The abused women of islam; a shocking story heard every day

Except for the lie about the pedophile mohammed respecting women; this article does a fair job of explaining the plight of Afghan women. This is also not just an “afghan problem” islam is abuse.

21 August 2010, the National
Manizha Naderi, as told to Hamida Ghafour
Ten months ago I received a phone call from an Afghan-American translator working with the provincial reconstruction team in Uruzgan province, saying that the American soldiers there had a young girl on their base who needed help.

He would not tell me what her story was.

After I accepted her to our shelter, I was told her husband had cut her ears and nose off.

A few days later I went to Kabul airport to pick Bibi Aisha up. I don’t know how to describe it. It was too much. The first thing I saw was a hole in the middle of her face.

She was very quiet and trying to cover her face. It was sort of an instinct where if anyone sat in front of her she covered her nose.

When she came to the shelter she told us her story. She was given away in a “baad” transaction at the age of 12. This is a tribal tradition. If a family commits a crime, they give a girl to the victim’s family so the dispute is settled.
-A lie; this “tribal tradition” is found in many islamic countries, even ones that do not have “tribes”.

From the age of 14 onwards, she was living with her in-laws in Chora, a village in Uruzgan province. Her husband was not around and she never met him. He was with the Taliban. For more than three years the in-laws beat her, tortured her and made her sleep with the livestock.
-Notice the usage of “wife” and not the correct terminology “slave”.

A woman living in her neighbourhood told her that she should run away and that she would help her. The woman told Bibi Aisha she would have good fortune and a good life.

Bibi Aisha could not take the beatings any more so she ran away with two women.

They took her to Kandahar where, in turn, they wanted to sell her to another man. The police were called and the women were imprisoned. Bibi Aisha spent four months in prison.

One day President Hamid Karzai came and toured the prison and pardoned her.
-What a guy, thank God we gave him billions (sarcasm)

She was referred to the human rights commission in Kandahar. Her father then came looking for her and took her back to the house of her in-laws.

That night her father-in-law and husband came home. It was the first time she had ever seen her husband. They said and did nothing that night.

The next morning, her husband took her out in front of the community where the rest of his Taliban friends were. He said that his wife had run away and shamed his family.

Everyone agreed that she should be shamed too and her nose and ears cut off. Bibi told me her brother-in-law held her down as her husband cut one ear off.

She passed out. When she came to, her other ear and nose were gone. They left her bleeding and alone in the desert.

She made her way alone to her uncle’s house. He told her to go away, he wanted nothing to do with her. She went to her father-in-law’s home. He took her to the Americans with the provincial reconstruction team in Tirin Kot, the capital of Uruzgan.
-Even with all the lies and half truths, everyone knew the Americans would help.

A lot of media outlets contact me for stories about women. When they saw Aisha, everyone wanted to write about her. First it was CNN, then ABC News. Then Time contacted me.

I think the Time magazine cover has been very important for our work. It opened a worldwide debate about women’s rights and we are very happy about that because the American public and people in the rest of the world are losing patience with the war in Afghanistan. They want their troops to leave.

The Taliban released a statement when the Time story came out. They said the whole story was propaganda to help the American army.

We think in order for Afghan women to be safe we need the US troops until the Afghan army is strong enough to defend the country. Right now, they are not. Most Afghans agree with us. If the Americans left, civil war would start next week.

Bibi Aisha’s case was the most extreme I have ever seen. I’ve seen other women who have been burned, had bones broken.
-Not to mentioned, murdered, gang raped, buried alive and somehow all of those crimes and more were left out of the article, strange.

Domestic violence is a huge problem. Some form of domestic violence exists in every family. Some are just a slap in the face, others are forced marriage, the custom of “baad”, there are child marriages and torture. Sometimes a girl comes to us because her father won’t let her go to school or she wants to marry someone her father opposes.

We need these shelters so women can have a place where they can safely stay until their problems are resolved.

We have to explain to people that we are not against men or trying to separate families. We are trying to bring harmony to family relations.

First, we try to solve the problem through the family so she can live peacefully without being violated again. In 80 per cent of the cases, mediation works. If a woman comes and says, “My husband is beating me” or “I want a divorce”, we tell the husband to come to one of our family guidance centres and mediate through our lawyers and case workers.
-Are any of you good with just forgetting about the other 20 %?

Afghanistan is a family-oriented culture. It is almost impossible for women to live by themselves. After a divorce a woman is stigmatised and not accepted by the community. The best place for her is her own immediate family. In the minority of cases, if we think it is dangerous for her to go back home or there is no way to solve the case through mediation, we have lawyers and try to dissolve the marriage in the courts. Then the woman returns to her father’s house.

The root causes of the violence are not religion. The Prophet Mohammed never beat his wives, he respected them, he respected women.
-We have busted that lie many times over the years; mohammed was scum; pure garbage.

It is traditions and tribal law that govern Afghanistan, really. The Quran never says if a male in the family commits a crime you should exchange a girl so the crime goes away.

After 30 years of war, men are traumatised and it affects the domestic sphere.

Generations of men have grown up knowing only war and killing. It would have an effect on any human being. I think the whole country is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

When a woman arrives at a family guidance centre, we take her to a temporary shelter for two or three nights until we know what her story is. Afterwards we transfer her to the main shelter, which is in a secret location, protected by guards. We have to keep it a secret because we don’t want husbands or fathers to go and make trouble for the women. We haven’t had any problems with anyone, although we do get threats from disgruntled fathers and husbands.

It costs US$250,000 (Dh920,000) a year to run a centre and shelter. It is not very much. The women get a bed to sleep on, medical care, three meals a day. We have literacy classes, sewing classes and we pay for the mediation sessions and lawyers’ fees. We get funding from the US state department and European Commission.

Since 2007, we have helped 2,000 women. This year we opened a shelter in Jalalabad and another in Kunduz. Last month we got 130 women all over the country coming to us.

It is very fulfilling work and I feel like we are changing a lot of things.

I was born here but grew up in the United States. I feel very fortunate to have left Afghanistan and to have been educated. In all honesty I could have been one of the women tortured under the Taliban.

I always wanted to help but what can one person do? I didn’t get involved for years, then, in 2002, I joined Women For Afghan Women which was just established in New York.

The next year, I visited Kandahar, a women’s prison there. Most of the women were not there for any kind of real crimes but for running away from abusive relationships. I had to do something about this. I really wanted to come back. So, in 2006, I moved to Kabul.

Whether the situation gets better for women depends on the political situation. If there are negotiations with the Taliban it will get worse. Schools are going to close, women are going to be forced to stay at home. Whatever happened under the Taliban will happen again.

There was a stoning in Kunduz recently, and the stoning and shooting of a pregnant woman. These things will happen even more if the Taliban are back in the government.
-At least that is true.

This weekend I returned from the US. I took Bibi Aisha to Los Angeles. She is being treated by the Grossman Burn Foundation which helps burns victims in developing countries. She is staying with a host Afghan family there.

If all goes well, she will be in the US for eight months. She needs multiple operations. Until she has the real surgery she is going to have probably a prosthetic nose. The doctors will take parts from the rest of her body, bone, cartilage, and build her a new nose.
-I am all for helping the victims of islam, the world needs to know that our system is superior and through actions we learn about both islam and what America really stands for.

She has to be ready mentally and physically for the surgery and we don’t think she is at the moment. She had a breakdown. She is very upset. It is too early to decide if she will return to Afghanistan or not. It’ll be her decision after the surgery.

She has a younger sister back in Uruzgan who was also given away in the “baad” custom. We don’t know what has happened to her. Maybe the in-laws are taking out their anger on her. It is not really a happy ending.

Manizha Naderi, 34 and the mother of two young daughters, is executive director of Women for Afghan Women, a rights group based in New York. Born in Afghanistan, she runs five women’s shelters across the country which help victims of domestic violence. She told her story to Hamida Ghafour

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  1. sameer Says:

    what do u think (christ) isalesalam (peace be upon him) in past died , if u think so its totally wrong belive, as he was replaced with an alike person that they thought he was (christ) isalesalam(peace be upon him) and what u say that , mmmm ? ha that he (astagfirulla) is son of god any christian can’t be a christian until he belives he was the massenger of Allha and sent for that periode’s people ,when isalesalam(christ) (peace be upon him) was born to bibi maryam (mother merry) without a father as she had given her life in the devotion of Allha and she had not married only to seek the devine blessing of none other than Allha , so Allha blessed her a son without a father only to show that Allha is great and everything is nothing and everything is nothing without him and before this happened she asked Allha how could i get son without a husband ,hence gibrayel an leader of angles gave her a good news of being blessed with the son without father when people started saying wrong things isalesalam (christ) peace be upon him started saying at the age that no baby can talk ,that he was belessed from Allha to her mother as the people listen this ,people got to thought that he is (astagfirulla)son of god and got astrayed in wrong belive. our prophet mohammad peace be upon him was the last massenger to the humanity and the leader of all massengers sent to earth after which the sending of massengers has sealed and no massenger will be send after him . many prophet made dua (prayer) to Allha that they would like to be the part of Allha’s beloved last massenger our prophet mohammad peace be upon him for whoom the world came into existence but Allha had already had choosen one, that is isaleslam (christ)(peace be upon) him , our beloved prophet mohammad peace be upon him said : as Allha has taken isalesalam(christ) (peace be upon him) up to sky alive isalesalam (christ) (peace be upon him) will inshaallha come from the sky and will be visible to every like the moon is seen by everyone before 40years to the end of the world(qyamat) and will follow in the foot steps of our beloved prophet mohammad peace be upon him.(christ) isalesalam will break the cross and then christians will come to know the truth,and he will have a fragnance, it will reach where as far as he can see till.if every non beliver (non- muslim) who smells it he will die.he will be for 40 years , he will kill the dajjal along with his companion 70,000 jewish,when he will come face to face with (christ)isalesalam he will melt like salt in water , but isalsalam (christ) (peace be upon him) wait you can’t die untill i kill u hence he will be killed. then earth will have so much fertility that even if a seed is lying on a rock it will sprout out plant , and every beliver( muslim) will be satisfied with its needs as wealth will flow like river no one will be in need of wealth because they will have exess and no one will be there to except charity…. our prophet narrated as in hadiths……according to my knowledge, if any mistakes by me let me know ,hope the light of islam will enter your heart ,ALLHA hafiz

    • Ronin Says:

      Blah, blah, blah, islam, blah, blah, blah.

      Your displeasure at our low opinion of your cult can change just by people like you admitting the problems of islam and addressing them.

  2. Actually sameer that if you follow isa than you must kill Christians and Jews…

    Remember this…

    “Volume 3, Book 34, Number 425: ”
    “Narrated Abu Huraira: ”

    “Allah’s Apostle said, “By Him in Whose Hands my soul is, son of Mary (Jesus) will shortly descend amongst you people (Muslims) as a just ruler and will break the Cross and kill the pig and abolish the Jizya (a tax taken from the non-Muslims, who are in the protection, of the Muslim government). Then there will be abundance of money and no-body will accept charitable gifts.”

    After all you silly jihadi wannabe you think your satanic allah is God? HA! Good luck because I already know that allah is the devil!

  3. Slyviper Says:

    Everyone who is an abuser is a “peice of shit” In my opinion. Cutting her ears and nose off was horrid and left her scarred for life. If she “Shamed” Your family so damn bad why not just cut her hair.. thats an example.. No one deserves that. NO ONE.

  4. A muslim Says:

    islam is not like this, what they did to that girl is haram (not allowed) and they shouldnt be calling themself muslims, abusing women in not right in islam and women in many cases get more reward than men, nd they even get reward for workin for living instead of being a housewife so dont judge islam when it is onli those few people that call themselfs muslims r at fault.

    • Muhammad (dbuh), the perfect example for Muslims to follow, beat Aisha:

      …He [Muhammad (dbuh)] said: Was it the darkness (of your shadow) that I saw in front of me? I said: Yes. He struck me on the chest which caused me pain […] – Sahih Muslim Book 4: No. 2127

      And, the Qur’an allows husbands to beat their wives:

      “…As for those [wives] from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them…” – Qur’an 4:34 (Dawood)

      So, what’s the problem?

      • A muslim Says:

        Ya, dat verse in the Quran means that husbands are in charge of the house because of there ability to take care of the house and the money they spend on it….you cant just read a verse in english because sometimes it is translated wrong and people will misunderstand

        • Pure speciousness, A$$Muzzy.

          Don’t crap on my carpet and then try to tell me its only Chicken McNuggets!

          Why don’t you try to enlighten these “fluent-in-Arabic” Saudis with your fallacious interpretations:

          Yeah, that would be swell. Then, once you have enlightened them and shown them the error of their ways, be sure to send them on over here to apologize to all of us for their egregious misunderstanding of Arabic as used in the Qur’an.

          Until such time, don’t try to teach your Grandma to suck eggs.


          • A muslim Says:

            Im jordanian dude do believe everything you watch gullible much….you cant translate arabic to english just like dat

          • tgusa Says:

            No worries, soon we will understand everything. We always start out slow but we are inquisitive and quick learners too.

          • Go ahead, A muslim, why don’t you translate it for all of us. That would be swell. Then, I’ll check your translation for you, kadaab.


      • Proud2bMuslim Says:

        Mr,Bulldog and very human right, wow! what a publicity stunt you brought up at front of your race.
        Beside what that tribal man did with his wife,that at front of many he cut off nose and ears,so what so difference between him and you who brought her at front or entire world to put salt on her wounds,if you so called bomb and bread help,trueman..than why didnt you just helped to give her plastic surgery to bring her back what she lost,your pathetic publicity stunt finding a reason to be in Afghan,killing millions,innocent aren’t unhuman,more overe killing wihtout differentiate of child ,old,women…and you follower or atheist even shamed to Jesus pbuh,,just bring out one woman and start lies as you people usually do.Stop your own american are tired of your shits..cant you see…

    • South68 Says:

      Yeah. Real peaceful religion, right? Ummmm…..not! — Freaking satanic is what it is.

  5. islams not for me Says:

    a muslim…

    You might want to check in the various moslem websites online. They have plenty to say about muslima abuse.

    Time to reform islam or make it go away!

    • A muslim Says:

      I dont worry about these ‘sites’ made by random people…you shouldnt believe everything u read without prove…and if u really want a site to read from try…my Allah guide you on the straight path

      • Gonzo Says:

        ‘A muslim’ – I took a bit of time and browsed through this website. It touches on a very small number of aspects of islam, and thus is hugely incomplete regarding the “true” nature of islam.

        First, not a single article on the site addresses the treatment of women in islam. Nor does it address the implementation of sharia. Such judicial information would be quite relevant to the nature of islam and this article, now wouldn’t it? The website does have an article that addresses blasphemy and what we all know about islam, which is its enslavement of people to islam by making the act of leaving islam, (apostasy), the most offensive form of blasphemy. Of course, since the site does not address the punishment of death for apostasy, it is entirely incomplete and not even close to a “factual” website to convey to a reader the true nature of islam. Since it is so incomplete, and seems to purposely leave out those aspects of islam which people of common sense would find deplorable, it is not to be trusted.

        You have proven nothing more than the obvious nature of your apologetic tendency toward the gruesome culture that evolves around islam, and your attempt to deceive the unknowing. Unfortunately for you, this site is monitored by those who have taken the time to understand islam, and see through your lightly veiled attempt at jihad via deceit. And since you are ignoring the Most Divine’s mandate to be truthful, you are a blasphemer. And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when ye know (what it is). -Surah 2:42 (Yusuf Ali)

        • a muslim Says:

          1. i dont remember saying it will adress the treatment of women in islam.
          2. i was just posting a site that says the truth
          3. Only Allah knows who is a blasphemer or not so plz dont say stuff like that

          • Gonzo Says:

            In my culture, an incomplete truth, especially where unfavorable elements are purposely omitted, is a lie.

          • Leatherneck Says:

            Allah, or the god, does not exist, and Muhammad was a murderer, and rapist. Islam is a false religion, and political system.

  6. jeff Says:

    This is not about Islam, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhism, Christianity, or any other faith. This is about how to conduct yourself and treat other people, and every situation we face in life. Each human interaction is special and sacred. If a person is in a position of power (or control) that person needs to look out for the best interest of that person (or people) that needs the help. Cutting off body parts doesn’t help in any part of the world.

    Please everybody, consider your own beliefs and make sure you are doing right by those that need you. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, or what anybody believes. Everybody has an inherent belief to do what’s right.

  7. islams not for me Says:

    Islam & muslim are the same jeff.

    The problem is the mentality in islam that allows for a moslem man to beat his wife for mistakes or rebellion.

    These types of stories will continue till moslem imams change islams doctrines and traditions or culture.

  8. Muslimah Says:

    These are just some examples of domestic abuse in the so called progressive, freedom-giving white countries…where women are supposedly equals!

    Point is…you guys look for every method to attack ISLAM. Go ahead.. no one is stopping you…you can misinterpret about how it’s a horrible religion..a cult..a political our prophet was blah blah blah…
    No Muslim is going to care! In our hearts, we know what our religion is and what it stands for.

    And you will find bad eggs in every single religion, culture…country..whatever!!

    So just because you have found these stories about Islam..don’t try to generalize and judge all Muslims because if you aren’t really here on this forum with an open mind. You are just here to point out and say AHA!, see ALL muslims are bad!

    • Gonzo Says:

      Actually, I like the greatest majority of Muslims. And you are right to one point – people are people.

      It’s islam, and the culture it spawns anywhere it becomes the ruling law, that offends me.

      It’s islam that promotes the subjugation of women, and promotes victim silence over prosecution of offenders of rapists of women and children.

      It’s islam that prescribes the sight of a women’s physical being as the blame for a man’s incapacity to control his sexual desires.

      It’s islam that promotes violence to promote it’s own influence over other lands and other cultures.

      It’s islam that promotes islamofascism, by demeaning other cultures and other religions.

      It’s islam that ascribes women as the near exclusive bearer of family honor; and it is islamic culture that promotes the abuse of women to maintain or restore honor that has most often been stained by a man.

      You know in your heart what your heart maintains – which is likely the taking of the best part of islamic texts and ignoring the worse. However, that does not mean that islam has not promoted the worse in others. To compare a Western culture (made up of many religions and those who have no religion) as proof of the innocence of islam, is a red herring argument.

  9. muslimah

    Care to explain how domestic violence is part of islams system because of the hadiths? If ‘beating’ a muslimah wife is allowed in islam than it is worthy of discussing and doubting.

    Yes we can agree “Not all muslims are bad” but ALL muslims are part of a theocratic system that is flawed and yet you all run around trying to use your ‘dahwah’ to disprove our doubts and skepticism.

    Canada, USA etc are NOT all ‘white’ countries you silly racist. There are plenty of Indians, Eastern Indians, Mexicans, many other types of races here.

    If I were you I’d get out of islam before it takes your life!

  10. Tan Says:

    First of all, Western proclaims ‘Liberty’ ‘Justice’ ‘Equality’ so who gives you the right to judge someone’s else religion? This is your OPINION not FACT. It’s funny that when it comes to Islam, if a Muslim does something wrong, the individual is not responsible for his/her act but rather their religion. How is that connected? What this woman has suffered wouldn’t have happened if her inlaws as well as her husband followed what Muhammed had told them to do. Before he died, he ordered to Protect women. IT IS NOT ISLAM’S FAULT IF THIS PEOPLE HAVE TREATED her THAT WAY. THEY DO NOT FEAR ALLAH. I conclude saying that you have no right to make judgement on something you have not experience in. if freedom of religion has been established in the Western countries. then have the decency to give an example.

  11. Tsk tsk tan…

    1 Various moslems have already posted thier ‘opinions’, dahwah and ‘judgements’ on the West, Christians, Jews and many other religions. And yet you expect me to not read the quran, moslem writings online and realize that islam as a ‘religion’ and theocratic system is nothing more than man made?

    2 Yes we can agree… That a moslem criminal IS RESPONSIBLE for the evil that they have done. But where do they get thier ideas? quran? hadiths? other portions of sharia law? Or perhaps the culture.

    3 You really should scroll backward to see all the information previously posted about where this type of abuse comes from in islams religion and culture. You might just find some interesting information as a revert.

    4 Fine you dont like my opinion. So what… I dont like alot of the moslem sycretist quasi info online. It is such libel that allows me to research islam and post my information, opinions and more online and regard islam the same as I regard ANY theocratic system.

    a) theocratic system lead to failure

    b) ANY religion that makes claims that it has a new ‘revelation’ and deviates from the previous revelations is a fraud.

    c) As a theocratic system islam kills off all other religions. As a revert you should already know islams dismal history and how it destroyed whole cultures in the name of muhammad and that bizzare allah you profess all over the middle east.

  12. Bill Says:

    This is all lies and american propaganda to humiliate islam. If you americans were such humanatarians than you wouldnt be killing the innocent people in these poor countries. Islam means peace and we know how to look after our women. This article is written by some american obssessed bastard. You are talking false of Islam and disrespectfully to the Prophet Muhammad. You will be punished in this world and the hereafter

    • Emy Says:

      Americans kill innocent people in poor counties ? As being in the US Army, Muslim terrorists (I’m not saying all muslims are terrorists) probably kill innocent people more than US soldiers. What did all the Americans that died in 9-11 do to deserve Dieing ? I’d say that was muslims killing innocent people ! Your leaders tell you what they want you to think of Americans. If your men are trying so hard to protect their women , then why did this muslim man cut off his wife’s nose and ears ? Why do some muslim men dump acid on their wife’s face ? Not saying that all muslim men are bad… But there’s always someone that’s gotta ruin it for everyone. There’s bad americans that beat their wives , there’s bad muslims that beat their wives, there’s good americans that treasure their wives , there’s good muslims that treasure their wives… There’s all kinds of people so don’t judge a whole country because of a few people, and lets not judge a whole religion because of a few people. I’m not here to hate. I’m here to speak the truth. Everyone’s got an opinion of everything. Thank you.

  13. fatima Says:

    this story is one of many events that happen across the world..this is not reflection of Islam..In fact this is reflection of a person’s and of a family’s ill behaviors ..such people are so called Muslims not true Muslims because Islam urges people not only towards worshiping God but also towards best ethics…describer of this story is no doubt a biased person who did not even bother to go into details of Islam and status of women in Islam and blindly commented on Islam and Muhammad (PBUH) blindly…

  14. Since islam is not merely a religion but a ‘complete system’ of theocratic politics, culture, religion and lifestyle such stories do apply when muslim men use and abuse muslimas in the name of allah.

    The status of women in islam is not one of morality but of abuse and it is up to you the muslimas in that system to change it in order to preserve your rights and lives.

  15. You can certainly see your enthusiasm within the paintings you write. The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

  16. fatima Says:

    well i ll not talk illogical..When some action done is against the orders and teachings of Allah Almighty and Islam then how anyone can relate it to Islam ” religion of peace,respect and love for all…anyway you have your own thinking and your own views…if you want to know then study Islam and if want to criticize then carry on,no one can stop you

  17. It is not illogical to dig into a religion / theocratic system that makes absurd claims and has no evidence. And yes I have read the quran, and too many islamic websites. If moslems spent the time to fix islam then maybe I would re-consider my ‘views’ and pehaps change my ‘thinking’ but so far I have found nothing in islam that makes me beleive in it as you do fatima.

  18. fatima Says:

    well i have enough courage to admit that today we the Muslims are not following Islam with its true spirit and perhaps this is the reason that some people are developing misconceptions about Islam…we need practicing Islam…its true…but it is not true that teachings of Islam are bad…we are not true followers of a v good religion….

  19. What is the ‘true’ spirit of islam fatima?

  20. As I have studied islam from moslems themselves it is a not a mere religion it is a theocratic system that fails its followers.

    The only way to make islam better is to remove the jihadi teachings and theocracy. So far neither is likely to be removed from moslem teachings.

  21. Damon Stewart Says:

    I’m not going to say i hate islam because i have to respect other peoples beliefs and religion but there is a line. I respect some of their religion but this just takes it too far. This kind of violence DOES NOT BELONG ANYWHERE IN SOCIETY AND CULTURE. I don’t care if it is or isn’t a part of there religion. It just doesn’t belong anywhere

  22. Big Frank Says:

    It is no secret that many of the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ treat their women as cattle and chattel. What is most repulsive to me is the silence . patronizing, and blind eye towards this multi national human rights crisis by the so called ‘women’s rights groups’ the MSM, the folks at the useless UN ‘ and the Western governments and diplomats. The absolute groveling and tap dancing on this issue for the sake of relations with the Islamic world is criminal.

  23. ‘bill’

    As I have studied islam…

    Your ‘people’ have been killing innocent people the world over for the sake of your ‘religion’ going all the way back to muhammads lifetime.

    Islam doesnt mean peace persay. It means submission to your odd allah & muhammad. The word for peace is ‘salam’.

    If you bothered to do some research on islam from islamic blogs and websites you’d find out that many muslimas are raped and abused by their own moslem husbands or ‘brothers’ and that is your idea of ‘protection’ you sick freak?

    I can bad mouth allah, muhammad, islam and all you freaks in this lifetime and the next because allah = satan and muhammad is just a false prophet & another soul in hell Gods punishing prision for all those who rebel against him.

  24. JohnnieBoy Says:

    Wow. I have never been this thoroughly interested in anything religious or political in my life. Ever! I do have to agree that the Islamic history does have a lot more “conquering” in it for the sake of “religion”. How in the hell did Islam become a governing force. Women, to me, are the back bone of society. They bear our children, maintain our sanity (sometimes the opposite), feed our needs, cleanse us, and glue our families together. I can’t believe there are people out there that are willing to use religion to abuse women. A lot of the earlier post have said Islam is bad, but I reserve the dismissal of a religion until I further study on the subject. But as noted. There are some truths to the abuse being in the religion. I think that is disgusting in itself.

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    if it can survive а tաenty five foot drop,
    ust ѕо shе cann ƅe a youtube sensation. Mү apple ipad is now destroyed and sshe hɑs
    83 views. Ӏ know tɦіs is entitely օff topic but ӏ hɑd tο share іt witɦ ѕomeone!

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