Beware of muslim women bearing gifts

I have read enough accounts to know that many of the female bombers are forced into this. They suffer rapes, humiliation and abuses to “soil” them and suicide is the only way for them to regain their honor. Some choice, die or continue to suffer. Mohammed was one evil bastard.

Rome, 22 Sept. (AKI) – European airports and other transport hubs are on “high alert” amid fears of a spate of attacks by Algerian female suicide bombers, Israeli intelligence website Debka said on Wednesday, citing counter terrorism sources.

Security has been stepped up at London’s Heathrow, Amsterdam’s Schiphol and airports in Mocow, Berlin and Rome, as well as at major European railway and underground stations, Debka said.
-Figures, no hard targets, no military targets and no political targets. Look, as much as I do not want to help extremist targeting. Here is a hint-we really would not mind you taking out a few career politicians. Even if they are not ours, trust me, wherever you can reach them, the world has plenty of politicians-just sayin is all…

The commander of French police and security services Frederic Pechenard said on radio Wednesday they had “serious evidence coming from reliable intelligence sources telling us there is a risk of a major attack.”

Al-Qaida in North Africa was targeting France in particular, he said.
-Sweet, any attack against france will target other muslims, nice work oh faithful followers of the worlds best known pedophile. I am not sure how murdering other muslims helps your cause but it is better than killing innocents.

The threat included “the assassination of an important figure or an attempted mass casualty attack on a crowded public area like a metro train or department store,” Pechenard said.

One of the main prospective targets for the suicide bombings is reportedly the Gare du Nord station in Paris, where trains depart for London and cities in Italy, Belgium and Switzerland.

Besides French intelligence, Debka said the “reliable sources” referred to by Pechenard were Algerian intelligence DGDS, Algerian military intelligence, the Moroccan DST and the United States AFRICOM which coordinates anti-terror activities against Al-Qaeda in the Horn of Africa and the Sahara region.
-All kidding aside, consider the source, someone actually used “French” and “reliable” in the same sentence.

Debak said these sources had reported that Al-Qaeda in North Africa (AQIM) had assigned to Europe and France in particular a number of Algerian jihadist women trained to carry out suicide bombings on trains and stations.
-Ok ladies, do your duty. Wait until the men that abused you strap the bomb on you and set it off in their face-allahu ack boom.

Security has been massively stepped up at St Pancras International Train Station in central London and on England’s four mainline rail services. Security has also been ratcheted up on the Eurostar service, connecting London to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and major cities in Germany, Debka said, citing “our counterterrorism sources.”

“A single bomber aboard one of the Eurorail multi-country links could wreak havoc along the entire line,” Debka said.
-Ok minions, step it up. ID the thugs that recruit, train and equip the terrorists or shut the hell up when we condemn islam for motivating these attackers.

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32 Comments on “Beware of muslim women bearing gifts”

  1. Leatherneck Says:

    Man, it is every day with these people of the religion of peace.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    So the ‘honor’ a muslima recieves is to reproduce jihadists from her loins or get mistreated, abused by the mysogenists in the system she converts to or is born into.

    Just say no to the islamic system….

  3. Big Frank Says:

    The MSM and many of our ‘esteemed’ elected and appointed officials are still in a state of denial when the subject of Islam is mentioned. Once the dreaded ‘M’ word is put forward the apologists, hand wringers, and butt kissers, trip over each other in a race to the podium, in an effort to swamp us with an excess of PC BS. We are going to have to be cautious and suspicious, but not paranoid, and much to the horror of the ACLU crowd profile. Unless the safety and security of this nation and it’s citizens comes first, and not worrying about bruising a few groups or individuals ‘feelings’ we cannot effectively combat terrorism here on our soil. Effective law enforcement, investigation and terrorist interdiction can be achieved if those damned politicians would let all enforcement agencies do their job without interfering.

    • Leatherneck Says:

      They are not in denial Sir, they know Allah is a false god, but all false religions fit into the New Age.

      It is those nasty Christian, and Jewish Nationalists that do not fit in, and must be marginalized.

  4. Honest man Says:

    hi everybody i read quran and it and islam is shit. mohammed raped children, it true and slept with dead woman and boys, he was scum.

    • Ronin Says:

      Something tells me that you had a little help but it does looks like you are an honest man, if not a stupid one.


      • islams not for me Says:

        Ronin strikes again….

        • Leatheneck Says:

          That moon god worshiper hit Ronin’s trip wire.

          That’s some funny s### right there.

          • Ronin Says:

            He had it coming, besides, I told the truth. Old mo did rape children, sleep with the dead and was scum. I am not really sure what pisses off the minions more, that I read the koran or that I share what I learn.


    • khan Says:

      devil honest , fro how many years all the Muslim protesting that don’t abuse our prophet , your own mother, sister and daughters are f’d by there own brother and father and you call that freedom , you people are worse than an animals.

  5. ömer Says:

    i just want to say that you’re wrong. double check if youre reading quran or another altered thing that somebody give you. islam tells people ANY types of suicide will make one burn in hell forever. none of these actions have nothing to do with islam, i also think that they are not even muslim. you may blame al qaida, or another terrorist groups but not islam, in our terms they are all sinners.

    • Yes, suicide is forbidden in Islam, but shahada (martyrdom) is not. So, it all depends on how you define it and what the intent was. “Suicide bomber” is not an Islamic term. It is a western term that was created in an attempt to describe to a western audience the actions of a shahid or fedayeen. I could go on and on, but this is an argument you are going to lose.


    • Gonzo Says:

      Hi omer.
      First, I’m glad to actually see a Muslim keep their cool when posting here – most seem to display a complete lack of tolerance and self control.

      Now, I understand the point you’re trying to make, but lets be realistic. Suicide bombings by muslims is occurring around the globe and in the name of Islam. While no one can attest to whether this phenomenon occurred prior to the last 100 years, it certainly has become a integral part of jihad for current day Islam, as supported by Sunni’s, (namely Salafists and the Islamic Republic of Iran). The notion that knowing one will be killed on the battlefield while killing several, verses killing several with one act of using oneself as a bomb, is being accepted as Islamic jihad. Allah Akbar…dude.

      Many muslims love to point to the colonial occupations as the tipping point in tolerance toward the West, but during all the years of colonial occupation, there was no suicide bombing. Only when the Jews were given borders and a country of their own did muslims decide that the threat, (or insult), to islam was so great that it required self sacrifice/jihad, through self detonation. Since Islamic texts seem to spew a lot of hatred toward Jews, and since Islamic texts are being used to convey the appropriateness of suicide bombing, the it most certainly is a matter of islam and islams support for violence through jihad. I know, I know, yes there are those Muslims who refuse to accept that part of islamic texts and only seek good from the religion. But there are others who do not, and they have found a basis in islam to support their point of view.

      This all assumes of course that you were acknowledging the westerners definition of suicide bombing, and aren’t using a deceitful play on words as down deep, you don’t think to blown oneself up in an act of jihad is suicide.

  6. If suicide is forbiden in islam omer. Then why do islams scholars on islamonline allow for palestinain suicide bombers in thier fatwas?

  7. screw islam Says:

    I profess that mohammed is no prophet and islam is of satan.

  8. NO thanks ‘be the best’ Im not into fornicating with moronic molem commentors…

  9. Immy Says:

    Hi People

    I have been reading the posts about different views. We have seen massacre in past from the time of hilter , and an incident of the priest involved in group suicide – Why was religion never brought in to the picture.

    We all surf across many forum and have a leak of our thoughts but have no idea what these great politician are trying to achieve .

    Let me be very simple. Islam never promotes suicide even if it Jihad. If one guy claim to be a Islamic scholar and declared Jihad it is not Jihad. There people are paid Scholar and are not true Muslims.

    Jihad has it kinds. You cannot go and kill someone and say Jihad. You cannot blow up innocent people and Say Jihad .. My friends the ugly picture which is protrayed by the media is not right. Have Scholar from Saudia Arabic delared any Jihad.. Has any Saudian Scholar approved of any group as Islamic. By growing your beard and killing someone ..why put Islam into the Picture ..

    If a US citizen goes on a rampage of shooting he is in Insane
    If done by a Pakistani or Syrian .. he is a Islamic terrorist .

    And last but not the least.. Suicide bombering does not fall under jihad or any Islamic term get this right. Suicide is strictly forbidden in any form and the place of that person is hell . Any good Islamic Scholar would tell you this. So ask the right people for the right information.

    We talk about peace .. can you tell me one country which was invaded in the name of peace .. has the mission been successful.

    All these unrest are created to achieve what these western countries desire.

    • Ronin Says:

      I suspect that you already realize that senior and respected islamic clerics and scholars have both praised jihad and recruited for it. As proof we have ran hundreds if not thousands of articles over the years.

      We do not recognize islam as a religion, we see it as the most violent, oppressive and intolerant cult ever designed.

      It doesn’t matter what you believe islam to be or who you claim to be true muslims, we judge the ideology called islam by the actions of it members and under any rational judgment islam has proven itself to have nothing of value to add to humanity.

      Even without the concept of violent jihad supported by hundreds of millions of islamic cult members, islam should still be scorned and ridiculed for all its other crimes. Crimes like, support for the molestation of young girls and young boys often by relatives, forced marriages, slavery, intolerance for real religions and non believers and that is the short list.

      It pains me that with all the truth available on islam and the harsh examples set by the actions of professed muslims worldwide, that anyone can call themselves a muslim and still manage to look themselves in the mirror.

      Everyone claiming the title of muslim directly supports the crimes committed under the banner of islam. Pretending mohammed was anything less than a thug, a rapist, a slaver, a liar and a common thief is intellectually dishonest. Reality is, if mohammed lived today he would face charges in the international courts for crimes against humanity.

      I urge you to read this not in anger but to reflect on why we see islam the way we do and then take an extra step and compare islam with a real religion, your pick. I think you will quickly see the difference between a cult and a religion. You might even get the courage to leave your cult.

    • Leatherneck Says:

      You’re an Apostate. Good to meet you.

    • Gonzo Says:

      Here is a scholar who does support suicide bombing:

      There are many others:

      The quran provisions for all out war for the most small of grievances, including not allowing someone to pass on a road to attend pilgrimage, to commit highway robbery in the name of islam, and to kill infidels to further islam. Afterall, if one were to attack knowing that they/some will be killed, is that not suicide?

      Islam requires a percentage of tax paid by all muslims to go toward jihad. Currently, that money is being used to support the conversion of non-muslims to islam, and further to use those individuals as suicide bombers.

      You claim that all of the unrest around islam is the result of the West creating the chaos. I say you are a liar. Since P.Mo came in to power through thievery, violence, torture, murder, and genocide, the world has seen non-stop brutal islamic jihad:

      Open your eyes and see Islam for what it really is, and then leave it. It is evil.

  10. Good try immy.

    jihad is by (MY) definition a way to promote islam through fear. Its cousin is dahwah by word.

    Its incredibly sad and sick that islam urges its followers to kill non muslims. Dont believe me? Look up islamonlines fatwa section and type in the following subjects in the search area.

    “Is suicide bombing islamic?”

    etc… and youll soon discover that MOSLEM scholars have given thier approval for your fellows to kill non muslims using ‘vests’, vehicle bombs and other means to destroy those who have no use for islam in thier Governments or personal lives.

    The internet has become the best palce to learn about islam from its own followers and how to avoid them because of all thier hipocritical crapzola!

  11. Ali Durrani Says:

    She is looking Mexican not Muslim.

    • Ronin Says:

      So you are ok with all the rapes, abuse and murders as long as they do not look muslim?

      You are a twisted freak even by pedophile worshiper standards and need to really do some serous soul-searching. Leave your cult before your child gets caught up in the madness.

    • Mo Says:

      With all due respect, you guys are obviously mislead with all this crap you read on the internet. Islam doesn’t not promote the senseless killing of innocent people, it does not promote war. I don’t know where you read all that crap about Mohammed, but that aint true either.
      I have to tell you respectfully, you have to get your facts straight… I don’t believe this intel you have accumulated has come from any reputable source either.

      • Then, just prove us wrong, Mo. Until then, it is all just your opinion and doesn’t mean a hill of beans.
        After all, I could say, “Nazis didn’t promote the senseless killing of innocent people, nor did they promote war; I don’t know where you read all that crap about Hitler, but that aint true!” However, unless I have solid evidence to substantiate that, it’s just an opinion. And even then, it better be some pretty darn overwhelming evidence before we start rewriting history!


  12. islams not for me Says:

    mo You might want to check up on islamonlines fatwa section. Thier opinion is that muslims and muslimas can kill themselves for jihad against israel.

    Everything I know about islam comes from muslims… And those who are bigger ‘islamaphobes’ than myself.

  13. islams not for me Says:

    Actually ‘mo’…

    You might want to check up on islamonlines fatwa section. They have quite a bit of information of suicide bombers attacking Israeli targets.

    And by the way… Everything I know about islam comes from muslims…

  14. Says:

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  15. sinnrs Says:

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