what wrong and right
      and if they dont they surely are weak to realise it themselves.

  18. Yinsh Says:

    This is very dermatic and childish also fully on prejudisim, am not a muslim but who gives you all the right to point such a filthy and egoless finger on to others and their culture? I know this argument will go on for days but people who have no toung like you people who point to others will surely be punished in future with dipression and all sorts and hopefull in HELL to. Belive it or not see you their.
    (Wishes not to answer back)

  19. Ali Says:

    Hey shut you f**king mouth okay..
    What you know about Mohammad(saw)??
    Actually you know nothing about Mohammad(saw) & nothing about islamic religion,
    First go and read “Quran” Holy book send by Allah to Mohammad(saw)…
    And go to a Mosque and ask from imam about life of our Hazat Mohammad(saw) and ask how a true muslim spend his life…
    I am sure..almost all of you will become fan of Mohammad(saw)
    And then you will delete this post by yourself..
    Stay blessed
    And my pray to Allah..that show these peoples a right path(Ameen)

  20. yinsh

    islam is not merely a religion or culture it is a way to bring about sharia laws. And one of the ways to bring about a world wide theocracy is by terrorism.

    If you support such things your a fool.

  21. No thanks ali.

    muhammad is a simply a criminal and most of us have already read the quran, hadiths and so forth and found it to be full of lies and man made foolishness.

    As for Dr. B it’s up to him to keep this post or to delete it.

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