Obama Wants at Least 60% of Young Americans to Possess a College Degree

All the better to indoctrinate the youth of America into a Godless Lefturd ideology:

Obama to Call for Better Graduation Rates
Published: August 9, 2010

WASHINGTON – President Obama  on Monday will renew his call for the United States to lead the world in college graduation rates by 2020, an ambitious goal that senior administration officials say will require 60 percent of all young Americans to possess a college degree, up from 40 percent today.

The United States gave up its spot as the world leader in college graduation rates about 10 years ago, as students in countries like South Korea, Canada and Russia began to surpass their American counterparts. Now the United States ranks 12th among 36 developed nations; a report by the College Board last month warned that the gap threatens to undermine American competitiveness.

Mr. Obama, who shares that view, used his State of the Union address in January to call for the United States to resume its spot as the world leader in graduation rates. He will travel to Austin, Texas, on Monday to reiterate his education plan in a speech at the University of Texas there.

“We’re flatlined, where other countries have passed us by,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Sunday, during a conference call with reporters to preview the president’s remarks. Mr. Duncan called the 2010 goal “the North Star for all our educational efforts.”

Mr. Obama’s trip to Texas will pair policy with politics; before delivering his education speech, he will headline a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in Austin. After the speech, he will make a quick trip to Dallas to raise money for Democratic Senate candidates.

And the speech itself will have a political edge; advisers to Mr. Obama say he will use it to remind Americans that, with just a few exceptions, Republicans voted overwhelmingly against legislation adopted by Congress earlier this year to revamp the student loan program by eliminating fees paid to banks that act as middlemen. The measure, which also included a major expansion of the federal Pell Grant program, was a central component of the president’s education platform. But it was included in the health care overhaul, which Republicans vehemently opposed.

[Let me quote a couple of excerpts from Laura Ingraham’s new book, “The Obama Diaries:”

“And let me be clear (as our president would say)—rolling back the Obama agenda will not be easy.  Obama and his crowd may not know much about economics, or history, or culture, or foreign policy—but they understand politicsThey know how to raise huge volumes of money.  They know how to manipulate the dinosaur media—remember the Razzle Dazzle!  They know how to accuse their opponents of everything from racism to fascism to racist fascism.   Most important, Obama and company still have the support of millions who want to take your money and spend it on their priorities.”

And, while arguing the point that the Republican Party is NOT the same as the Democratic Party, Laura Ingraham notes:

“If the parties were fungible, Barack Obama would not be devoting precious time and resources flying around the country to raise money for the DNC, so he can help elect Democrat candidates.”

Yup, Laura Ingraham has got Obama pegged! ]

Mr. Obama has made reforming the nation’s education system one of the four pillars of what he calls the ‘’new foundation” for economic recovery (the others are health care reform, energy reform and financial regulatory reform). But after a year in which he has devoted himself intensively to health legislation and the financial regulatory bill, education has received scant attention.

With the midterm election season well underway, Mr. Obama will use his Austin speech to tout what he views as the progress he has made in education, including the student loan legislation, approved by Congress in March as a companion bill to the health care overhaul.


How “Progressive” of him…

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5 Comments on “Obama Wants at Least 60% of Young Americans to Possess a College Degree”

  1. tgusa Says:

    The last time we saw education reform we ended up right where we are today. In my school days most everyone graduated in spite of the fact that the classes were much harder back then. And in those days, if you didn’t want to apply yourself no one cared as long as you were not a disruption. There things we can take away from this, its not just education its the people they are trying to educate. The proof, the lowering of the educational bar and the corresponding failure rate, do the math. There’s a reason why Africa or Mexico didn’t go to the Moon. American education is a white American ideal, we created it because we wanted it and it follows us where ever we go.

    If American style education was for everyone, well, everyone in every country would be doing it. The performance rates are a reflection of different groups of people and their values. Education has always been one of ours, I feel it has been stolen from us. Kids on the wild wild western frontier had a better chance at being educated than the kids today. Its the people. most don’t value education like we do and they never will. Who would trust their kids futures to these people?

    Barack Obama is not even an American and it really doesn’t matter where he was born that fact does not change. Who the hell does he think he is telling us Americans anything, he can go to hell. This guy will destroy America but that’s ok because the sooner he does the sooner we split up, and the sooner we get back to the business of moving forward in the world.. I don’t care what people say I have had my fill of all of this crap and I’m not going to take it any longer!

  2. tgusa Says:

    I’m sure you heard about Obamas economic adviser jumping ship, err, leaping over to a university post. In and out, from guvmint parasite to educational parasite, leaving a trail of bug dropping all along their way.

  3. Big Frank Says:

    What type of college degrees does our ‘Dear Leader’ want our young folk to posses? I hope and pray it’s not the type of Marxist, Leninist, Socialist crap taught in those so-called institutions of higher learning, which are nothing more than ‘Commie Factories’ staffed by Lunatic out of touch professors.

  4. Bob Says:

    60% of the kids I see nowadays would be a waste of a college degree.

  5. Prudence Says:

    Very true! Makes a change to see sooenme spell it out like that. 🙂

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