Jury in ‘terror’ trial see ‘pretend beheading’ video

Anyone that watches islam already understands the UK is infested with crazed pedophile worshipers that want nothing better than to finish off all non muslims. I am not saying that all UK muslims are violent just that all have one goal, the complete domination and replacement of the traditional UK culture with a bastardized form of islam.

This article tells about the trial and gives a brief look in to the muslim mindset but there is a much bigger problem brewing. As more and more minions infiltrate into a society and into positions of authority the damage done will speed up at an amazing rate.

Will a muslim prosecutor, judge and jury see anything wrong with these men? Will the laws against islamic terrorism change or be deleted from the books? How fast will sharia creep into the mix?

By Neil Docking, 19th February 2010, this is Lancashire
AN ALLEGED terrorist from Blackburn took a boy by the neck and raised a large machete over his head to show how he would behead a ‘non believer’.
-Everyone can relax this is just a case of make believe.

Manchester Crown Court was shown video footage of what the prosecution said was Abbas Iqbal at his family home in Percival Street, off Whalley Range.

He was said to have declared in the film: “This is what I am going to do to somebody, God-willing, when I find Kussar, this I show, I am going to take his head of.”
-Any ‘god” that demands blood sacrifice is not worthy of worship.
Abbas along with his brother Ilyas and Muhammad Ahmad, 26, of Whalley Range, are on trial accused of preparing for acts of terrorism.

The court heard police raided the Iqbal brothers’ homes on August 14 last year.

This came after Abbas, 24, and another alleged extremist were found to be carrying alleged terrorism data as they attempted to board a flight to Northern Europe from Manchester airport, the jury was told.

Edward Brown, prosecuting, said officers discovered a weapons cabinet used by the brothers.

Ahmed’s fingerprints were found on air rifles, knives, five machetes, a sword, crossbows, live ammunition, camouflage paint, tape, clothing and books on weaponry , Holy War and urban combat techniques, the court heard.
-Upside of my weapons cache these guys sound like rookies.

Elsewhere in the house military clothing, including eight black balaclavas the trio had worn were found, along with rope, a catapult, baseball bats and video cassettes, the jury was told.
-Yeppers they are amateurs. That does not mean that they are harmless, islamic minions can and do a lot of damage but islam has no professional military force and has proven incapable of winning force on force confrontations.

The prosecution said one of the video cassettes contained footage of Abbas demonstrating fighting moves in a garden and indoors pulling a large knife from his robes, making a stabbing and flashing motion and saying: “Five of that if you want to cut somebody. Then tear them open.”

Earlier the jury was shown a promotional video the prosecution said Abbas had in his possession at the airport called ‘The Blackburn Resistance’.
-Minions often use terms like “resistance” to justify violence in the name of the world’s most famous pedophile. The victim card does not hold up to scrutiny when it is easy to see western societies turning a blind eye to the crimes and justifications for them used by muslims. No matter what the crime islam is never the cause.

It was said to show Illyas, 23, and Ahmad, 26, crawling in camouflauge gear among leaves in Corporation Park and all three brandishing and firing weapons, shouting “Allah Akbar- God is great.”
-“Allah” is a sick twisted joke, the worship of mohammeds wet dream has brought nothing good into this world. Islam is a cancer, nothing more.

The court heard Arabic music played with chants translated as: “I am the fire against the aggressor. I am the machine gun against the one who starts fighting.”

The jury was told a computer at the Percival Street home contained a profile titled ‘the butcher’, linked to Abbas a former butcher, which was also on his phone, and an old folder called ‘Abbas’.

Mr Brown said this featured video footage of IED landlines exploded near an American vehicle near to Iraq.

It also showed speakers calling for Holy War, images of Osama Bin-Laden and children holding guns and clips of three beheadings of prisoners and solders being shot in the back of the head.
-The minions need to desensitize their children to violence; it is part of the brainwashing that turns an innocent child into a pedophile-worshiping drone.

Earlier the court had been told the the three men had been ‘intoxicated by the evil of terrorism’, and that each of the defendents had developed ‘extreme Islamist beliefs’ and a ‘fascination with Jihad’.
-The religious among you would probably consider these men as possessed, sometimes I wonder if that is not the case. For any rational person to see anything good in islam seems insane and yet every country has an infestation of violent pedophile worshipers. More insane still is the non muslims that ignore them. It will reach a point where they can no longer be ignored. You will increasingly see stories of minions preparing for war, you can choose to ignore them or you can prepare to defend yourself.

All three men are accused of preparation for acts of terrorism and the brothers are charged with possession of a document likely to be useful to a terrorist.

Abbas Iqbal is charged with possessing terrorist publications with a view to distribute them and encourage terrorism.

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