The ____Act of ____

Let’s see, here…  There is still about $367 billion dollars left in Obama’s Stinkulus Package, yet the DemonRats are going to race back to D.C. to pass an emergency spending measure that will tack another $26 billion dollars onto the backs of hard-working Americans.   Hmmm…  I smell another giant turd!

In a similar vein, Fannie and Freddie are asking Congress for another handout.  This one is only $1.6 billion.  However, that puts Fannie and Freddie at $148 billion and counting!:

What Do Prince and H.R. 1586 Have in Common?
Posted by Jim Harper – Cato @ Liberty

Give up?

Both have adopted highly unconventional names in their lifetimes. In Prince’s case, it was the adoption of a symbol to protest Warner Brothers’ artistic and financial control of his output.

Following suit, H.R. 1586 has adopted the name, the “______Act of____,” apparently because of the haste with which the Senate wanted to pass the bill last week.

The Senate’s substitute amendment on this $26 billion spending bill had a placeholder bill name, and it could not take time to replace the placeholder. The House is expected to return this week and pass the Senate amendment, sending it to the president.

As reported on the blog and cnet news, this highly unconventional name may be what goes into law. With the Senate out of town until September, there is no chance to pass a correcting amendment in both houses. The constitution requires both to pass identical bills, so the House must take up the “______Act of____” and pass it as such.

If it does, the “law with no name” will stand as a lasting tribute to the inattention Congress gives its work. Spending billions of taxpayer dollars is a hurried and casual affair for our lawmakers.

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2 Comments on “The ____Act of ____”

  1. tgusa Says:

    DC has become a entity similar to a blackhole, sucking the life out of the Fifty states. It was never ever supposed to be this way. Thats why I call it the DC syndicate and to shut it down we would need an operation multiple times larger than the war against organized crime. With the guvmint media complex operating hand in hand it is a monumental undertaking. After all, the military industrial complex is just a small part of the guvmint media complex today. Of course Ike needn’t have feared the guvmint media complex, the media as we know it didn’t exist at that time. We could sat that DC has the rest of the fifty states by the throat.

  2. PB-in-AL Says:

    Seems to me that this is grounds for impeachment, at least, for every “yea” vote in both houses if this crap passes.

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