If I were Paranoid

By Ronin, 18 Sep, 10
I noticed today that my article on koran burning gained me yet another veiled death threat. This one had a twist as it was from a muslim sorcerer, a fortune teller, one that claims to have been successful in the past. It seems as the author of the article my precious life might be once again in jeopardy.

With as many threats as we get around here and since I met my first members of the cult of the demented pedophile in the 80’s, I should indeed be paranoid.

Now what would a paranoid do in a place like Tampa Florida? I am retired military so I might consider building a network of like-minded patriots.

There is a base nearby. It includes a few major commands, all have plenty of combat veterans, many of which do not believe in their senior leaderships win their hearts and minds approach to answering the march of radical islam. As warriors and not REMF’s they might have a vastly different idea of what needs to be accomplished before Americans can sleep soundly.

Plenty of police have awakened, including public servants, social workers and even delivery people. All could be useful in watching, identifying and monitoring the enemies within.

The fortuneteller did not realize that in the nine years after 9-11 a real paranoid would have built such a network. A network of up and coming people to identity the muslims of note that live around him, the social leadership, religious leadership, even the little islamic darlings that stash their hajib’s once they are in school and show their wares to the boys. Such information gathered slowly over time could be useful. Heck, even sites like islamic finder, might help identify mosques, businesses, holidays and prayer times. Just sayin is all….

The fortuneteller would have seen how everyone that runs into muslims living around them, working around them, running for office around them and even just driving past them on a daily basis, all could be a source. Any of them could wait for the first positive mention of sharia, an anti shia stance, an anti Jew comment, a 9-11 denial, etc to slip from a pedophile worshipers mouth. That information would be valuable to a paranoid. That information identifies the practicing muslims.

Workers by now would have recorded, travel patterns, types of mosques and made some sort of plan. Well, if they were paranoid they would have. Such a plan might be compartmented, designed to be implemented on some sort of successful major attack, or even the (non-natural) death of a friendly blogger. Who knows really, I am just winging it here.

No telling what such people might do. They could round up the enemies, stuff a pork product down the minion’s throat and then send them off to meet mohammed. Of course, mohammed would have to be in hell because a minion with pork in its throat could not enter muslim heaven.

I wish I thought more like a paranoid, because then I could then make sense of such things. This article would not be needed by a real paranoid but it might be useful for people living in the UK, Australia and anywhere else the government is not up to the task of watching minions.

Well I am not paranoid so this speculation is useless. A real paranoid might have written a series to uses as a how to, step-by-step diagram to minion watching, just in case. Just sayin all …

Come to think about it, the minions should be paranoid, not me, not us. Is someone watching them?

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8 Comments on “If I were Paranoid”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    I am…

    And I laugh at thier curses and the ugliness of thier occult religious system.

    Moslems beware… I dont believe you, your claims and its your system that identifys you as the enemy…

  2. tgusa Says:

    Right after 9-11 I heard GWB tell us to go about our lives as we always had and I did. Shortly after that I flew across the country as I have flown a hundred times before 9=11. On my way back I was given the third degree, at the time I attributed that to the fact that I was carrying a computer, disassembled and stripped down into components including power supply, in my backpack. The guy that checked me out made me feel comfortable, after he sponged me down I feelt like we were old friends snd stuff. I think they had profiled me and then sent in the corresponding tsa fellow to deal with the situation. You see, I hadn’t even thought that that would have been something that would make them paranoid, but still I refrained from becoming paranoid.

    A few years later, I was forced to fly across the country once again. this time I made extra effort to be prepared, I removed all sharp objects from my gear, wore sensible shoes, left the PC parts at home, stuff like that. But this time the routine was the same but the tsa was completely different, gone was the guy who made me feel comfortable, replacing him was, well, the guy who made me feel uncomfortable. A guy whom I commented at the time looked like al queda! At one point I became so paranoid as a result of their paranoia i said hey just give me my shit back Im leaving! Well, you can imagine, the whole place froze, i felt uncomfortable again, everyone around me appeared even more paranoid, my flying partner said, oh shit.

    I looked around and realized that I had two choices, one, just bite my tongue and go along or two, keep going where it was going, understanding that at any time four or five gorillas would emerge from some safe room and descend on me. if i had been dressed for the occasion I prolly would not have minded doing the two step with a few gorillas,(at this point I was pretty pissed, inside) but as I said I had come prepared, or unprepared as I now call it.

    Needless to say I got to my destination although I felt watched all the way there and back and a fricking note was in my suitcase when I arrived at home, saying, you guessed it, my stuff had been pawed through (glad I had left my valuables at home in the first place). I wonder to myself as I read the note if the guy searching it looked like al queada too. In spite of all of this I have remained non paranoid. Sure their paranoia has made it much harder for me to remain non paranoid, and these lists that the guvmint has come out with has not made it any easier, I figure I am on all of them at this point.

    No, no matter how paranoid they become, no9matter how much guys that look like al queda suspect me of being al queda, I will not allow them to make me paranoid. Of course I’ve always been observant, I will never be able to change that. Today I scrutinize everyone, except for people like me who don’t look like al queda, profiling, discrimination, you bet!, but not in a paranoid way. I and the rest of you have every reason to be paranoid, to let fear win out and several times since 9-11 I have wondered if that was exactly what “the man” has wanted. (-11 and homicidal muslims did not cause widespread paranoia or fear, but the reaction of “the man” in the wake of 9-11, has and does.

    Don’t let their paranoia make you paranoid! I always say.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Reviewing 9-11, we can see two competing and completely opposite reactions unfolding. The “man” has reacted in a way that mirrors the events in NYC. I call it the rescue and mourning, the hand wringing and avoidance of recriminations, the massive, we can’t point fingers or pro-active etc etc, plan. At the same time, the people, by and large, have reacted in a Flight 93 way, I call that the, we’re not going to take it anymore, plan. On 9-11 there were two rally points, the reactionary rescuers of NYC, which, depending on other prior actions, may or may not be necessary. And then there’s the reactionary fighters of Pennsylvania. Interesting that the Flight 93 event occurred in Pennsylvania don’t you think? The more pro-active fighting we do the less reactive rescuing will will need to do. Without the actions of Flight 93, the peoples reaction could and very well may have been completely different.

    So there you have it, take your pick, America.

  4. Leatherneck Says:

    I there only one sure way to ward off evil spirits from a moon god worshiping Sorcerer.

    First, you must purify your heart, and mind by making sure your weapon, and gear is in place. Next, place a few beers in the Refrigerator to cool off.

    In the evening, start the charcoal in the grill, making sure the flame is large, and hot. It scares evil spirits. Of course, you know the drill on cooking, but as you swell the first cold brew, think to yourself the center mass targets on the range.

    As you do, this is the important part, say out loud Allah is a false moon god, and Mohammad loved little boys. You must mean it for the anti-curse curse to work.

    Most of the time, I add a few adjectives as I say the anti-curse curse. As I have more adult beverages, my anti-curse curse gets louder, and I start moving around a bit.

    If you have a chicken, this is a good time to cut it’s head off, and sprinkle the blood around.

    BZO, or Die!

  5. Bob Says:

    “keep your friends close, and your enemies…closer.”

  6. Dukem Says:

    Sir Ronin, May God watch over you and over your family. Thank you for your military service and thanks for your public service now. May your angels be ever about you.

    God Bless and Keep Your Family Safe

    • Ronin Says:

      Thank you for that. I do not worry about me; Doc is the one with small ones.

      We get threats often enough to know the minions only have the power we give them. Since I think they are all brainwashed idiots, I might pity them but they will never scare me.

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