Obama Administration Seeks to Deport Ex-Hamas Christian Convert

It is interesting that Obama’s aunt was allowed to stay in the United States after falsely claiming political asylum, yet here we have an apostate from Islam, Mosab Hassan Yousef (aka – “Joseph” ) who is truly in danger of assassination, and the Obama administration is trying to deport him back to that cesspool whence he escaped.

Why is this?   Surely, he is no longer a threat to society.   Perhaps if he had remained a Muslim and not converted to Christianity, Obama and Janet Nappylatino would be more than happy to keep him here…

Furthermore, where are all those Libtards who come out of the woodwork everytime an “immigrant” faces deportation?   Crickets?  I thought so!  Freakin’ hypocrites.

This updates our previous coverage HERE and HERE.

Homeland Security Seeks to Deport Christian ‘Son of Hamas’

By Eric Young|Christian Post Reporter

The disowned son of one of the founders of terrorist group Hamas has grown quite a fan base since he revealed who he was and made public his story of conversion from Islam  to Christianity.

But the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is apparently not among Mosab Hassan Yousef’s admirers as it’s currently seeking to deport the 32-year-old asylum seeker, who currently resides in San Diego.

“[A]ccording to these ‘highly trained’ civil servants, I am a threat to America’s national security and must be deported,” reported Yousef this past week.

In a lengthy account of his situation, Yousef explained in his personal weblog how he has been barred from a grant of asylum since last year “because there were reasonable grounds for believing [I] was a danger to the security of the United States and because [I] engaged in terrorist activity.”

In court documents Yousef recently received, Homeland Security senior attorney Kerri Calcador highlighted Yousef’s extensive involvement with Hamas and the support he gave to the Tier I terrorist organization.

While Yousef admits openly to the integral role he played in Hamas, he argues the account of his conversion in his recently released book, Son of Hamas, should make perfectly clear that he is now an asset, not a threat.

In the book, Yousef shares how he came to question who his enemies really were after he discovered that Hamas was torturing its own people in a relentless search for collaborators.

After a chance encounter with a British missionary in 1999, Yousef started the six-year quest that would lead to embrace of Jesus Christ and his departure from his family, friends and homeland.

During that time, Yousef served as a spy for the Israeli security agency Shin Bet, to which he passed on all the information he gathered in terrorist meetings with then-Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, his father and other Hamas leaders.

“I … saved the lives of many people-including many Americans,” an obviously upset Yousef emphasized.

“Maybe Homeland Security only read a few chapters of my book.”

[Yup, just like they did with the unholy Qur’an…]

According to Yousef, the FBI has advised Homeland Security to drop the case against him, telling them that Yousef is not a threat.

“But Homeland Security shut its eyes and stopped up its ears and told the FBI, ‘You have nothing to do with this. It is our job,’” Yousef claimed.

As a result, Yousef will stand before Immigration Judge Rico J. Bartolomei at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration Court in San Diego on June 30.

With about a month before the court date, Yousef is encouraging those in the San Diego area to attend the 8 a.m. hearing and “see for yourself Homeland Security in action.”

He is also encouraging supporters to write letters to Homeland Security senior attorney Kerri Calcador – not simply to write on his behalf but to help the department to make what he feels are imperative changes.

“I believe that God is using this situation to expose the weaknesses of Homeland Security and to put pressure on it to make changes that can save lives and preserve freedom,” said Yousef.

Notably, Yousef arrived in America on a tourist visa without any problem on Jan. 2, 2007. It wasn’t until seven months later that he personally went to the Homeland Security office to inform them of his past role in Hamas and his intent to seek political asylum.

“I told them, hey, you didn’t discover me. You didn’t catch me. I came to you and told you who I am to wake you up. I wanted them to see that they have huge gaps in their security and their understanding of terrorism and make changes before it’s too late,” he reported.

Before concluding, Yousef claimed that “Homeland Security has been embarrassed.

“They want me out. They don’t want to change,” he wrote. “But there are too many lives at stake to worry about the personal sensitivities of the civil servants at Homeland Security.”

Presently, Yousef is residing in San Diego, where he works as a security guard at a grocery store and attends a Baptist church that knows him by his English name – Joseph.

He was the oldest of six brothers and two sisters.

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8 Comments on “Obama Administration Seeks to Deport Ex-Hamas Christian Convert”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    I would rather keep Arab Christians in the USA and kick out any muslim that is serving in Fed prison.

  2. PB-in-AL Says:

    I expect this fellow will be another speed bump under the Obama bus, just like Rifqa Bary is. Apostasy must be addressed according to the law (not ours, theirs). At least that’s the message I’m getting, correct me if I’m off-base here……

  3. Christian Says:

    How can ‘Leatherneck” call him an ‘extremist muslim’?
    “Was” maybe, but not “is”. Sure Muslims will call him
    apostate. Christians would call him apostate if circumstances were reversed, but they would not kill him. Nor would they be told to kill him by their holy book. I do not know about asylum law, but if this is not the right situation for asylum, what is? There is a higher law than states have. This was an accepted truth in the time of the US founders. Protecting a person from unjust danger is a perfect example. “Sanctuary!” (remember the movie Hunchback of Notre Dame?)

    • I think you might have misunderstood Leatherneck’s insinuation; He is insinuating that those who do not faithfully follow Islam are the real extremists because extremism (Jihadism, racism, bigotry, sexism, etc. ) is just par for the course for those who are true followers of Muhammad.


  4. Annmarie Says:

    This young man should be kept in the USA.. It is really not safe for him to go home, he will be killed..They the Mossies, do not allow people from Islam to become Christians..

  5. Sadik Says:

    Ha, he is going to suffer a lot in the hands of the federal Gov. he made a mistake, he should have said that, he is a radical Muslim who ran from his country’s regime, HS will give him the OK and the peace of mind. But he said he is A Christian na they will not believe him.

    Look at me I am fighting my deportation to Yemen for the last 15 years. I became I Christian but judges do not think I did. For some reason they do not believe a Christian for the Muslim, they believe him right away.

    I will not attack Obama, in that regard, I suffered in the hands of the prior administration ten times than I am suffering now. To the contrary Obama administration is way lenient. But the policy is the same it is against Christians and that is the fact. I think we need to rally up and make sure Christians regain some clout in this country
    It is a shame when America turns its back on a Christian refugees I only wonder what James Madison will say when he looks down and see his constitutionalists deny basic rights to those who saw America as a safe haven and the land of the free to land in.

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