Libtard Teacher Hands Out Material Demonizing Christian Conservatives

This is why we have a Commie in the White House:

School Propaganda: A Warped Discussion Of Liberals vs Conservatives in High School Government Class

By Texas GOP Vote

Texas is fortunate enough to be a state in which the State Board of Education (SBOE) is elected, giving students’ parents and other tax-paying citizens a voice in the public educational system, as opposed to most other states. According to Phyllis Schafly,

In most states, the liberal education establishment enjoys total control over the state’s board of education, department of education and curriculum committees.

One of the duties of the Texas SBOE is to “designate and mandate instruction in the knowledge and skills that are essential to a well-balanced curriculum” and to deter such actions like the one exemplified by Schafly below:

For years, liberals have imposed their revisionist history on our nation’s public school students, expunging important facts and historic figures while loading the textbooks with liberal propaganda, distortions and cliches.

But how can the SBOE, or school for that matter, intercede when a teacher hands out teaching documents that do not comply with pre-approved teaching guidelines and doesn’t allow the papers to leave the classroom?

Roosevelt High School (NEISD) teacher Barbara Geerdes did just that when she passed out the handout, “Philosophical Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives,” (shown below) to her AP U.S. Government class.

A student in Barbara Geerdes’ AP Government class grew concerned over the teacher’s repeated politicization of the classroom and managed to get one of the documents out and brought it home, where he could show it to his parents. Geerdes’ handout made it to the State Republican Executive Committee’s quarterly meeting Saturday, March 28th, where it was discussed. According to a source that has recently followed up with the father of the student:

The Dean of Students responded that the teacher admitted that she has been distributing handouts all year without required pre-approval from the head of the social studies department. She has been giving these out to all of her classes, not just the AP class. She has always collected the handouts at the end of the class period and has never allowed the handouts to be taken home.

Just by simply glancing at the papers below, it becomes clear immediately just how biased they are with a picture of an angel next to a section discussing liberals and a picture of a devil next to a section discussing conservatives.

The handout starts off by saying, “Philosophical differences… separate liberals and conservatives. The greatest areas of disagreement concern human nature, reliance on tradition, and individual freedom.” The handout continues on, calling conservatives pessimists who think people are “tainted by original sin” and liberals optimists who think people are “basically good.” It says that liberals allow people a great amount of liberty, while conservatives feel people must be controlled, restrained, and guided for their own best interests. (What?!) Throughout the handout, “liberal” is likened with the word “constitutional” while “conservative” is likened with the word “authoritarian.” At the end of the discussion, there is a chart for students to fill in, reiterating the statements made about liberals and conservatives.

The statements are completely fallacious and clearly intended to deceive the students. What student would want to admit to being conservative after reading this? The handout had no author listed or any sources. Barbara Geerdes could very well have written the entire discussion herself. Furthermore, she knew that what she was doing was wrong- why else would she not allow the papers to be taken home?

The principal and Mrs. Geerdes have failed to respond to repeated attempts to contact them in order get their side of the story.

How can the Republican Party possibly compete with this kind of secretive indoctrination? Barbara Geerdes has been teaching for 16 years– who knows how many hundreds, or even thousands, of students she has brainwashed with this twisted liberal propaganda?! And how many other Barbara Geerdes-like teachers are out there?

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22 Comments on “Libtard Teacher Hands Out Material Demonizing Christian Conservatives”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Well when these libtards have offended Christians to the point that Christians say to them, go blow smoke, it is going to be interesting watching homos and feminists, libtards in general, squirm under the iron fist of islam. These fools miss the point that here in a majority Christian country is the only place we find them. The majority of the worlds countries would kill homos on sight and feminists put up and shut up. It ok with me though, I figure they are going to get what they are asking for. Hey young Americans..want some?

    Any bets on which group gets tossed under the bus first?

  2. tgusa Says:

    i don’t think Americans really understand how incredibly evil a person has to be to do this. It is one thing to reject something it is quite another to go out of your way to push your hateful beliefs on other peoples children. The Christian church doesn’t do it but the church of the satanic libtard does. So really, who is the evil one here?

    People were shocked to hear about the 7 year old pimped out and gangraped by her family and neighbors. Shocked? Don’t be shocked this is the future for about a third of the country, whatever country they are in their future. There are two Americas, which one do you want to be a part of?

  3. islams not for me Says:

    The leftie teacher is doing what she is trained to do… provide outright misinformation to delude her students.

    Congrats lefties… your pushing socialist humanism…

  4. Leatherneck Says:

    What is good, has become evil, and what is evil has become good.

    As is was in Noah’s time, will be again.

  5. This teacher’s unwillingness to allow the materials she has written to be seen outside of her classroom is a clear sign she has feelings guilt and acted in bad faith.
    Her lack of respect for the parent’s right to participate in their children’s education should be reason enough for her to lose her job and any state awarded teaching credential.

    • PB-in-AL Says:

      Unfortunately the “education” system, as it currently exists, seems to want to push the parents out of the picture completely. Thus, it’s not that she has a lack of respect for the “parent’s right to participate”, she has a complete lack of respect for the position of parent, as God intended us to be. Thereby adhering to the current (and 1930’s) German perspective that the children are a resource for the government to control.

      • Yeah, that has me wondering whatever happened to all those Harper Valley PTA types? Too busy shuttling the kids around to soccer practice to take an active role in what their children are being taught by the schools?


  6. Jeremiah Says:

    You’re coming down on a teacher for demonizing conservatism at the same exact time that you’re referring to liberals as “libtards”, or referring to liberalism as “the church of the satanic libtard”. Can you really not see the blatant hypocrisy in this at all? What you’re condemning, and don’t get me wrong, it should be condemned, is exactly what you are doing. Seriously.

    • No. You are quite simply in error and completely missing the point.

      I don’t care if someone is demonizing conservative Christians, calling them fascists, wingnuts, retards, whatever.

      Freedom of Speech is just that; freedom of speech.

      If you take away our right to effect change by speaking our minds, then you leave open only one real option for effecting change: violence.

      So, I’m a firm believer in the Freedom of Speech. It gives us a non-violent solution for effecting change.

      Now, here is the fundamental point you are obviously missing:

      Parents send their children to school for an education. And, as such, they are entrusting the school to teach their children the fundamentals of literacy, history, science, mathematics, etc.

      However, when a teacher starts propagandizing and indoctrinating children—telling them what to think instead of how to think—in order to influence their ideological views…well, that is a betrayal of our children, their parents, and public trust.

      Once a teacher has crossed over that line—from the role entrusted to them as an educator into the role of an indoctrinator—they have crossed over from what was acceptable behavior and into what is now very much unacceptable behavior.

      Along with betrayal of parental and societal trust, such unacceptable behavior is nothing less than complete and total insanity or, quite possibly, some form of amentia brought about by liberal drug usage.

      So, in an effort to describe individuals with this level of liberally insane mental retardation in which they have willfully broken the trust of a community—taking it upon themselves to indoctrinate that community’s malleable and impressionable young children into liberalism—one can sum it up quite succinctly with the word, “Libtard.”

      That is Freedom of Speech. Deal with it.

      Furthermore, I’m not forcing your children to write an essay on why Godless Liberals are not only insane, but mentally retarded….


      • Jeremiah Says:

        Ok, if you make that distinction you’re making then I would ask why you’re not equally enraged by the Texas Board of Education refusing to include separation of church and state in the Texas public school curriculum, as well as removing Thomas Jefferson from the Enlightenment because of his views on the subject, and from refusing to include mention of Hispanics who died in the Alamo, and from refusing to talk about liberal movements in the 80’s and 90’s or the late senator Edward Kennedy or justice Sonia Sotomayor in favor of expanded coverage of president Ronald Reagan, and who refused discussion of sex and gender in the US for fear of “transvestites, transsexuals and who knows what else”, all of which is edition of history for the purpose of promoting conservatism and religion in schools for those very children that you are so concerned for.

        • tgusa Says:

          Even if you could site separation of church and state in the founding documents, separation is not divorce. Check it out. Even though I may disagree with you I will never teach your kids that you are evil. I may debate them, show them how I think they are wrong. In the end I will leave the choice up to them. Its the only way I can be sure that they have made an informed choice. Its the only way to properly teach. You see, we are trying to teach kids to grow up and become responsible citizens not mindless drones. That is in their best interest and you know it. I find it interesting that libtards do this in school to our kids but who do they attack for not being fair and balanced…Foxnews…and their adult viewers.

        • PB-in-AL Says:

          Again, you seem to be missing the point, to take up from the good doctor’s comment.

          In this case, the Texas Board of Education is a fully and duly elected group that is to represent their electors. Every item you mentioned, in the way you mentioned them has as much agenda associated with it as what you’re railing against. That there is a perspective associated with history is not something that can be argued; any history you read will have some bias. But the point is that these are choices made by the people of TX, via their elected board.

          You still aren’t addressing the issue that this teacher manipulated the discussion within her classroom toward a HARD LEFT bias, then tried to hide it by not allowing the printed materials to leave the classroom. What is your perspective on her lack of ethical behavior?

          By the way, the “separation of church and state” is a myth. Jefferson’s discussion was specifically directed at not allowing a particular denomination to be favored in a particular instance of state legislation.

          • PB-in-LA,

            Good points.


          • Jeremiah Says:

            The Texas Board of Education is a 15 member body that does not include any historians, sociologists, or economists. Their job was to vote on the new curriculum that was assembled by a panel of experts, but what they instead did was throw out the assembled curriculum and make up their own. Their actions will affect textbooks on a national level, while they only represent the state level. Also, I only used the example of the TX Board of Education because it was mentioned in the article; I could equally well have used the example of a teacher in New Jersey who told students (specifically a Muslim student) that, among other things, they would go to hell for not accepting Christ. After review, they received no punishment. Or the example of a Louisiana school whose principal distributed bibles to all the students, encouraging all the students to take them, as he had done for 35 years, and that one muslim girl in the school was asked by her teacher to sit as scorekeeper for a game about Christ and Christmas because she “might not know the answers to the questions”, prompting the other students to call her things like “Jesus-hater” and saying that she would “go to hell”. My point being that though I agree with your outrage in this particular case, I think you are ignoring the number of cases in which the proselytizing on the part of the teacher went the other direction. This is in no way a problem that is limited to “libtards” as you call them, but does in fact extend to “conservatards” or “theotards”. Also, Jefferson along with many founding fathers was a Deist, not a Christian, so his belief in separation of church and state extended not only to denominations of christianity, but also to any denomination of faith, which would include Judaism, Islam, Baha’i, Buddhism, Atheism, Jainism, Taoism, etc.

    • tgusa Says:

      No I can’t. I’m not teaching their kids at public school am I?

  7. Bob Says:

    “his belief in separation of church and state extended not only to denominations of christianity, but also to any denomination of faith, which would include Judaism, Islam, Baha’i, Buddhism, Atheism, Jainism, Taoism, etc.”
    That may be , but Jeffersons big problem was this only: that there never be a state-sanctioned or state-mandated religion, as was the case of the Church of England. He believed people should worship according to their own beliefs, not because they were forced to do so by their rulers.
    Fact of the matter is, this whole concept of seperation of church & state has been co-opted and warped by Godless liberals that wish to force their atheistic beliefs on everyone.

    • PB-in-AL Says:

      Indeed, well said.

    • Jeremiah Says:

      I agree with most of what you’re saying, and this is getting slightly off the topic of this article, though I don’t think that the goals of the vast majority of Atheists (not all of whom are liberals and of whom not liberals are not solely composed) want to “force their beliefs” on anyone any more than Christians or Buddhists or Muslims or Jews want to force their beliefs on anyone.

      My original point in bringing the subject of separation of church and state up was that the Texas Board of Education decided to eliminate language regarding the separation of church and state from school curriculum; specifically they eliminated any mention that the government is built such that it does not hold any one religion over any other. This, to me, speaks against your own view of the importance of separation between government and religion, and to remove any mention of this separation is basically a lie by omission on the part of the Board.

  8. B.White Says:

    You are all about posting information about SBEC, but did you bother to read anything on their website? Did you look up public school law? Did you look up the TEKS of AP Political Science? Did you google the quote she used to find the source of her information? Did you bother to contact the school district to find out the TRUTH? Did you bother think or wonder why this story hasn’t made national or local news?

    Clearly you didn’t do any of the above or you wouldn’t have put this crap up on your blog. So, let me take the time to educate you since you can’t do it yourself. It is against district and state policy for public schools to take a political stance. If you look up the TEKS you will see that there is a state educational standard regarding teachers to teach about bias in the media. Oh, but you won’t do that because it would prove you are doing what she was trying to teach her class about… bias and prejudice. Finally, if you bothered to contact the school district you would know the truth and you would know that you are slandering this teacher’s good name. If you possessed any type of critical thinking skills or problem solving abilities you would/should have thought about why this hasn’t made national or local news and realized that the boys and girls that play in the big leagues aren’t dumb enough to post or report incorrect information and expose themselves to a lawsuit. If I were you, I would do all of the above and post a public apology before this woman gets smart and sues the crap out of you. How un-American of you to play judge and jury in a situation you have no factual information about! You are all about calling Obama a commie, but clearly people that live in glass houses don’t need to throw stones.

    • Nope, not going to happen.

      Here is the response from Richard Middleton, the Superintendent of the Northeast Independent School District:

      “[…] This handout is not part of the District’s government curriculum and was brought in as a supplemental teaching tool for the class. The District does not approve of this document and immediately removed it from use. An investigation into this situation is still underway. […]”

      Then, of course, he goes on and attempts to white wash this whole incident.

      But, as he has affirmed, the teacher in question handed out an unapproved worksheet and an investigation was initiated into the incident.

      Yup, the teacher definitely, absolutely, without question screwed up and was caught handing out unapproved material!

      I don’t buy the school’s lame ass explanation that the teacher was going to use it for demonstrating bias in the media or some such crap as that.

      What’s slanderous about that? Not a damn thing.

      Furthermore, I didn’t write this article. It is re-posted here for discussion amongst our readers, be it negative or positive.

      Now, if you have a problem with this story, then follow the source link to the original article and to its author and then sue away!

      And, good luck with that! You’ll need it.


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