Call to Arms: Help Euthanize Health Care Deform

Oh, it’s going to take a lot of hard, patriotic work to get rid of this Health Care Deform crap and to remove all of the commies and tyrants in DC, but it can be done:

"Here's that C-note I promised you for helping me destroy America"

Obamacare Isn’t Inevitable
NRO – 22 MAR 10

‘Nil desperandum” — never despair. That is a sentiment that conservatives need to take to heart now that Congress has narrowly passed a bill that simultaneously undermines life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It takes some ingenuity to add to the costs, inefficiency, and dysfunctions that government has already bequeathed to our health-care system, but the Democrats have proven themselves up to the challenge. Almost nothing about this legislation is free of dispute, but we are convinced that it will increase taxes, increase premiums, and increase debt, while decreasing economic growth, job growth, and the quality of health care.

The Democrats had no mandate to take these steps. In 2008, the president campaigned both against forcing people to buy insurance and against taxing their benefits. The legislation runs counter to the campaign on both points. The president promised to change Washington. He has made its stench more noisome, winning this vote by using every kind of deceit and (legal) corruption, and over the objection of a bipartisan coalition representing most Americans.

We are now being told that the campaign to repeal this legislation is over before it has even begun, that Americans will come to appreciate the benefits that a bountiful government is giving them, and that the growth of the welfare state can never be reversed. We understand the odds against repeal. We understand, indeed, that complete repeal of every provision of the bill is impossible. The doughnut hole — a gap in Medicare’s prescription-drug coverage designed to encourage seniors to economize — has been filled, and it is not going to be re-opened.

But the larger thesis seems as superficially plausible, and as ultimately convincing, as were earlier predictions that state socialism or secularization were our inevitable future. It is quite possible that the majority of America that rejects this legislation will get its way in the next few years — if it is given the right leadership. And it is worth the effort to try.

It is possible, for example, that the results of the legislation will turn out to be unpleasant more quickly than most observers realize. The bill requires insurers to charge people with pre-existing conditions the same as everyone else, and the only reason for people not to game the system — dropping their insurance until they get sick and the insurer has to take them — is because the law requires them to buy insurance or pay a fine. For many people, the fine will be a cheap price to avoid paying high premiums. The effect of the legislation could be to cause the number of healthy people with insurance to fall dramatically — and for premiums to rise, which would cause more people to drop their insurance. If this happens, we can expect liberals to agitate for a single-payer system; but we can also expect the public to blame the Democrats whose health-care system it will now be. A less lopsidedly Democratic Congress is not going to respond to this chaos by enacting single payer or strengthening the fines.

For that matter, the lengthy legislation could turn out to have little time bombs, the nature of which cannot currently be guessed. Nothing about the process that produced the legislation, after all, suggests that it was put together with careful consideration. Conservatives will be able to capitalize on the discrediting of Obamacare, however it takes place, only if they campaign this fall on a pledge to replace this government-heavy system with true reform. Republicans running against Democrats who voted for this legislation will have the easiest task. But even Republicans running against Democrats who voted against it can advance the cause by challenging those Democrats either to advocate repeal and replacement themselves or to expose themselves as false opponents of Obamacare.

Nor have pro-lifers lost the war. Pro-lifers should campaign this fall on a pledge to make the Hyde amendment — the partial ban on government funding of abortion, which now applies to portions of federal spending and has to be renewed each year — a permanent feature of law that applies to all federal spending. The Obama administration and most of liberaldom have pretended over the last year to favor both the principle in general and the Hyde amendment in particular. And the principle is popular. Their posturing, disingenuous though it was, has handed pro-lifers a winning issue.

The Democrats have abused the system, ignoring both the Founders’ design and public opinion. The first step toward undoing that abuse is to make them pay a political price for it.

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26 Comments on “Call to Arms: Help Euthanize Health Care Deform”

  1. The problem is the demographics of the moochers and the producers. Immigration increases the moochers, especially lowskilled legal immigration and illegal immigration. They vote for the moocher ticket which is democrat. Once you have enough moochers to vote themselves more booty, the producers ask themselves ‘How did this happen? How did we become a nation of moochers?’ It is not too late, but one thing the Republican party must do is curtail moocher immigration and that includes birthright tourism and invasion. I just don’t think they have the balls for that.

    • You’re right. If they don’t have the cojones to go after a Pres__ent (minus his ID) who is a dual citizen with political ties to his birthright home of Kenya, then you can bet your bottom dollar that they won’t even touch the problem with moocher illegals, other than to grant them amnesty. Apparently, the Repubs probably fatuously believe that they’ll somehow garner the Hispanic vote if they allow amnesty for illegals. But, that’s just a fantasy.


    • tgusa Says:

      We don’t get quality immigrants today and we certainly don’t need another group of slackers. You can see it all around us but we hear that America will be back! What with groups of slackers? I don’t think so. The demographics in some areas have changed, people are not all the same if they were Mexico would be on par with the USA today. They have had plenty of time right next door to us and if you can’t make it there you probably can’t make it anywhere. On the bright side these political kings and queens have turned the golden goose against them and they don’t even know it. We must stick together and at the same time distance ourselves from them or they will drag us down with them…no doubt.

  2. yonason Says:


    Some good pep talks here…

    If O’Blinko doesn’t try to institute martial law, Dems are toast in the upcoming election. If he does, then hopefully enough of our military will realize what he’s up to, and say no. (National Guard is still technically under the jurisdiction of each state, isn’t it?)

  3. yonason Says:


    …and it’s most likely to come when, and from whom, it is least expected.

    My bet is it will be by a Paleo-stinkian the next time O’Bungler goes to Israel, and they’ll tell the world it was the Mosad.

    Regardless, there’s a price on his head, and as big and fat as it is, they likely won’t miss.

    The irony is that the fool thinks they are his friends.

    • PB-in-AL Says:

      I liked Jawa’s comment, “…don’t go killing my president, I want the pleasure of voting him out myself.”

      • To quote Hanover Fiste:

        “He’s nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging’s too good for him. Burning’s too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive! ”

        He’s not my President… Voting him out is too good for him and killing him just makes him a freakin’ martyr. I want the pleasure of kicking that little Commie non-Article II SOB out of office for high crimes and misdemeanors!

        Yeah, I’m mean and nasty that way.


    • tgusa Says:

      The crats will probably continue to follow this guys lead…

      • Loved it! Had me thinking:

        You yell, “Health Care Reform,” everybody says, “huh? What?”

        You yell, “Communism…” We’ve got a panic on our hands on the fourth of July!



  4. tgusa Says:

    One of two things are possible here. Either they don’t know what is happening in other countries with the national free clinic or they do know and are doing it in spite of that knowledge. I’m not sure which one of those is worse. If you have ever had to deal with the Post Office over anything you will know that is the last place you want to be regarding your health.

    The muslims and democrats have a lot in common, a lot. So really they deserve each other. What happens between them, well, I could care less. Maybe they will kill each other off, universally.

    • “One of two things are possible here. Either they don’t know what is happening in other countries with the national free clinic or they do know and are doing it in spite of that knowledge. I’m not sure which one of those is worse.”

      I think that most Americans think that America is somehow different and will be able to avoid the pitfalls that have plagued every single country that has instituted government health care deform.

      Well, America WAS avoiding those pitfalls by staying out of the universal government provided health care. Sadly, we are now in the dead pit along with all the other carcasses.

      I’ve got my eye on the lifeline of the Constitution, followed by the ladder of repeal.


  5. tgusa Says:

    They have turned the country upside down with conflicts of interest all over the place. I just don’t see any way to sort it all out and put it back together. I feel as if we are being enslaved to support these people in their two different worlds of mansions and ghettos. They have the problem, not us. We can live with each other even if the country splits in two. They on the other hand cannot live together. But always remember, misery loves company and they will try to grab hold of us like the crack heads that they are.

  6. Bob Says:

    “there’s a price on his head, and as big and fat as it is, they likely won’t miss.”

    Problem is most of his big fat head is ears, which is rarely a fatal head wound.

    • His big ears need a major thwacking by the U.S. Supreme Court!

      Once the SCOTUS finally overturns his commie legislation, I’ll bet Obama will be kicking himself in the stern for being so stupid as to “diss” the SCOTUS during the State of the Union address!


    • PB-in-AL Says:

      I saw Dana Carvey on Comedy Central from 2008 say that Obama was a cross between Alfred E. Newman (Mad Magazine guy) and Urqell(spelling?). Rather apropos I think. Both are just grinning idiots.

  7. Bob Says:

    Ahh, SCOTUS.
    That’s another problem – with as many 4-5 votes they’ve given on constitutional issues, it takes only 1 retiree and 1 (more) appointed leftist-leaning judge, and game over. The demos will have effectively co-opted all three branches of governmnent.

    • Well… Stevens is retiring, but Obama will be hard pressed to find a more Libtarded replacement, so the balance will likely remain the same.

      Let’s hope and pray that no other justices in the SCOTUS decide to retire while Obama is in office.


  8. tgusa Says:

    American Thinker: “Let me remind you this [Americans allegedly dying because of lack of universal health care] has been going on for years. We are bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 [million] American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.” Dingell (I/T) Michigan. Run the pos outa town on a rail!

    • CavMom Says:

      I was just watching this clip. How many times do they ‘slip up’ and give their real agenda before people sit up and take notice?

      • tgusa Says:

        We hear a lot from the reps of Michigan which is strange because the state reminds me of the show, Life After people, where nature begins reclaiming the land. Americans really should visit the districts where these reps come from and see for themselves what kind of hellholes they have created for their constituents. Start with Maxine Waters, the favorite of the wrought iron bars on the windows and doors industry.

        Its also a bit strange referring to these people as representatives.

    • THANK YOU!!!

      I heard about that comment the other day when it happened, but it was unsubstantiated at the time and the Freepers were trying to find an audio recording of it, to no avail at the time.

      Now I can finally add it to my growing archive of evidence against the commies in government.


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