Michael Savage – Jo from Florida demonstrates how stupid she is on radio

Cavmom emailed us with the following YouTube video.  It’s an audio recording of Michael Savage taking a call from some Libtardess in Florida.

I got a kick out of it and figured Cavmom wouldn’t mind if I shared it with you all:

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6 Comments on “Michael Savage – Jo from Florida demonstrates how stupid she is on radio”

  1. Mab Says:

    May God bless Michael Savage — and also save us from Jo, her ancestors and her descendants.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    The law is ‘racist’ and yet it protects us from criminals many of whom have come over to cause trouble.

    Of course ‘jo’ would be more than happy to have the jihadis live with her while they destroy the infrastructure around her.

    Not to mention all the criminals who would rape, rob, and brutalize her because of her idiotic leftist BS…

  3. Mike Kat Says:

    How did she get past the screener. She makes nos sense. She has been brainwashed by the left. People make too much money? We make too much money because we have to pay taxes to support morons like her who suck the system dry being on welfare and feel that we should have open borders in AZ. I live in AZ and work in the Federal Court System. I see every day the kinds of people who are coming across the border. Believe me they are no rocket scientists. Most have a sixth grade education, kind of like Jo from FL. Jo, take off the rose colored glasses and take a look around you, that’s if you can get your fat ass out passed the mail box to collect thatt welfare check.

  4. CavMom Says:

    I would have enjoyed hearing the conversation between Mr. Savage and the phone bank person who allowed the caller thru. I bet it was priceless. I wondered if it were a prank, but I have heard some pretty interesting conversations in real life regarding entitlement.

  5. As long as someone is getting a welfare check tax-free, they have no right to beef about how much money other people earn. Another thing I don’t get is why U.S. citizens are forced to provide welfare benefits for illegal immigrants who cross over the border.

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