Tulsa Woman Shoots Two Would-Be Rapists—in their Heads!

Wow!  Nice shootin’:

Woman shoots home invaders, kills 1

TULSA, Okla.  (UPI) — A woman shot two intruders breaking into her Tulsa, Okla., home killing one and critically wounding another, police officials say.

Thursday’s alleged home invasion — in which the woman shot Darreon Carter, 18, and Daniel Holman, 23 — was Tulsa’s second such incident in as many days, the Tulsa World reported Friday.

Police Capt. Travis Yates said the woman — whose name was not reported — was walking back to her Brighton Park apartment about 3:50 a.m. after going to a fast-food restaurant when Carter and Holman allegedly forced their way inside, demanding money.

The woman cooperated until one alleged intruder told her to undress, when she pulled a revolver from her purse and shot him, the newspaper said.

“We believe that this was totally an opportunity crime,” Yates said. “Somebody saw a woman walking up to an apartment, and they decided to commit a crime, and here we are.”

Carter and Holman — who were both shot in the head — were found by police in the apartment’s entryway and taken to St. Francis Hospital, where Carter died. Holman was in critical condition with bullet wounds to his head and stomach, the World reported.

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