Berzerkeley Students End Hunger Strike

What?  No one died?  Drat!

Let’s see now…  That lasted, what?  Only about nine days?  Heck, even Mahatma Gandhi lasted three weeks on one of his hunger strikes, and he was 70-freakin’-years old!    What’s their lame excuse?

Yup, I told ya’ they were all a bunch of whiny little posers!  No real commitment to anything.

This updates our previous post HERE.

Protesters end hunger strike at UC Berkeley
Staff – Contra Costa Times
Posted: 05/12/2010 05:35:09 PM PDT

BERKELEY — Students and workers who have staged a hunger strike on the front lawn of UC Berkeley’s central administrative building since May 3 ended their strike this afternoon by eating corn.

Four students had been hospitalized after days without food as part of the strike. The students want the school to denounce a new Arizona law that allows police to question anyone regarding their citizenship status; make the school a sanctuary for undocumented residents; drop charges against students who occupied Wheeler Hall last fall; change the student code of conduct; and reinstate laid-off custodial workers.

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One Comment on “Berzerkeley Students End Hunger Strike”

  1. PB-in-AL Says:

    HOSPITALIZED?! for what? I’ve fasted several times for a week with no troubles. I know a number of people who have done 40 day fasts and kept doing their daily routines. These kids were sitting on the lawn; how many calories could that possibly require?


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