Obama’s Signature On Health Care Deform a Little Shaky

I was browsing around when I came across Obama’s signature on the Health Care Deform legislation.  If you take a look at it, you’ll notice that the “O” has several stop and start points.

That’s kind of odd.  In fact, handwriting analysts are always suspicious of signatures with numerous stop and start points, as they are a big tip-off to forgeries.

Well, we know that this isn’t a forgery, so what’s going on with that signature?  Was the pen almost out of ink?  Maybe, but I would think that the “O” would have more “skips” in the oval if the pen were causing that serious of a problem.

No, the only conclusion that makes sense to me is that Obama was a bit shaky because he knows that this piece of crap legislation is unconstitutional and he’s destroying America.  Maybe he got all excited and wee-weed up just thinking about that…

UPDATE: JMB was the first to come up with the real reason: Obama used 22 pens to sign his Communist Manifesto for the USSA. That is why it is so broken up.

Maybe Obama should consider using his middle name to help him give out even more gift pens to his commie buddies.

Question: Do you know who started the tradition of using multiple “historic” pens when signing Commie Legislation? Yup, the historic Commie elitist himself, Franklin D. Roosevelt!!!

BTW – G.W. Bush avoided using multiple pens when signing legislation.

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20 Comments on “Obama’s Signature On Health Care Deform a Little Shaky”

  1. CavMom Says:

    I just poured over the web and this looks nothing like his signature. I don’t see any other examples of him printing out the letters, or of any letter besides the BO being discernible.

    This is the common version: http://www.planetc1.com/n/images/barack-obama-signature.jpg

  2. CavMom Says:

    Gotcha (but I could forge it better than he can) 😀

  3. jmb Says:

    I thought they used multiple pens on a bill signing so they could give them out as gifts (as if pork and bribes isn’t enuf). Anyway, that’s why I thought the signature looked so bizarre, with obvious start/stops.

  4. Bob Says:

    “Obama’s Signature On Health Care Deform a Little Shaky”
    I’ve heard that there’s no drug like the “rush” of Power.

  5. yonason Says:

    That’s not all that’s “shaky” about ObamaScare…

  6. TXMom Says:

    Cocaine? Hangover? Parkinson’s? Confusion from too many pens? Anyway you look at it, this guy’s a loser.

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